Electricity prices in Ontario are a rip-off and must be decreased!

Rebel Staff

Electricity prices in Ontario are a rip-off!

This is a copy of an electricity bill from Toronto Hydro. They bill every two months.

The electricity bill is for $1,123.82. That’s up from my last bill, which was $1,082.13.

I thought my last bill was an anomaly, some sort of freak clerical error. No. That’s the new normal.

In fact, electricity prices in Ontario are going to go up again, for everyone, on November 1st.

$1,123.82 That is more than some people pay in rent.

Look at the bill. Ontario is charging up to 18 cents per kilowatt hour.

For comparison, power prices in Pennsylvania, not far away, are 6 cents per kilowatt hour. One-third the price Ontarians are paying for electricity.

But look at my bill. Add up all my power use and it totals $663.14. That’s outrageous. But why is my bill $1,123?

Because they tacked on $293.29 for "delivery", $38.10 for “regulatory”, and then there’s the sales tax — another $129.29.

So $663.14 for electricity. Triple what Americans would pay. But then another $460.68 for “delivery fees” and taxes and “regulations".

And the Ontario government says it’s going to keep going up and up and up — next increase is in three weeks.

This is energy poverty and it's not an accident. Environmental extremists like Kathleen Wynne, Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau want to make electricity expensive, so they can curve your behaviour. Stephane Dion even gave it a name, the “green shift”. To make electricity so expensive, that we are forced to use less of it.

So yeah. $1,123 dollars in electricity. That’s life in Ontario. And it’s coming to Alberta next, under Rachel Notley’s plan to ban cheap, clean coal power plants, and replace them with expensive, unreliable wind and solar power. And with Trudeau’s tax, it’s coming to you wherever you live in Canada.

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