December 11, 2015

WATCH: U.S. officials believe ISIS in possession of passport printing machine

Igal HechtIsrael Correspondent

In a frightening development, U.S. officials are concerned that ISIS terrorists have taken possession of a passport printing machine and a large stock of blank passports.

According to the intelligence report obtained by ABC News, terrorists may have already used the forged documents to enter the U.S.

At least two men involved in the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris had fake Syrian passports on them and we should all be concerned that if the ability to generate fraudulent passports isn’t controlled, their operations will continue to expand.


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commented 2015-12-13 20:09:29 -0500
Justin Turd-o knows that they would never lie to get in, or use the passport printers for evil.. Because it’s 2015, and in his little mind all Canadians love the Syrian refugees and want them to come wholesale. They can’t shoot you if you are hugging them. He wants to um.. engage them in um.. errr… engagement.
commented 2015-12-12 20:42:15 -0500
I am not so good at math. If one % of Muslims are terrorists and they only kill one % of Canadians—— sounds fair to me. Tit for tat
commented 2015-12-12 09:04:37 -0500
Canada does not care – no one would send a terrorist to this country.

The gay boy pm has decreed that all of the new welfare recipients have been cleared prior to coming here.

What he did not ell you is it was the evil islamics of the UN that cleared them.

1% terrorists in the group?

500 terrorists getting into Canada

But they will not hurt us – they will go to the US of A – gay boy pm has decreed this.
commented 2015-12-11 23:25:14 -0500
I believe that WW3 has started and shortly we will have to confront the enemy. We will not be fighting on the beaches or in the hills. Our fight will be in the Shopping Centers and our Living Rooms. We will have to be cautious because if we are caught fighting the enemy, we shall be arrested. Trudeau and his crew are assembling the enemy strategically, in our city’s.They shall soon surround us. Never give in, The Right will win. lol.
commented 2015-12-11 22:55:48 -0500
This situation has just rolled out of control. It makes Trump look rational!
I, on the other hand, am still a right wing Nazi as I call for an immediate halt to all immigration until we can get our gov’t under control… It is not the immigrants, it is our gov’t that can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. A bunch of f’ing incompetents…
When someone can come into our country legally and give a fake home address, there is something very wrong with the vetting process.
commented 2015-12-11 21:26:05 -0500
No problem here. We are only taking Migrants with Syrian Passports……..
commented 2015-12-11 20:36:23 -0500
I heard also that the UN does not consider terrorists to even be terrorists, according to their standards which is very loose, who are among the refugees. And these are the people that Canada will be getting as our new muslim refugees (migrants). I believe the terrorists among these refugees will be much greater than 1%. Maybe closer to 5%, just a guess.
In Europe there was a box full of passports discovered among the massive muslim migrants a couple of months ago.
commented 2015-12-11 20:28:17 -0500
Obama likely airmailed it to them!
commented 2015-12-11 20:14:29 -0500
No surprise

All Syrian welfare cases coming to Canada are initially screened by the UN – which is islamic – so they do not care about false passports

They just want us to get all the welfare recipients in so the 1% terror group can pass the guards and start blowing things up.