May 05, 2016

Thank you! We reached our goal of $100,000 in ONE DAY — But it’s not over yet…

Rebel Staff

Amazing! You helped us raise over $100,000 to help the people of Fort McMurray, in only a single day. Thanks to all of you for your generosity.

Remember: All the money raised goes to the Fort McMurray Red Cross, who have reached out to thank us — and you!

Now let’s see if we can raise another $50,000.

Please tell your friends about

PS: You can also sign up there to volunteer to literally help rebuild when the time comes, or even leave a message of support. There’s more at the site so please visit

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commented 2016-05-08 17:56:43 -0400
Sorry Rebel, but I chose not to donate to this drive because it’s going to the Red Cross, a charity which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I just read the 2015 CRA report on Canadian Red Cross’s finances, which reinforces my view of them. Here it is:

Little do most donors know, but “Canadian” Red Cross runs a cozy little side operation subsidizing MUSLIM ONLY third world countries, and this is where they divert $ millions in donations. They divert what they call “surplus” funds raised for other causes to these Islamist countries with no accountability to their donors. Remember, this is supposed to be the CANADIAN Red Cross, not the international version. They’re handing donations to International Red Cross/Crescent to be used on Muslims, without donors’ knowledge or consent.

I flatly refuse to subsidize this boondoggle by donating to any of their causes. I’d rather stuff cash into an envelope and mail it to Alberta to be sure it goes to Albertans. As it is, enough of my tax dollars are already being squandered on, and by, Islamists as it is.

Here’s the 2015 CRA breakdown of the Islamic countries which benefited from this scheme:

“Total expenditures on activities/​programs/​projects carried on outside Canada, excluding gifts to qualified donees $ 76,092,900

Afghanistan $ 2,507,190
Albania (60% muslim) $ 30,000
“other [Islamic] countries in Africa” $ 1,027,156"

Read the report – including the part about “political activities” (under Schedules). Then go on the website and note the emphasis on “refugees”. How many of your donations to Fort Mac will be deemed “surplus”?
commented 2016-05-08 17:35:26 -0400
RE: JOHN ALBERTAN commented 7 hours ago
“Did anyone see the obligatory CBC interview and gushing over the massive assistance from our “Muslim community”…..two pickup truck loads. Two. ½ tons. Then an interview with Imam I Hate Free Speech from Calgary and his lecture on what is “Canadian values.” Made me ill.”

Hey John, did you happen to notice to whom those two pickup truck loads were donated? Three guesses and the first two don’t count: their fellow Muslims!

Two reasons why this is the case: 1. Islamist racism and supremacy. They never make charitable donations to lowly kufr like you and me, or the taxpayers who fund their welfare lifestyles. They expect us to subsidize them instead, they call it “Jizya” or the tax on the conquered infidels (which Canadians now are, thanks to Junior and his Islamist government). 2. Because they’ve also been hoarding donations to “refugees” in their mosques, which they are now using towards “Muslim only” fire victims. Meanwhile these “refugees” are plundering food banks and other Canadian charities.

And of course they’re not donating to Red Cross. They can’t prevent Red Cross from giving their donations to kufr infidels, and when they donate separately it’s wonderful propaganda for the Islamedia to plaster all over the front pages. What heroes they are!
commented 2016-05-08 10:49:24 -0400
Did anyone see the obligatory CBC interview and gushing over the massive assistance from our “Muslim community”…..two pickup truck loads. Two. ½ tons. Then an interview with Imam I Hate Free Speech from Calgary and his lecture on what is “Canadian values.” Made me ill.

When H.R. flooded, I packed a pickup truck myself. Just me. Drove it down there and pitched in. Didn’t call up the CBC for any attaboys. There were plenty of others who did the same.

Two pickup trucks were the contribution of the mooslim community. That’s what they were able to raise. In my opinion, that sent a message alright; but it’s not the one Imam I Hate Free Speech and the CBC dorks intended to send.

God bless Alberta and the thousands upon thousands of gun-toting, right wing rednecks who really stepped up. Respect.
commented 2016-05-07 09:23:23 -0400
141 K! Go Rebels go!
commented 2016-05-06 22:21:53 -0400
What about the $400 billion or so that the East has looted the West and especially Alberta in Equalization payments? I haven’t heard about Ontario or Quebec cutting a $1 billion cheque or anything for Alberta.
commented 2016-05-06 17:03:25 -0400
since the puppet gave the CBC $675,000,000 he can give the same to Fort McMurray
commented 2016-05-06 16:27:07 -0400
commented 2016-05-06 09:17:36 -0400
I can not believe what I’AM hearing about federal government "support ", by matching the Red Cross, you gotta be kidding, it’s a disaster zone,
This is OUTRAGEOUS, even ndp and liberal supporters are going to see the blatant anemic effort as virtue signaling to the Marxist destroyers and Islamic supporting base
commented 2016-05-06 09:03:28 -0400
I doubt this could be accomplished by the star or globe or any other dead tree media serving a latte-left subscribership. Lefty is long on alturistic talk and slow on the draw to support charity.
commented 2016-05-05 22:07:13 -0400
Great job by Canadians to help other Canadians in need! Too bad our pathetic government is too busy helping their imported foreign parasites. 1.5 billion for the freeloaders, while all they do in Fort Mac is match Red Cross donations from Canadians?

Speaking of which, Turdeau’s Chosen People in the Fort Mac area are busy helping – themselves and only themselves. Not Red Cross, Green Star and Crescent instead. Note (near the end of the article below) that they say they have hoarded plenty of surplus donations for Syrians, which they are using towards helping their own kind during the fire. I wonder how many excess donated goods “for Syrians” are being hoarded by Islamics in mosques across Canada and used for other purposes, while their ilk are stripping the charities and food banks like locusts?…/edmonton-steps-up-to-help

Now what do you think the Islamedia would say if, for example, White or Native people only sent donations to their own kind and ignored the rest?
commented 2016-05-05 20:29:39 -0400
WOW! Canadians are the BEST!! …well, I do know that even non-Canadians helped & Thank You world! I f we raise enough – maybe we can break the governments commitment of $1 for $1??
Would be interesting to find out as to what the Red Cross has raised since Tuesday for FT Mac.
commented 2016-05-05 19:24:18 -0400
If Justin Trudeau could get his Knickers untwisted and stop importing aliens, he could use the money to help the people of Alberta
commented 2016-05-05 18:55:24 -0400
What took so long? Just kidding, great job Rebels!