Support Uber! Hold taxis accountable for their actions

Rebel Staff

The taxi cartels are attempting to make their competitors illegal. Their main competition is the popular car service that works on your smartphone, called Uber.

But Uber is an obviously superior service, it's more efficient, less expensive, cleaner, and easier to use. Cabs can’t compete. So they’re trying to get the government to ban Uber. And if that doesn’t work, they’re trying to basically wreck things.

The conduct of these taxi thugs is a disgrace. Of course it's an admission that cab companies cannot convince passengers they’re worth it — so they want to intimidate their competitors, and obviously, intimate passengers too.

For years these taxis had a cartel, a monopoly, in collusion with city politicians, against mere citizens. That’s how it usually works; that’s called crony capitalism. Companies cut deals with bureaucrats and politicians — voters, taxpayers are left out.

Well, it’s all coming undone.

Uber lets anyone turn their own car into a kind of cab. But not just any cab:

- A clean cab.

- A cab that is precisely and immediately dispatched to exactly where you are, via GPS.

- A cab that you can track on your phone, so you’re not wondering when it’s coming, if it’s going to come at all.

- A cab where you know the driver’s name, and have his photo, and he has your name too, and you rate him, and he rates you — so everyone is better behaved, less rude, more clean, more civil, more fun.

- A cab that is paid automatically from your app — so no waiting at your destination, no need for cash, no waiting for a credit card machine, no haggling, no worrying about foreign currency, nothing. Receipt e-mailed to you, including your route.

Once you go Uber, you never go back.

Technology, entrepreneurship, and freedom, has done for us what our politicians and bureaucrats wouldn’t. They have made a better mousetrap, and cut through the red tape and corruption in one fell swoop.

Uber succeeds because ordinary Canadians voluntarily choose to use Uber. They are not coerced to do so. That’s all the cab companies have left. Coercion — pressure the politicians; sue in court. And if that doesn’t work — block the streets and physically attack cars.

The law has to come in now. Not to “ban” Uber — that’s an attack on freedom. The law has to come in and protect our city streets. Stop the carjackings. Stop the illegal roadblocks. Stop the ambulance-blockers. Stop the thuggery.

You don’t even have to love Uber. Or use it. Or like it. This is about the rule of law.

If you attacked a strangers car, carjacking-style, even if you had a “really good” reason, like being “really mad”, do you think you would get away without charges, let alone a caution by police?

Since when do unions and leftists get a special, free pass when it comes to lawbreaking? Imagine if Uber did some sort of illegal stunt like this. You’d better believe the mayor and city council and police would come down on them like a ton of bricks, saying no-one is above the law!

Well, why are taxi companies, and taxi drivers, above the law?

If you think taxis should not be above the law, then please click below and sign our petition.

You don’t actually have to love Uber. You just have to love freedom. And hate the idea of carjackings going on, while the police stand by and do nothing.

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We demand that Toronto and Ottawa police enforce traffic safety laws and the Criminal Code against taxi drivers illegally harassing Uber drivers and their customers

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