April 11, 2015

Wildrose candidate Wayne Anderson: "These are strange days in Alberta"

Rebel Staff

These are strange days in Alberta, according to Wildrose candidate Wayne Anderson. He says this election is so volatile that almost any result is possible, including a minority PC government propped up by the NDP.

Anderson spoke in High River, saying it's not Danielle Smith that people at the door are upset about now, it's this tax and spend budget that is hurting Albertans.

Two recent polls suggests a tight three way battle between the Wildrose, PC and NDP.

Anderson is in a tough battle to reclaim the riding of Highwood for the Wildrose where it was before Danielle Smith crossed the floor to join the PC's along with eight of her colleagues last December.

"You never know, these are strange days in Alberta. I mean who know about the floor crossings in December.

"These are strange days in Alberta but it's exciting and what it's doing is engaging a lot of folks. People are really interested in politics now. What I'm hearing is yeah, we really like the Wildrose and yeah we're gonna support you," said Anderson.

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commented 2015-04-16 21:23:44 -0400
Under Danielle Smith, the WRP did indeed “shift left”, but not too substantially. If anything, under its new leader, it has shifted back to where it was, and possibly right of that mark… As far as judging candidates, I personally go by the parties: NDP — lived under ‘em, ain’t doing it again!; Liberal — little difference from NDP, so not happening; Conservative — in times past, yes, no bleeding way now!; Wildrose — closest thing to what I believe in, so choose that; Alberta Party — pretty much irrelevant. I’m still voting, regardless, even if my chosen party doesn’t succeed. There’s your answer, Greg.
commented 2015-04-13 09:30:29 -0400
It’s UN Agenda 21 period! The political control in city/province/federal is really smoke and mirrors, the only way out is control of your local city/town council and stopping debt spending. Ask your favored rep if they are aware of UN control and watch their response
commented 2015-04-13 06:56:18 -0400
Well the best thing Albertans can be thankful for is that they are not Ontarians. Or should I say Torontarions ,given that it was the electorate in Toronto that gave Wynne her majority. It would be nice to see citizens actually vote in protest of the PCs that have become so accustomed and comfortable (and corrupt) in their position as a natural governing party.We can always hope.
commented 2015-04-12 14:23:59 -0400
Greg, if that is the perception of some, then I sure hope Jean and his handlers see this. Idon’t want Jean to shoot himself in the foot and jeopardize Wildrose’s chances of winning, or at least becoming a strong opposition.
commented 2015-04-12 13:53:14 -0400
Nice conversation sir. I had better get to some Sunday chores here.

In closing the WRP has taken socon votes for granted to the same extent that the provincial PCs have taken conservative votes for granted. You shouldn’t do that. It winds up biting you in the ass sooner or later.
commented 2015-04-12 13:27:51 -0400
Well Greg, I do see your point, and share some of that frustration. My perspective is that is we spoil our ballot, or simply not vote at all, then we ensure the political opposition will win, since the people who do want a left wing government will probably vote since they see their party as a possible winner. I have never considered “not voting” as a viable option. I will always vote for what always seems like the “least ‘evil’ alternative”. . . . or however you want to phrase that, “least abhorrent”.
commented 2015-04-12 13:18:39 -0400
Am I misunderstanding the Wildrose platform? Are they indeed left of the PC party?
No sir, I doubt you are. You seem pretty sharp and politically informed. BUT the WRP has moved the party left. They are not left of the PCs. The PCs are simply Liberals who have co-opted the PC name for their purposes.

Yes, “We” means myself, a social conservative and others like me. I’m not alone in my frustration with the WRPs leadership disdain for social conservatives. I’m just one of the few who is speaking openly. If Brian Jean and others in the leadership hold us and our values in such low regard that they would make several public statements distancing themselves completely from such values then why should I vote for them? Sometimes there IS such a thing as “none of the above”.

Don’t get me wrong. The WRP is better than the PCs but why vote for a jerk who spits in your face publicly every chance he gets? Screw him.
commented 2015-04-12 12:51:41 -0400
Greg – “WE” – who is “we”. Later you say, "So really as socons we need to ask the legitimate question, “Why support the WRP?” " Does this mean that you, too, are a social conservative, or have I defined “socons” incorrectly? But as to why I support the WRP is because they are the only conservative option available that has a chance of obtaining a possible majority or maybe a minority. - The PCs as you have pointed out are supported by some NDP and some Liberals, obviously because they see the PCs as a liberal alternative without the Alberta attached stigma of the Liberal name. - The Liberals are, well, Liberals and not an option for me. Good old PET and his NEP ruined any vote for Liberals I might have had. - The NDP are way too far left for me. I have never “met” an NDP to which a social program of any stripe was

not embraced with “pants wetting” glee. Not an option for me. - And even though I do not know the policies of the Alberta party very well (they could be a conservative alternative) they too are not an option because they do not have enough of the popular support yet. I want to add my vote to the most likely conservative option that could pull off a majority government. That, to me, is voting strategically.

So when you said, “So why are you moving left and attacking your most firm supporters in order to try for some imaginary “big tent” that will never happen?”, I must admit that I am confused with this statement as I perceive the Wildrose as right wing and not “moving left”. Certainly the main stream media sees them as that since they attack them relentlessly as a result. I have read their policies and they are right wing, imo.

Am I misunderstanding the Wildrose platform? Are they indeed left of the PC party?
commented 2015-04-12 12:05:24 -0400
Ok, I’m confused. Who’s moving to the left? You mean Wildrose is narrowing the gap a bit? If so , it may not be a bad strategy considering they were thought of as too far right to vote for last time. I am watching from outside of Alberta, and I have no doubt I am missing some nuances, but I still think Wildrose is the best choice. Brian Jean can be tolerated for good or for bad, for the moment?

Micheal B., I sure wish Quebec would speed it up. We could sure use their vote coming up. I think you are correct, being a left wing socialist is not really what Quebecers are made of.
commented 2015-04-12 11:59:57 -0400
Peter, you clarified, Thanks. (Sorry for the sarcasm. I’m getting a bit touchy when it comes to certain members of the WRP).
Please allow me to clarify as well. I saw the words “get out & vote” I didn’t even look at the name. My remark was more of a general response overall, not to YOU in particular. It is a fact that social conservatives have been the most steadfast supporters of the WRP. !! BUT !! Whenever the party faces a loss WE are the ones to get blamed and marginalized for it. So really as socons we need to ask the legitimate question, “Why support the WRP?”
The fact is the PCs keep winning because they are attracting Liberal and NDP votes whose supporters are voting strategically for the PCs in order to defeat the WRP and the PCs are adapting their policies to court these voters. If the Liberals and NDP voters are willing to vote strategically in order to get their policies in place socons need to do the same because loyalty is doing nothing but getting us kicked in the teeth. Staying at hope and letting the chips fall where they may is perhaps the only option open to us.

It doesn’t matter how much you move your party to the left or water down your policies, Liberal and NDP voters will never vote for you. So why are you moving left and attacking your most firm supporters in order to try for some imaginary “big tent” that will never happen?
commented 2015-04-12 11:19:26 -0400
And Greg, I only responded to your post because I saw your post as a response to my first post in this thread where I said, “People, get out and vote!” and you (in my mind) responded to me with “I’m tired of being told “Get out and vote!””, which is an exact quote of my post, including the explanation mark. So you can see how I thought you were responding to my encouragement that people get out and vote. My response was to shrug and say, “whatever”, not to provide permission. Now do you understand why I responded as I did?
commented 2015-04-12 11:10:35 -0400
So, Michael, you are saying that it is the left wing media’s fault that the conservative minded Quebecers are voting Liberal since there in no Conservative media voice in Quebec from which Quebecers can get an alternative narrative.

I can see this to a large degree because in the rest of Canada where there is only but a small voice of conservative values much of the conservative minded English speaking Canadians still choose to get their news only from the left wing sources of CBC, CTV and Global, and they DO have an alternative conservative voice available to them, albeit small.

This is just another example of how the left wing media attempts to direct the country’s political direction. In the latest case of the Alberta election, expect the main stream media to relentlessly bash the conservative alternative in Alberta and promote the liberal alternative (the PC party) because the MSM knows Albertans will never go for the Liberal name, so they will push the liberal in Conservative clothing alternative. They were successful in the last Alberta election to do this, so they will likely use the same recipe again this time. Let’s hope Brian Jean and the rest of the Wildrose do not give them any ammunition with which to shoot them.
commented 2015-04-12 09:39:10 -0400
“Then don’t. YAWN! Who really cares?”
Gee Petester, you might not be aware but I really don’t need your permission to NOT vote. Thanks anyhoo, YAWN!.
Liza, you’re right a powerful opposition is worthy of support. Wise words and I’m mulling them over.

However, I’m getting sick of this party’s habit of moving to the left and blaming socons (traditionally their firmest supporters) for their losses every time they get their asses handed to them. Brian Jean getting snotty in the paper saying “These people need to know that the constitution is the law of the land – period!” – Considering he’s a lawyer that makes him a pretty important guy right? – “convenient” The courts are ridiculously left wing and activist but we are supposed to worship at their feet and never make public statements that contradict our new high priests of the bench? – Screw that.
commented 2015-04-12 00:50:49 -0400
Greg the Wildrose may not have beat the pc’s but they played an important role as the opposition, its the only chance of keeping the pc’s in check if they get in. A strong opposition is nothing to snear at. You have two choices ,by the sounds of your post. Vote Wildrose or sit this one out.
commented 2015-04-12 00:48:47 -0400
As a Quebecer, I agree with Stephen Harris. It should always have been every provinces responsibility to pull their own weight. What the redistribution does is in fact reward irresponsible spending. A socialist mentality that is changing in Quebec(slowly don’t get too excited). Quebec conservatives(Federal) do exist and are finally being able to have their voices heard. Partly because we have a premier that is right now cutting taxes, cutting spending, balancing a budget, and spending far less per person annually than Alberta. I should mention that it is not the Quebec’s populations fault for not voting conservative, at all. If you speak to the average Quebec resident, you will find that they have very conservative opinions, and despite this, will say they either vote NDP or Liberal(Federally). The left wing media however within Quebec has been extremely successful in painting a false negative picture of Stephen Harper. There is quite literally no conservative voice whatsoever, being a left wing socialist is not part of the Quebec culture, it is part of the Quebec media culture, and people just vote accordingly.
commented 2015-04-12 00:43:04 -0400
“I’m tired of being told “Get out and vote!””

Then don’t. YAWN! Who really cares?
commented 2015-04-12 00:14:59 -0400
Hey, sounds like a good plan Greg. Forget about it.
commented 2015-04-12 00:04:25 -0400
I’m tired of being told “Get out and vote!”
For whom?

For the PCs? Uhh … no thanks.
For the NDP or Liberals? Not on your life. There is nothing there I agree with.
For the Alberta Party?……Who?
For the Wild Rose? Suuuurrrrree, you bet, seeing how well that has worked out so far.

Let’s recap. you vote for the WRP. They lose. They blame it on social conservatives because they are the convenient kicking boy and move their party to the left.
You vote for the WRP again. They lose. They blame it even more on social conservatives and move the party even further to the left AND several leave to join a party you tried to defeat. Yep, I’ll do THAT again.

I’m a social conservative (as you probably guessed)and I’m getting sick and tired of being attacked by guys like Brian Jean. Then being told in the next breath to vote for him. Screw it.
commented 2015-04-11 23:51:57 -0400
If Alberta votes in the NDP, they deserve what they get. Bloody waste of a good province, Ralph is shuddering in his grave! NDP in Alberta? It’s madness!!
commented 2015-04-11 23:09:08 -0400
NDP is gaining in the polls. They are now in second place and some polls suggest they are only two points behind Wild Rose. Alberta could end up with an NDP government.

So yeah, it’s really, really important to vote!
commented 2015-04-11 20:23:35 -0400
Great comments folks!
The best news I hear is that recent Polls put the PCs in third place. May they drop even further. I do hope there is some conservatism left in Alberta to avoid the pitfalls of Progressivism that engulfed Ontario.
commented 2015-04-11 19:41:20 -0400
Cut taxes to the bone in Alberta and stop paying the rest of Canada with your oil revenues, especially those welfare bums on the east coast and in kewbek.
commented 2015-04-11 19:41:20 -0400
Cut taxes to the bone in Alberta and stop paying the rest of Canada with your oil revenues, especially those welfare bums on the east coast and in kewbek.
commented 2015-04-11 17:24:49 -0400
I vote for whatever party appears to best support the concept of ‘small, limited government’. Right now in Alberta, it appears to be Wild Rose. If Jim Prentice wants my vote, he’s going about it the wrong way.
commented 2015-04-11 17:22:23 -0400
Mark, I agree. People, get out and vote!
commented 2015-04-11 16:41:07 -0400
Yes, these are strange days in Alberta — and Albertan voters now hold more power in their hands than ever before! There IS the possibility of the lowest voter turnout, but somehow I doubt it. Too much is hanging in the balance, and one vote could determine the outcome. Albertans, whoever you choose, whatever you believe in (or don’t), GET OUT AND VOTE!!