November 14, 2016

What are global elites up to at COP22 in Marrakech? Rebel Media pulls back the curtain

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The COP22 UN Climate Conference is underway and the rest of the Rebel team is just settling in here in Marrakech, Morocco to bring you a week of coverage you won’t hear or see anywhere in the mainstream media. 

Even though we aren’t inside the conference yet, we are already hard at work.

We have only been here a few hours but something seems so fake about all this:

The fake parking lot for the SUVS, the fake signs all over town, the fake village of temporary buildings behind a fake wall.

It feels as fake as the real motivations for this conference.

Fake, as in, elitists will tell you they care about climate change, but what they really care about is control.

We are going to show you the fossil fuelled hypocrisy of this conference and the deep pockets behind the delegates and activists here on the ground.

And even though we have one team member, our producer, who was refused accreditation by the UN, that isn't going to stop us.

We will show you the truth this week, not what the elites want you to know.

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commented 2016-11-15 17:03:29 -0500
“Earth is getting greener because of our CO2 emissions”, that message can be made without invoking evolutionism.

Yes of course. The simplest message for the simplest. The paper has a lot of other complex subtext threading through it, as well as solving a major paleo-biological question, the kind they hand out prizes for solving.

Does this mean you do not find any merit in the story? I intend to add a criticism section in “What People Are Saying”, yours is a good comment for that.
commented 2016-11-15 02:04:48 -0500
Hey Peter… Alburtis skies were much more beautiful before the bird and bat grinders and the endless fields of solar panels were food used to grow..
The NDP administration know nothing about governing and even less about economics.
commented 2016-11-14 20:22:20 -0500
The sky was thick. Cloud or smog? Alberta sky’s are much more beautiful
commented 2016-11-14 19:00:41 -0500
Hyacinth, thanks for the link to the National Post article. There are a lot of ticked off people commenting below about Canada sending a boatload of participants to the conference.
commented 2016-11-14 16:04:43 -0500
Great work Sheila!! …hang in there!!
Keep a close eye on the American & Canadian delegation – you may need to reach OUT to Trump for a little “help” in media coverage …? Would make an incredible Reality Show!! The more people see the truth – the Climatards loose credibility fast. Pisses ’em off too – so beware of any treachery. These people are often psychopathic – you just have to be to hang on to their philosophy and arrogantly call for (demand) all to believe the same BS.
commented 2016-11-14 15:53:41 -0500
What was the total for the last one in Paris.The 386 pigs should have paid for their own trip,not the tax payers.
commented 2016-11-14 15:12:17 -0500
FORREST BISHOP, “There is a new meme in town- Earth is getting greener because of our CO2 emissions”, that message can be made without invoking evolutionism.
commented 2016-11-14 14:41:10 -0500
Here’s an amusing little read I came across. Seems the resident troll is busy on NP as well as The Rebel or someone is as dense as he is lol.
“George Digler
Agreed ! I also like to know if we are paying for the lame stream media to be there <——this includes the Rebel
Like · Reply · 2 · 4 hrs · Edited”
commented 2016-11-14 14:25:33 -0500
There is a new meme in town- Earth is getting greener because of our CO2 emissions. This is more powerful than the fraud angle and it is becoming impossible to hide.

Here’s the story and the references-

The Earth is getting greener now, across the globe. Our ASCENDED satellites watch it growing, each decade more lush than the one before. If you enjoy this story, send me a comment.
commented 2016-11-14 13:37:18 -0500
commented 2016-11-14 13:19:46 -0500
While, on the one hand, I look forward to your pulling back the curtain, on the other hand I anticipate seeing some of their disgusting hypocritical theatrics, which makes you want to throw up your morning coffee. Go Rebel team go!
commented 2016-11-14 12:38:13 -0500
Sounds like a Potemkin village… don’t drink the water.
commented 2016-11-14 12:24:41 -0500
HOLLY , don’t take any hollydays until SHEILA gets back
commented 2016-11-14 12:20:14 -0500
In May largely in response to last years party I wrote my “Are You a Climate Change Hypocrite? challenge. It seems appropriate to bring it up here again. ”">

p.s. Go get them Sheila, I hope you show them to be the Hypocrites that they really are.
commented 2016-11-14 12:16:29 -0500
SHEILA we just hope that NOTlikeLY won’t do something rash while you’re out of the country
commented 2016-11-14 12:13:41 -0500
SHEILA , we are waiting in anticipation!

Stay safe
commented 2016-11-14 12:12:32 -0500
The World Meteorological Organization said on Monday that preliminary data from the first nine months of 2016 shows average global temperatures being 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels. If this is sustained, it would mean [they say] 16 out of 17 hottest years on record have been in this century.
In other news, it’s being reported that global carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels have seen “almost no growth” for a third consecutive year, according to figures released as world leaders begin to arrive in Marrakech for a Useless Nations climate summit.