April 01, 2016

WATCH: Vancouver man takes 'Trader Joe's' groceries across border to sell at 'Pirate Joe's'

StaffRebel Columnist

A Vancouver man was so fed up with not having a 'Trader Joe's' in his area he decided to just make one.

Mike Hallett has made a business out of selling what amounts to being used groceries and he's been doing it for three years.

In a video by CNN, Hallett explains how the idea came to be, what inspired him and the legality of his business.

Needless to say, Trader Joe's isn't very happy with him, but that still hasn't resulted in the company putting a real location in Vancouver.

You can't help but admire this man's dedication.

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commented 2016-04-01 13:34:35 -0400
I make no judgement about this Hallett and his scheme. If the powers that be can’t pin him down with some law and make him stop,( and they don’t seem to be able to) then I say alls fair.
commented 2016-04-01 12:15:24 -0400
That is some interesting formula. Even with the Canadian dollar being at record lows, this guy can drive across the border, fill up a van with Trader Joe food stuffs, resell in a store front in Vancouver which he has to pay rent on and still make a profit?
Looks like Trader Joe gets stellar deals from manufacturers by buying large amounts of very select items. They then repackage them in Trader Joe labels before reselling at reasonable prices.
This Mike Hallett fellow, legitimately buys Trader Joe items, marks them up $1.50 and still makes a profit. Hallett says he takes home $50,000 to $60,000 from Pirate Joe’s, not a fortune but not bad for one of many (by the sounds of it) enterprises this guy is into.
No flies on this guy.
By the way, regardless of Trader Joe’s complaints, they made almost one million from Hallett’s operation, $25,000 per month.
commented 2016-04-01 10:43:30 -0400
I have never heard of Trader Joe’s. I am unfamiliar with the concept of used/secondhand food, but all the packages appeared to be sealed. Secondhand food from my perspective is, well, less than ideal for eating … to put it politely.
commented 2016-04-01 10:07:55 -0400
US companies hate coming to Canada – here’s why.

1. Payroll taxes fk their profits
2. Labor laws are pro employee – another risk/cost
3. Stupid dialect french requirements – useless language that 6M people speak in a 400M person north American market – force fed by the Canadian nazis.
4. Real estate costs/rental costs way too high
5. Canadians are taxed to death and are too poor to afford what Americans can afford – risk

Canada is a country that is politely tolerated by Americans – next time you say something negative about the US, look in the mirror first – and you will find the stupid asshole in the room.