April 29, 2015

What Al Jazeera America's Osman Mahmud allegedly said about Israel supporters has the network facing a $15M anti-Semitic, anti-American, sexist lawsuit

Rebel Staff

Matthew Luke, a former employee of  Al Jazeera America is suing the network for $15M after Osman Mahmud, one of the network's vice presidents, made comments such as “whoever supports Israel should die a fiery death in hell.”

According to Politico, Luke also alleges that Mahmud removed female employees from projects, excluded women from emails and meetings and made discriminatory, anti-Semitic and anti-American remarks.

The lawsuit also alleges that Mahmud told a female SVP of News Gathering that he wanted to replace an Israeli cameraman with a Palestinian one whose qualifications for the position were questionable. Mahmud dismissed the female who said the Israeli cameraman would yield the highest quality journalism.

Luke claims that soon after he went to human resources to complain about  Mahmud's behaviour, he was told he did not fit into the company's culture and was fired.

Mahmud is calling the allegations a “pack of lies.”

Politico adds that after the lawsuit was filed, the network announced two top executives – both females – were leaving the company.

The network says that Dana Lee and Dawn Bridges, were leaving the company because work in cable is “extremely time consuming.”

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commented 2015-04-29 21:10:28 -0400
Joan, are still on about Lauren’s comments that men, too, have been abused? Somehow you seem to think that men who state that opinion are intentionally setting out to negates that women are also abused. The existence of one does not negate the existence of the other.

Joan, you seem to have a serious hate-on for men and it is you who has the problem, not the men that post on theRebel, though I doubt you have it within you to admit that, not even silently to yourself.

These women were obviously coerced into leaving their positions and the network used the excuse that the women claimed it was “extremely time consuming.” Obviously that was a blatant lie.

Keep in mind, Joan, that Al Jazeera is run by an extremely misogynistic group of men that do not represent the norm for men in the western culture.
commented 2015-04-29 19:06:58 -0400
Again, Joan, taking one sub-sect of one religion and applying that to western culture in general! That sub-sect is slowly and inexorably gaining a steadily increasing foothold in western culture, assisted by Liberal Marxist cowards and a progressive Court system. It’s that religious sub-sect and their Liberal cohorts that are the problem, not MEN!!! Instead of trying to make this strictly a woman’s issue, how about making it a human rights issue? Then you’ll have lots of men on your side, fighting with you. As long as you continue to want to dis us all, you’re on your own.
commented 2015-04-29 18:28:03 -0400
Exactly, Joan. There’s no need for a women’s movement. This is religiously started, and it’s Muslim. Ain’t nothin’ to do with Western Society. (This is Al Jazeera we’re talkin’ ’bout…)
commented 2015-04-29 18:24:47 -0400
But there is no longer any need for a women’s rights movement, right, fellow rebels? Those women who lost their livelihood and now can’t feed their children deserved it for being feminazis, right? For daring to take male jobs. How dare they oppress the men? It is men who are oppressed.

Ditto for the Jews. http://www.meforum.org/5204/turkey-antisemitic-film
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