March 02, 2018

What Andrew Breitbart taught me

Sebastian GorkaRebel Contributor

On the sixth anniversary of his death, I look back on the life and work of Andrew Breitbart.

More than just the man who founded, Andrew inspired a generation of conservatives to become citizen journalists.

He devoted his life to battling the corrupt, biased, destructive mainstream media, long before the term "fake news" was ever coined.

A young man gone too soon, Andrew changed the media landscape forever.

I never had the honour of meeting Andrew Breitbart, but he nevertheless taught me many powerful lessons — one in particular, that I put into action one Saturday morning...

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commented 2018-03-04 14:47:40 -0500
Andrew died of heart failure from an enlarged heart. There is no conspiracy here and even the Breitbart site confirmed it.
commented 2018-03-03 23:49:55 -0500
Ted Tadright—-Are you aware of this one where Actress Joan Rivers was walking into the Hospital and told a reporter that Michelle Obama was a transsexual.
Rivers had a routine operation but died mysteriously within a month.
Some strange shots in this video, but I don’t know much about the new photo shop.
commented 2018-03-03 05:17:31 -0500
Breitbart was a thorn in the side of the treasonous Obama administration, and one day he mysteriously died for no apparent reason, just prior to an expose he was planning to release. Seth Rich became a problem for the Democrats and one day he was murdered. He was shot twice in the back and neither his wallet, his expensive watch, or his gold necklace were taken. His death was falsely labelled a ‘botched robbery’.

Neither of these mysterious deaths has been resolved to the satisfaction of a rational mind, and equally mysteriously, the authorities don’t seem to be in any great hurry to do so. Dangerous times for us all,eh?

Well, they can take your life in this world, but if you believe in Jesus Christ, you will be safe in the next world.
commented 2018-03-03 03:07:32 -0500
Gharab you do not know what fake is? Now go watch CNN LMAO!
commented 2018-03-02 18:46:47 -0500
commented 2018-03-02 17:26:04 -0500
I liked Andrew Breitbart, but I don’t think he would be pleased with what Breitbart has been turned into.
commented 2018-03-02 16:40:36 -0500
Good advice from Breitbart. Record, record, record.

aswad troll alert.
commented 2018-03-02 16:30:52 -0500
Andrew Breitbart, The Grandfather of Fake News.
commented 2018-03-02 16:30:41 -0500
Andrew Breitbart, The Grandfather of Fake News.