March 02, 2019

“Weird”: Pro-hijab billboards emerge in U.S. while unveiled Iranian woman pepper-sprayed?

David MenziesMission Specialist

A video embedded in a Daily Mail piece showing an Iranian woman refusing to wear a hijab and a man who thought very poorly of her decision, is a good reminder of why living in Iran really stinks these days.

After an undercover “morality officer” man-splains to a woman why her lack of decency in not covering her hair is so egregious, he personally insults her and blasts her with pepper spray when she refuses to capitulate.

Yet, you have to wonder: when it comes to the feminist movement and #MeToo and #TimesUp, etc., etc., where is the outrage?

Why isn’t this grotesque assault a cause celeb for feminists in the West?

Instead, we witness the perverse irony of pro-hijab billboards being erected in major U.S. cities such as Dallas, Houston and Chicago around the same time the incident caught on video took place in Iran.

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, the hijab is currently being promoted as a symbol of respect, honour and strength, as opposed to submission and capitulation and something many Muslim women want no part of.

That’s weird...

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commented 2019-03-03 19:23:18 -0500
" I blame ‘white man bad’ agenda on white feminazis."
Its part of the globalist agenda to destroy society and usher us into a post national world of global government. Bad anyway you look at it, but Islam is a partner in it.
commented 2019-03-03 19:16:51 -0500
Having said I blame feminazis, I see three kinds of Muslim women who come to the west from Islamic regimes.

The one who wants to further the same ideology here, and will accept an alliance with any group that will help them do that. (To be fair there is a sub group of the extremists who follow because they are afraid to leave, and actually fear for their lives from husbands, brothers fathers and cousins.)

The second group are seeking refuge from the Islamist’s and Salafist’s but want to keep their own brand of soft Islam, what I call buffet Muslims.

The third group come to escape the oppression of the radicals and genuinely want to be apart of the west choosing to abandon the ideology altogether. They are the Ex Muslims or Apostates.

The first group either enters into western politics, or become activists, making relentless demands for more Islamic rights and privileges. They are the brand who are happy to latch their wagon onto any victim hood train we have going here in the west. Whether its rabid feminist movements, black lives matter, or the lgbtq. Its all the same to these radicals, if it can be used to push their sharia agenda along, by normalizing it with western causes.
commented 2019-03-03 19:14:56 -0500
I don’t really understand what you are saying Robert Sloane.
There are those who are Muslim radicals and then there are those who just want to live as western woman do, free of the bonds of Islam. I see hatred of the west, the kafir, the infidel, but I simply do not see hatred of the white man as the lead in issue with Muslim women. Its the white feminazis who hate white men. Muslima radicals may ‘use’ the feminist movement here, but it was already here.

Also, I think our Universities are screwed because of apologist academics, and domestic radicals from the 60’s types like Bill Ayers. They have pushed Alinsky tactics and cultural Marxism and post modernism . They are all apologists who welcomed Muslim Student groups to form thinking they are using them when in fact the Muslim Student groups are using them. Feminist groups have had it out for white men since the 60’s. I blame ‘white man bad’ agenda on white feminazis.
commented 2019-03-03 19:12:10 -0500
Khalid has been groomed from birth to help roll out the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, absolutely Muta Ween.
commented 2019-03-03 18:43:53 -0500
Very interesting nexus I discovered while researching the now infamous Congresswoman from Michigan, Rashida Tlaib. Known of course for her crude comments aimed at President Trump.
Well it turns out that our own prize MP ,Iqra Khalid graduated from the same school as Tlaib, the Cooley School of Law, Western Michigan University.Granted, 8 years apart but radicals always return to the activist hive.
Both share the same viewpoints on Israel ,Palestine and Sharia.And they both attained the same lofty goal of securing a seat in national legislatures in their respective countries.
Bet they know each other, openly ,secretly or privately.
As Sherlock Holmes would say, the game is afoot ,Watson
commented 2019-03-03 15:41:42 -0500
This condition goes much deeper, here in North America… Women from the Middle East, India and others, have come to North America and taken up the Feminist hatred towards Men.. This has been going on for more than half a Century.. They brought their hatred to North America, on the belief that we are the same as those Countries they came from.. This, is why our Universities are so messed up, and spreading hate towards Men.. White Men.. These White/Male hating Feminists are now controlling much of North America… Our own “local Feminists” are sitting back and letting it all unfold. They do not care, because they have everything they wanted. They knew it all along, once they realized they had to work for it.. That’s the difference.. Now? They don’t give a damn about their “Sisters”… I lived through it, and had to deal with it over the last half Century… Good news is…. I (a working class White Male) beat them at their own game… This is hilarious to me…
commented 2019-03-03 12:41:12 -0500
The woman back when their was massive protest in the Islamic Terrorist State of Iran Waving that Rag on a stick now thats the woman who should have been times woman of the year Poor brave woman i could only wonder what became of her.Pretty sure its one year in the hole
commented 2019-03-03 10:00:24 -0500
AL PETERSON commented 8 hours ago…
KEITH BARNES commented 11 hours ago….
LIZA ROSIE commented 12 mins ago…………. Al, You are correct. Ignorance of what Islam really is has resulted in many deaths in Europe and around the world. What is worse is the pretended ignorance of Islam by NWO Marxist (Governments) who need Islam to kill of the white race in their quest for cheap labour. Islam is efficient in the art of killing, making it the obvious choice but some of the Afro Tribes are pretty good also. If the white race wishes to survive then they may have to return to the state of tribalism and fight Islam on their own terms. Governments won’t help us.
commented 2019-03-03 01:05:19 -0500
KEITH BARNES commented 11 hours ago
LIZA ROSIE commented 12 mins ago.

Liza, perhaps we should be asking why the brain dead followers of a death cult are permitted to stand for election to parliament in the first place. Are we all suffering from suicidal death wishes, or are we just stupid?…..Trudeau, down with the clown.
Ah, Keith, let me direct your attention once more to the Three Pillars of Leftiedom. The third pillar is: Lefties refuse to exercise discernment. That is the foundation of the others. So they see moral equivalence everywhere and therefore refuse to recognize the bloody and oppressive history of islam. So they welcome them to run for office to show how virtuous they are and how life changing their ideology can be. That would be pillars one and two: 1. they refuse to learn from their mistakes and 2. they refuse to learn from other people’s mistakes. And these are the people who excoriated Harper for not paying attention to “science”.
commented 2019-03-03 00:54:08 -0500
91 days with no sign of a hammer falling.
commented 2019-03-03 00:53:05 -0500
C. WHITE commented 4 hours ago
“He holds the position of PM only because the Marxist NWO/UN see him for what he is…”

Actually, no. Junior holds power because the plurality of Canadians voted for him in 2015. No other reason.
C. White, that is the presenting reason, the tip of the iceberg. He was groomed for this position by those who want to make use of his naivete, ego and family name. They groomed him to be attractive to shallow, narcissistic Canadians who they knew would vote for pot over security. Show over substance. Novelty over knowledge. Bread and circuses for Canuckistan as we do the danse macabre.
commented 2019-03-02 21:48:27 -0500
The soy boy twins Macron and Trudeau are the elitist putrid face of Soros backed Islamic globalism so they won’t resign they will both have to be forced out by any means neccessary
commented 2019-03-02 20:57:54 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,858 Attacks, 238,244 Killed, 317,267 Injured that we know of
commented 2019-03-02 20:57:26 -0500
“He holds the position of PM only because the Marxist NWO/UN see him for what he is…”

Actually, no. Junior holds power because the plurality of Canadians voted for him in 2015. No other reason.
commented 2019-03-02 19:12:12 -0500
The only way this traitorous POS PM will leave office won’t be through democratic process but by brute force,this pimp should have been in jail 5 days ago!!!
commented 2019-03-02 18:49:45 -0500
Liza, In my opinion, Trudeau is quite content to lead us on the journey to Hell, he must be making a fortune from the UN for what he is doing to Canada. He is willing to sacrifice Canadian lives for gold in his pocket and cheap Islamic labour in the factories. He holds the position of PM only because the Marxist NWO/UN see him for what he is, a lame brained puppet who is quite happy following their orders and setting up for the Genocide of white Canadians. He really needs to be taken to court and jailed for his treachery. A bullet would be better, from a legally formed firing squad, of course.
commented 2019-03-02 16:14:42 -0500
Keith, absolutely, what Janie Jones said. I think people are cowards who allow themselves to be shamed and brainwashed and so are damned stupid in my book. It will be the death of our nation and we will have allowed it. Justin must have it lined up, because once he got in, the House was full of it. Harper had a hand and was slowly feeding it to us. Justin just unloaded the dump truck.

What we saw in that clip happens in Canada right now. Muslim and ex Muslim women are being harassed by both Muslim men and women. I know of an ex Muslim woman, totally westernized, who has lived in this country for over a decade. She was harassed going into her apartment building by a fully covered Muslim woman who recognised her as Arab, and admonished her repeatedly every time she saw her in her western summer clothes. Finally the ex muslim complained about the harassment to the manager of the building and it stopped. Also, I am sure that many of those covered women are hiding black eyes and bruises.
Why would we want that in our country? We don’t willingly allow women to be treated like that here. We don’t make exceptions for ’cultural ’ reasons.
commented 2019-03-02 15:52:56 -0500
“Yet, you have to wonder: when it comes to the feminist movement and ”tweet-url hashtag" href=“” rel=“nofollow” title=“#MeToo”>#MeToo and #TimesUp, etc., etc., where is the outrage?"

Where is the outrage?… Because the Liberalist Globalist pukes have another agenda!.. That’s why!
commented 2019-03-02 14:30:44 -0500
JANIE JONES commented.

Janie, sorry, I did not see your comment before posting mine. At least we are not alone in our thoughts.
commented 2019-03-02 14:24:50 -0500
LIZA ROSIE commented 12 mins ago.

Liza, perhaps we should be asking why the brain dead followers of a death cult are permitted to stand for election to parliament in the first place. Are we all suffering from suicidal death wishes, or are we just stupid?…..Trudeau, down with the clown.
commented 2019-03-02 14:24:48 -0500
Because in the west, any heard sentiment against this invasion, gives do-gooders a false sense of morality to yell, “RACISM”, (everyone knows this)(it’s government sanctioned), to allow this perpetration of a cult religion to be allowed to flourish in the name of a cult religion. So to avoid press and the fear of being called out, (possibly losing their jobs, or threatened with a court case), the silent majority will keep their heads down and “REMAIN SILENT”, and over the course of their lifespan, watch the slow and gradual diminishment of a country, by their governments and do-gooders alike, in the name of multiculturalism.
commented 2019-03-02 13:58:16 -0500
The Islamist apologists are the worker ants for the hive. Islam’s head coverings are a clear and unmistakable tool of oppression for women by men, and an insult to the west. We even see them in our Parliament. I find it offensive and no amount of re education is going to change my mind. The only way I will stop expressing that opinion will be by force that I cannot fight against. Until then I will continue to call out the infiltration , invasion, and Islamic domination of Canada.

The women who have escaped the oppressive Islamic practices by coming to Canada , don’t deserve to be put in danger, by entertaining those who want to push sharia here. The only people who want to push the hijab, are those who want to stick it to the west or are terrified that a Muslim man will hurt them if they disobey.
commented 2019-03-02 13:26:28 -0500
The rats that sold the Muslims space to advertise their filth ideology on billboards are just as guilty as the Islamic invaders. No place in the west for this Islamic horse crap,the only good use for a hijab is if you run outta toilet paper!!
commented 2019-03-02 13:16:33 -0500
The Hijab is nothing more than a mask to hide the females face from other Muslims. The husband dose not trust his wife but more important, he dose not trust other male Muslims. He wraps his wife up into a life time
prison of cloth to hide her and keep her faithful. Vaginal sex for a Muslim
is just practiced for the sake of producing children. For their jolly’s they use anal sex and this is why they have sex with six year old Sons. Anal sex is is the norm.
As Churchill said, “They truly are the scum of the earth”.
commented 2019-03-02 12:57:14 -0500
The Islamification of the West is relentless and ongoing while the reality of the evils and threats of Islam is never talked about by our fake news globalist lamestream enemedia complex