February 09, 2017

POLL: 20% of Canadians want “Trump-style” ban on immigration

Rebel Staff

If you only listened to the talking points of the Canadian Liberal and NDP parties, you’d think that most Canadians support open border immigration policies, and that immigrants who migrate to Canada shouldn’t assimilate into the greater culture. 

But if you thought that, you’d be wrong.

According to the most recent polling, when asked should minorities do more to fit into American or Canadian culture, 68 per cent of Canadians said they should, but only 58 per cent of Americans said the same thing.

Interestingly, Canadians want migrants to assimilate more than Americans want migrants to assimilate.

And according to the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, when Canadians were asked, “Would you support a policy of ending all immigration into Canada,” around 20 per cent said, yes, and around 35 per cent said they were neutral to it.

So, over half of Canada supports a total halt on immigration, OR they don’t have an opinion on it either way.

That’s far from what the globalist or multiculturalists would have you believe.

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commented 2017-02-10 14:45:31 -0500
Polls need to be taken from ALL over Canada not just from the Muslim quarters.
commented 2017-02-10 13:28:35 -0500
Marek well said.
Yes it was turdo sr. who foisted multi-cult-uralisim on us. Turdo SR. also made it so any one from anywhere can use our laws and our money to fight us as to why they should stay here in Canada.
The best way to stay in Canada for criminals is to commit another crime. Of course the are released on their promise to show up for deportation they dont. The example here in Alberta is Jacky Tran not a Canadian citizen. Committed more crimes and it took nine years to get rid of him. How at this rate of deportation of non-citizens will we ever catch up. If they fear for their life (they always do and are coached to say this) in their home country they are simply released into our population. Once set up in Canada it is amazing that these refugees can make trips to their home countries where they once feared for their life. I think if the home country wont take back their criminals we should not allow travel to Canada from those countries.
commented 2017-02-10 13:11:51 -0500
Canadians will always have a silent, well at least, minority. My observation is Canadians will bend over backward not to say anything controversial. In my own family, I would objectively say I am right of centre, slightly, by my views in comparison to theirs I may as well be Mussolini.
commented 2017-02-10 12:37:10 -0500
Turdle just wants to be in a position to say"Just watch me".. He is ’just-not-ready"Turdle.
commented 2017-02-10 11:23:55 -0500
Spot on Mette Reed, Pierre also forced several other pieces of unwanted legislation on Canadians.

Justin owes many favors to select groups for he would not be in office if it weren’t for third party influence.


“Financial reports filed with Elections Canada by so-called third parties show 104 groups, primarily labour unions, spent just over $6 million during last fall’s marathon campaign.”

This is not just a federal level problem but provincial as well:
“Third-party advertisers in Ontario spent $8.4 million during the 2014 election, compared to the approximately $7.4 million party spending cap, according to a final report on the vote from Elections Ontario released Tuesday.”
commented 2017-02-10 10:21:55 -0500
Purging should start in Ottawa! Huge cap between what government is doing and what Canadians actually want! Multiculturalism was forced on Canada and was initiated by Trudeau Senior.
commented 2017-02-10 10:13:08 -0500
If all the people I don’t like or consider enemies of my country, were to be forced to leave our good country, there would be an awful lot less people living here…
I guess some would conclude that maybe I should leave…
Or, maybe one could conclude that we desperately need to purge our country of an awful lot of unsavory trash and enemies!

☞ I looked up enemies in my Roget’s Thesaurus (©1972) and found it to be one of the smallest entries…curious.
commented 2017-02-10 09:38:13 -0500
Jay Fayza ; Your headline and content of your article indicates Trump wants to entirely ban all immigration into the US. This is totally inaccurate. Trump wants to temporarily suspend immigration from certain high risk countries until an extreme vetting system can be implemented. If 20 % of Canadians are in support of a complete ban on all immigration , think how many Canadians are in support of a temporary suspension of immigration from countries where there is a high risk of terrorists infiltrating the migrants until extreme vetting can be implemented, which is factually what Trump is trying to do.
commented 2017-02-10 08:39:20 -0500
Other polls have consistently shown these kinds of results (polls dealing with Kellie Leitch’s proposal to screen immigrants for Canadian values indicated most Canadians support this). And of course, the 20% figure was based on a fairly “extreme” question – asking whether people favored a halt to all immigration. Had the question been, for example, “Do you favor reducing the amount of immigration into the country?” or something along that line, the results would undoubtedly have been more pronounced.

Jay Fayza is correct that Canadians never voted for the policy of mass immigration. This was the case with Swedes in the early 1970s, when their government decided to transform that nation fundamentally and irreversibly, all without the people’s consent. And look where it’s gotten them: Sweden is on the cusp of becoming a violent, lawless and poor Third World state.) In fact, this is the case in the entire West (though mass immigration and multiculturalism, interestingly, are not a “thing” anywhere else in the world. Curious, that.) Does anyone seriously doubt that Canadians (and people from other Western nations) would have had major reservations about mass immigration, and almost certainly have rejected the idea in a referendum. We’ve had years of propaganda thrown at us, assuring us of the benefits of multiculturalism, and yet high percentages of Canadians are not convinced. And why might that be?

Well, we see the consequences in our day to day lives. Increased violence, lack of assimilation, groups identifying first by any other designation than Canadian (Muslim being the biggie, of course: it’s tempting to think that mass immigration would have been far more successful if immigration from Muslim-majority countries had not been included in the deal. Just speculation, though). Also, wages are driven down and pressure is put on social services in general. But the immigration of course prompts increases in demand for things like housing (these people have to live somewhere, after all), translators, bureaucrats (to handle welfare claims), police and security (!) and so on. These demands generate revenue, obviously, but only for a rather privileged and restricted sub-class of society. Big business, for example, sees lower wages as a positive thing. So naturally these kinds of people tend to favor mass immigration – for practical (selfish) reasons, though they may claim some stuff about human rights and compassion, of course.

But the average person doesn’t benefit from lower wages (to say the least), from longer lineup and waiting lists for social or health services, or for housing. The average person sees the drastic changes to their neighbourhood; the segregation of different groups, cultural or religious, and feels their very identity and their nation’s identity being taken from them without their having consented to this. And the average person feels, I presume, rather powerless, because these massive societal changes have been foisted on her or him, and continue to be, and there seems little that can be done to stop it. A Canadian Donald Trump? I wish it were possible….
commented 2017-02-10 02:09:59 -0500
And if you think those statistics would promote any honest debate on the CBC or CTV or Global, “don’t hold your breath” because you will turn purple…
commented 2017-02-10 00:32:21 -0500
Stephen Harper speaks in India (Jan 2017).
He talks about Trump (approx. 21:21) and immigration (toward the end-question from audience)

Very good.
commented 2017-02-10 00:14:57 -0500
This is an excellent point, Jay. Here in Alberta, where NDP voters have seriously damaged our province and are hopefully sorry for what they did as we all suffer for it now, I believe that if a Trump-style political leader came upon the scene, that person would be very lovingly embraced by the non-minority majority.
commented 2017-02-09 23:07:50 -0500
If only all Canadians could hear this.
commented 2017-02-09 22:02:26 -0500
Never been asked. Fit in? Yes. Phase it out? No. Poll that.
commented 2017-02-09 21:17:50 -0500
I’d be curious to see what the regional breakdown of the data is.
commented 2017-02-09 21:10:09 -0500
I think an unbiased non politicized poll would pin the number supporting restraint on ommigration much higher if it were framed outside of racial and ethnic frame of reference - When business researchers poll Canadians and frame immigration within the context of economics and wage/job considerations, the number supporting stricter or reduced immigration rises to the 70 plus percentile. It isn’t about Islamic immigrants – it’s about flooding finite labor markets and entitlement resources with surplus stress thus reducing income, jobs and entitlements for all – for what reason? For insidious megalomanic virtue posing by political elites.
commented 2017-02-09 21:00:31 -0500
Well said Jay. I am so damn tired of the left lying that if you do not like terror being imported that you hate all immigrants, which is complete and utter BS. I welcome anyone who is honest and wants to make something of their life and prosper and not shove their ideology down my throat.
commented 2017-02-09 20:30:00 -0500
Muslims will never assimilate with Westerners, they have been brainwashed from early childhood, to hate the Infidel, the hate is in their blood. The only way to handle Muslims is to deport them all and that includes Jihadi Justin and the six, or is it nine, Muslims who go under the guise of Liberal MP’s.

If we, as Canadians do not wake up, the time will soon be upon us that we are unable to wake up.
commented 2017-02-09 18:16:36 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,783 Attacks, 210,106 Killed, 293,764 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-02-09 18:10:05 -0500
Andre Lauzon: Hear, hear! To use a crude expression favoured by my blue-collared husband, “you are dead nuts to right”!
commented 2017-02-09 17:52:12 -0500
Dumb-dumb Trudeau travels the world taking selfies saying "we Canadians are open to all refugees and immigrants; we love everybody and will accept everybody. " I wish he would stop vouching for the 60% of Canadians who did not vote for him. I’m one of them
commented 2017-02-09 17:47:23 -0500
Jay: Thank you for your common sense! Well-vetted immigration is alright, providing that the aspiring new Canadians are happy and willing to assimilate and adopt our values. Open borders? NEVER!