May 29, 2017

Were Conservative supporting business owners targeted by Calgary city councillor at centre of lawsuit?

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

A property owner and long-time business owner in Calgary is suing Ward 7 councillor Druh Farrell over allegations of defamation and interfering with a land use application - two accusations among many others that have yet to be proven in court.

The owner of the property is host to an annual Stampede event and is accusing the politician of using her authority to send city bylaw officers to find problems with the event and write citations.

Watch as I explain the background of this story that has sparked some controversy.

Farrell says she won’t be intimidated by the lawsuit that she believes is designed to stop her from doing her job, which she insists has been her priority all along, so she has sent it to the City’s legal team for review.

She says the community was opposed to the project and she’s been acting on behalf of her constituents, basically dismissing the lawsuit as frivolous.

At this time, the Plaintiff is suing for over $210,000 for injurious falsehood, defamation, special damages, aggravated, exemplary and/or punitive damages and legal costs.

They also want the application revisited, for Farrell to be prevented from voting on it and for her to be removed from her position in office.

But, considering how close her race was last election, I don’t think this lawsuit is going to help her next time.

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commented 2017-05-30 11:16:26 -0400
Absolutely, Leviticus 2013, it should be her bill. Calgary should have voted her out years ago. She has done and said countless nutty things. This is, by far, her worst deed. I hope that the conservative plaintiff gets to slap her down in a court of law, she’s earned it.
commented 2017-05-30 06:25:04 -0400
If the bid is successful against this politician the sad thing is the money will come from the pockets of the taxpayers… When politicians are held accountable by lawsuits the money should come from their own pockets and not ours
commented 2017-05-29 21:37:58 -0400
Kensington metrosexuals – waddaya expect?
commented 2017-05-29 20:11:12 -0400
Thanks Holly, please keep us posted. It will be interesting to hear what is in the Statement of Defense.
commented 2017-05-29 19:41:41 -0400
THANKS HOLLY, we appreciate your hard work exposing the leftards on council
I hope this news video of yours stays fresh in voters minds this election