August 24, 2016

Worse than Watergate? “Hillary Clinton is the Nixon of the 21st century”

Brian LilleyArchive

The Associated Press has revealed that half the individuals who met with Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State were also donors to the Clinton Foundation. This is further proof that the Clintons were running a pay-to-play operation. Veteran journalist and political insider Ray Heard, who covered Watergate, told me these revelations are "worse."

Heard shared the advice he'd give Hillary at this point, but he's pretty sure she wouldn't take it.

He also believes the average American will take these scandals seriously and that they will hurt her chances of winning in November.

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commented 2016-08-25 16:42:44 -0400
Brain dead vote Hilary.Sean that includes you.
commented 2016-08-25 09:17:30 -0400
BILL ELDER, ignoring the nonsense from the “useful idiot” troll, I agree that a better comparison is that Clintons are more like the American counterpart of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos. Or comparing the Clintons to Nixon is like comparing a high school pranker to the works of the mafia.
commented 2016-08-25 05:32:59 -0400
No, she isn’t!

It’s very sexist and mysoginistic to constantly attack her for the same problems
commented 2016-08-24 22:32:43 -0400
“Hillary Clinton is the Nixon of the 21st century”

Not even close!

The Clintons are the American counterpart of Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos
commented 2016-08-24 19:45:55 -0400
Also, he appealed to the clintons to coerce the Feds to lighten his sentence.
BZ. Does this video imply the Jews are responsible for this crap, or that’s what the Marxists want us to think?
commented 2016-08-24 19:26:41 -0400
NDP SUCKS. That is correct, thanks
commented 2016-08-24 19:18:57 -0400
Clinton is done for! There is no hope for her and thank God!
commented 2016-08-24 18:48:48 -0400
Ray Heard says that Clinton’s handlers should tell her to come clean and it will all go away?? Are you kidding me? Nixon was caught and paid the price, lies and all. Why the hell should pleading guilty now mean a shoe in for the Presidency in a few months because people will forget. That is the sickening liberal way of how these people think. If she admits it she would have to be charged. She lied to the American people and perjured herself to Congress and got a walk. There is no way that this would be allowed. She needs to be exposed and revealed a little bit every day from now until November and she needs to be held accountable for knowingly going against rules and lying about it. How could anyone ever know if she is telling the truth or trust that she wouldn’t continue to lie, especially because she does it all so well and pathologically. Her campaign has indicated that she is now going to be the queen of ethics and law and will clean up Washington when she is POTUS. The Clintons are everything that is wrong? How the hell could she have a clue how to make anything right? Hill and Slick Will are addicted to money, power, and the corruption that they get away. They get their jollies screwing people and the plebs over and there’s a body count of anybody that gets in their way to prove it!!!
commented 2016-08-24 17:25:25 -0400
The Clinton foundation actually started in Canada, a wonderful country that you can hide the names of your donars. A banana republic, that allows rich criminals to operate with impunity and immunity. This country really needs a good flushing.
commented 2016-08-24 17:07:10 -0400
We are living close to the time described in the book of revelation , the " the last Trump "
maybe GOD is warning us , plus maybe he has a sense of humor
commented 2016-08-24 17:01:32 -0400
Peter Babich commented 3 hours ago
Are you aware of who Chelsea Clinton is married to and who his father is? I was informed some time ago and forgot but I know he was corrupt

Peter, I have the info saved on a Word doc. Here it is again:

Get this out soon, He is Edward “Ed” Mezvinsky, born January 17, 1937.

Then you’ll probably say, “Who is Ed Mezvinsky?”
Well, he is a former Democrat congressman who represented Iowa ’s 1st congressional district in the United States House of Representatives for two terms, from 1973 to 1977.
He sat on the House Judiciary Committee that decided the fate of Richard Nixon.
He was outspoken saying that Nixon was a crook and a disgrace to politics and the nation and should be impeached.
He and the Clintons were friends and very politically
intertwined for many years.
Ed Mezvinsky had an affair with NBC News reporter Marjorie Sue Margolies and later married her after his wife divorced him.
In 1993, Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, then a freshman Democrat in Congress, cast the deciding vote that got President Bill Clinton’s controversial tax package through the House of Representatives.
In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 counts of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud.
Ed Mezvinsky embezzled more than $10 million dollars from people via both a Ponzi scheme and the notorious Nigerian e-mail scams.
He was found guilty and sentenced to 80 months in federal prison.
After serving less than five years in federal prison, he was released in April 2008 and remains on federal probation.
To this day, he still owes $9.4 million in restitution to his victims.
About now you are saying, “So what!”
Well, Chelsea Clinton is married to Marc Mezvinsky.
That’s right; Ed Mezvinsky is Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law.
Now Marc and Chelsea are in their early thirties and purchased a 10.5 million dollar NYC apartment.
Has anyone heard mention of any of this in any of the media?
If this guy was Jenna or Barbara Bush’s, or better yet, Sarah Palin’s daughter’s father-in- law, the news would be an everyday headline and every detail would be reported over and over.
Yet they say there are no double standards in political reporting.
People are already talking about Hillarious as our next President!
And then there is possibly Chelsea for President in our future!
Did you know that Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky works for the Clinton Foundation and makes 900,000 dollars a year?

The cycle never ends!
Lying and corruption seem to make Democrat candidates more popular.
commented 2016-08-24 16:29:01 -0400
Brian and Reg, I don’t think either one of you has been doing your homework on American Politics.

Dems are running the media. They even got rid of CEO for Fox and are pushing the left agenda as much as possible there. The Clintons are globalists and are in bed with the Merkel, Cameron, Trudeau etc gang that are trying to destroy the west. Hillary founded ISIS. Hillary was running guns to these people from Bengazi. She claims within 100 days of being President she will dissolve the borders. She is a witch (really) as in a Satanist.

Media won’t stand up against her because she is behind the murder of many people and they are not only afraid for their jobs but afraid for their lives.

Hillary has fixed the polls so she is having them poll mainly democratic learning people. She is really only polling about 20%. Trump is polling 65-70 percent of the vote. However through the media the Dem Administration is getting the public ready to steal the election. Trump campaign is planning to do exit polls everywhere. Trump knows he must win this election by a landslide so that it will make it much more difficult to steal. The evil that will befall America and the world if she is allowed to steal this election is unimaginable.

Prophets say the Almighty has chosen Trump for such a time as this. He is going to give Americans one more chance to repent and come back to Him.
commented 2016-08-24 16:01:54 -0400
ps…You can weep as you read this.

Bravo Zulu: that was an excellent video you posted on Canada’s history.
commented 2016-08-24 15:59:17 -0400
Chelsea Clinton is married to Marc Mezvinsky, son of Edward Mezvinsky who, according to Wikipedia, was a Democrat (didn’t seem to win very much, which leads to this irony) and " In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 felony charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud."

I’m reading the attached: CANADA, How The Communists Took Control by Alan Stang April 1971 on the history of Pierre Trudeau and his history/involvement with the communist party, Mao, Fidel, etc. and all the Canadian politicians and buddies who infiltrated the Liberal Party because the NDP (his socialist party at the time) couldn’t win an election.
Excellent summary of Canadian politics.

If you really want to understand how his kid, Justin, got his distorted views and goals, read this about his old man.
commented 2016-08-24 15:42:24 -0400
Way more dangerous as this Modern day Nixon has the mainstream media for her like CNN, the Clinton News Network
commented 2016-08-24 15:18:11 -0400
I can just hear tricky Dick now…Hillary! I told you!Burn the tapes! I mean, delete the emails!
commented 2016-08-24 14:36:43 -0400
The very fact that Hillary is as high as she is in the polls is a screaming loud testament to the unethical state of that segment of the US population.
commented 2016-08-24 14:35:11 -0400
The Clinton’s make Nixon look like Mother Teresa.
commented 2016-08-24 14:20:14 -0400
Are you aware of who Chelsea Clinton is married to and who his father is? I was informed some time ago and forgot but I know he was corrupt