July 19, 2017

WATCH: Tucker Carlson speaks with U.S. veteran who Omar Khadr blinded in Afghanistan

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

“What kind of sick and twisted ivory tower do you have to live in, as the Prime Minister of Canada, to decide to award this man $10.5 million, of good, hard working Canadian folks’ dollars,” Sgt. Layne Morris asked Tucker Carlson on Fox News last night.

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commented 2017-07-20 02:30:24 -0400
It is good that Canadians are not lumped in with JT on his decision to gift this money to a convicted terrorist.!!
commented 2017-07-19 22:31:34 -0400
Jan G, I saw this earlier in the week. Layne Morris cut her off at the knees when he told her “he was convicted, I was there”.
CBC doesn’t want anyone to comment on Communist Broadcasters of Canada’s reports.
commented 2017-07-19 21:47:14 -0400
Watch the CBC interview of Sgt Layne Morris on Power and Politics.
a) good ole Rosie is defending Khadr
b) I wonder if Sgt Morris realized CBC is Trudeau’s personal PR department
c) the comments were disabled……….typical CBC cowards
commented 2017-07-19 21:17:31 -0400
Please don’t judge all Canadians based on the disgusting actions of our retarded child King.
commented 2017-07-19 17:24:33 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,716 Attacks, 217,489 Killed, 298,694 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017
commented 2017-07-19 16:54:10 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 3 hours ago
‘I hope the world creams Trudeau for this settlement.
“What kind of sick and twisted ivory tower do you have to live in as the Prime Minister of Canada….”
Powerful words.
Are you listening Trudeau? Gerry ? Are you receiving the message?!’

Good question, Liza but you’re directing it at the wrong people. You need to direct it at the morons who voted these guys into office. If morons didn’t vote this way Mr Pinko Socks wouldn’t be our PM.

Don’t blame the politicians- blame the people.
commented 2017-07-19 16:34:09 -0400
Sent out 3 more replies in the last 15 minutes to Liberal MP’s pushing their false narrative. There was an reply to my e-mail by a NDP and it sounds like the typical rubbish the Liberal MP’s are sending. They must share the same propaganda writers.
commented 2017-07-19 14:24:59 -0400
““What kind of sick and twisted ivory tower do you have to live in, …”

And, that is it in a nutshell. An ivory tower full of Ivory Tower Trash: turdo la doo and the legions of arrogant, entitled, greasy fart-suckers who have infested our legislatures, courts, bureaucracies, and business sectors. Worse than useless – totally antithetical to everything that has value.
commented 2017-07-19 14:24:50 -0400
Hey Rebels, I received more responses from Liberal MP’s, I have modified my replies to their lies, and included a blurb from another Rebel poster (I think it was Don MacDonald, if I have the name wrong, I apologize)

Dear MP Arnold Chan,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my e-mail.

A normal Prime Minister would have vehemently disputed a payout to a convicted terrorist in court. This was a political decision which backfired on the Liberal government. It was two Liberal Prime Ministers before Stephen Harper who grappled with this mess, which later became his mess.

Consider this:
High treason

(1) Every one commits high treason who, in Canada,

(a) kills or attempts to kill Her Majesty, or does her any bodily harm tending to death or destruction, maims or wounds her, or imprisons or restrains her;

(b) levies war against Canada or does any act preparatory thereto; or

© assists an enemy at war with Canada, or any armed forces against whom Canadian Forces are engaged in hostilities, whether or not a state of war exists between Canada and the country whose forces they are.

Omar KHADR is guilty of HIGH TREASON under Sections B & C.

71% of Canadians don’t believe the government’s explanation, or , PM Trudeau’s gross exaggeration of “possible costs between 30 and 40 million dollars”. The SCoC did not attach any monetary compensation or apology. Given Khadr’s conviction and footage of building IED’s in Afghanistan, the court could have awarded him nothing, or maybe one dollar to make a statement. He was not a child soldier (see Geneva Convention) and was not tortured – clink on link

When is PM Trudeau going to admit whoever gave him this advice had another agenda on the table?

A lot of people have very little understanding of who is Omar Khadr. His father fought with the Taliban and in 1982 he was injured fighting the Pakistan Army. Khadr’s parents made their way to Canada so Khadr Sr. could get the health care he needed to recover .
They stayed and in 1986 Omar was born in Toronto . As a toddler Khadr spent as much time in Afghanistan and Pakistan as he did in Canada. His mother hated that he might be influenced by the West and later admitted she hated Western culture . ( The fact that she has been on welfare her entire time in Canada seems irrelevant ).

At the age of 5 he was enrolled in an Islamic elementary school in Toronto . At the age of 10 his family left Canada and returned to Afghanistan . From the age of 10 until his capture at 15 years of age Omar Khadr lived in Afghanistan. There was never any plan to return to Canada . Had he been able to throw that grenade and get away we probably would never had heard from him.

Omar Khadr is a Canadian of Convenience , nothing more .Even while in Canada as a child he did not participate in a world that could be called Canadian . His mother wanted Omar raised in an Islamic society which is why they returned to Afghanistan. Omar Khadr was in Afghanistan when Sept 11, 2001 occurred. He said his family were guests of Osama Bin Laden and I’m sure they celebrated that day. It would be another year of living in Afghanistan before the firefight that ended with his capture. Had he not been injured and captured I have no doubt that he would have been a member of ISIS . Too many people think he was a child soldier and they also think he went over to Afghanistan at the age of 15 like it was a summer vacation of sorts.

The government rewarded Omar Khadr for treason and murder, Canadians know betrayal when we see it.

Again, thank you for pointing out the Liberal lies in this matter. We will certainly not forget at election time.
commented 2017-07-19 14:00:14 -0400
I hope the world creams Trudeau for this settlement.
“What kind of sick and twisted ivory tower do you have to live in as the Prime Minister of Canada….”
Powerful words.
Are you listening Trudeau? Gerry ? Are you receiving the message?! This is despicable and unforgivable. Canada as a country will pay a higher price than mere millions. Our reputation is now officially trashed, it will take decades to clear our good name.
commented 2017-07-19 13:50:55 -0400
If you have a weak stomach don’t listen to this short interview with the two bleeding heart spinners who made the Khadr propaganda documentary. This is the crap,spin and lies the Canadian public has been fed from the beginning. Sick and twisted pap.
commented 2017-07-19 13:22:17 -0400
Jt can’t stop him from telling his story so he’s doing all he can to make it clear what went on. His side of the story makes it so Canadians who oppose this payout now know why we can’t believe the audacity of this elitist trust fund baby. The polls will tell a new story. please show up and decimate his party.
commented 2017-07-19 13:12:19 -0400
Ret. Sgt. Laine Morris is 100% right & I’m so glad has given interviews on Canadian & American news programs to highlight this perverted deal Trudeau gave Khadr.