November 13, 2018

We Won’t Need Visas to Visit Europe, Post-Brexit

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Throughout this entire Brexit negotiation process, I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people complaining about having to apply for visas to visit Europe. Remainers have bemoaned the process of applying for a visa online before flying or driving to European countries, as if it was a great inconvenience – but it’s turned out this was just another tactic of Project Fear, anyway.

The European Commission has today announced that British travellers will not need to apply for visas to visit the European Union for short trips, even if we are faced with a No Deal Brexit. How’s that?

So we’ve debunked the myth that planes will be stopped from flying into Europe, and now we know we can easily and effortlessly travel through EU countries. Nice one.

The EU Commission issued the following travel advice:

“The European Commission has proposed to EU legislator to exempt UK nationals from visa requirements for short-term stays.”

So will this put an end to the fearmongering? Probably not. The next step is likely for the Remain camp to complain that the UK will have to take part in a new system being implemented by the EU, whereby every traveller (whether visa exempt or not) must apply for electronic travel authorization in advance of their trip.

This works in the same way as the US ESTA system. You simply go online, enter your details, pay a small fee, and you’re granted access to the country you’re visiting. It’s a simple security measure that is easy for anyone to apply for. For the Remainers, though, I suspect it’s the last thing they can cling to.

So be glad – the rumours were untrue, and even if we “crash out” of the EU without a deal, your holiday to Paris won’t be interrupted. That is, if you’re mad enough to want to go to Paris.

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commented 2018-11-25 15:58:40 -0500
Damn…..wrong topic
commented 2018-11-25 15:57:50 -0500
“Another low life Liberal invading the Conservative Party. "

Well, if you want to call it an invasion, it was an invasion by invitation – and it can’t be said that the Ontario PCs didn’t know about the bill of goods they were getting.

My advice to Ford would be to kick her arse out of the party ASAP. Then she can sit as an independent or join the socialists….and her supporters can decide if they’re content with her or not.
commented 2018-11-13 21:29:57 -0500
Tomorrow will be a day of enlightenment. Starting at 2pm GMT, when Theresa May reveals the latest Brexit deal to the House. We shall see who are the cowards on the Conservative side and who are the Hero’s, who will resign from their office and revert to the Back Benches. All depends on what May has to say………The Whore.
commented 2018-11-13 15:32:40 -0500
Britain Europe. Shrug.

No desire to go there, ever.