February 27, 2016

Cross Border Talking: What do average Americans think of Canada's refugee policies?

Rebel Staff

The American media has raised concern about Canada's screening process for Syrian refugees, but how do the American people feel? 

I took a trip across the border to Buffalo, New York to talk to Americans about the Syrian refugee crises in the first edition of Cross Border Talking.

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commented 2016-02-29 11:16:36 -0500
Dieter Cunth: Have fun in your imaginary war hope your rubber room is to your liking.
commented 2016-02-29 08:51:40 -0500
Nathan W commented – “Illegal immigration is going in the other direction. Opportunity has been drying up in the US and far more are going back home than are coming.”

I call bullshit on that, There is no indication of reverse immigration to Mexico – next you’ll tell me Cuba or Venezuela are suffering illegal border crashers coming for all the goodies klepto-communism provides. The situation on the souther US border is that illegal immigration has stabilized from a peak of 16000/month to a constant 120000/month and Ramos says there may be more because 40% are coming by air now – seems the Mex state abandons its duty to orphans because they are bussing them into the US.

At any rate I fail to see your point – that slightly less or more (un documented) illegal immigration is somehow better than no illegal immigration.
commented 2016-02-29 00:32:09 -0500

You are totally wrong!

Establishment conservatives have been as co-opted by Islamists as any of the other mainstream parties. Pooling resources will happen, but the pooling of those resources will be used against you. Liberals, CINOs, there’s no difference. If you’re looking the CPC to do anything, it will not happen with their current leadership establishment.

As for conservative media, even in the US FoxNews isn’t trusted because of their defence of the GOP establishment. First, they backed Jeb Bush. Now, they’re turning to Marco Rubio. All this is occurring to smash the unstoppable Donald Trump. I wouldn’t discount the possibility that the RNC tells Republican voters to stay home on election day.

You want the GOP to send help to the CPC? Think about that again – they are RINOs and no different than CINOs. You don’t want them.

You don’t want to think about the coming war? Guess what? That war is going on right now, and you’re choosing to not fight. No doubt you’re thoroughly pansified and just another useless CINO.
commented 2016-02-28 20:42:49 -0500
Dieter Cunth: Look there is allot of Canadians who are unhappy with the way the Trudeau administration is leading us. What conservatives should be doing is working together to find ways we can pool resources and meet common objectives like restoring the balance in popular culture which has been hijacked by the left. Here in Canada we can’t even get a conservative TV station on the air and now the forces that be are working towards censoring the internet. They left owns the education system here and from that the courts. If Obama can send his people to Canada to help Trudeau’s campaign then conservatives should be doing the same thing or we are going to collectively get eaten alive and wonder why we can’t get any traction. We should be focusing our efforts on how we can defeat cultural dominance of liberals and less on apocalyptic musings.
commented 2016-02-28 20:28:13 -0500
Dieter Cunth: Again before ratcheting up the crazy town hypotheticals which only make conservatives look like warmongering imbeciles it is good to think through your analogies which you left out the logical closure point. You do realist Canada is not only the best friend and trading partner of the U.S. but we are also part of the common wealth. Did you really think all the other countries would stand by and allow one of their members to be annihilated without recourse. So what is it now the U.S. takes on the world. There really is no need for t type of rhetoric which only serves as a laughingstock to liberals and create division among conservative leaning allies.
commented 2016-02-28 18:42:32 -0500
I have no doubt that JT, if invited to the White House by President Trump, he will decline the offer. JT will do so as an act of protest, to prove that he stands against racism, Islamophobia, and all hatreds in general. And that he’s a coward. A huge coward. A my-wife-picks-out-my-underwear type of coward. I’m just waiting for the news that, when JT was young, he used to bring notes to get out of gym class. Not unlike former-Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, who is was revealed had the same type of overprotective parents who would stoop to such shenanigans. If any needs to be reminded who Rowan Williams was, he was the one who declared Islam to be the Religion of Peace (While Christianity isn’t) and defended the notion that Sharia can coexist with secular laws. JT maybe just as strange.
commented 2016-02-28 17:46:37 -0500
We need President Trump to invite junior to the white house shed for a good ass kicking!
commented 2016-02-28 17:07:36 -0500

Actually, you’re wrong on the yield of today’s nukes. Using a tactical nuke, while the yield will be higher than the, say, Trinity test explosion, the increments of the yield is highly controlled. There can yields as low as a few hundred kilotons up to one megaton. They are, when used in an isolated fashion, quite and will result in minimal risk across the US border.

Should a nuclear be applied against a Canadian city that has clearly, and wholeheartedly, become a base for Islamist assaults on the US? Why do Canadians still believe that they are untouchable because they’re, I don’t know, polite?

When you become a threat to the US, all bets are off. If the Canadian government, whether actively or passively, supports terrorism, within and outside its own borders, you have made an enemy of the US.
commented 2016-02-28 16:22:50 -0500
Dieter Cunth: I have to confess I was totally expecting you to come back and say dude it was a joke. Lighten up. To which I would have responded a bit early for April fools but ya got me good. Seriously guy. Can we take it down a notch. Consider other options before the knee jerk response to the nuclear option.
commented 2016-02-28 16:11:29 -0500
Dieter Cunth: With all due respect. If you were to “nuke” Toronto (bear in mind the nukes we have today are multiple times more destructive than what was used on Hiroshima, in 1961 a B-52 broke up mid air while traveling over Goldsboro, North Carolina it’s nuclear payload did not detonate but each of the bombs had a yield of 3.8 megatons, approximately 260 times more powerful than the one used on Hiroshima). So the chances are you would take out Buffalo, Detroit, New York etc and if the wind changed direction you would be raining radioactive fall out for thousands of miles on your own country.
I seriously wonder how the conservatives/republicans hope to increase our support when the nut bars want to revive the hidden language of the ass talkers.
commented 2016-02-28 15:13:06 -0500

He told them he was a Mountie
commented 2016-02-28 13:21:11 -0500

The difference is that Islamists are being driven out of the US by the actions of the people. Their resources to continue operating in the interior of the US are dwindling, however, their presence and support in on the West Coast and the North East remains intact, for now. But the point is that Canada is the soft underbelly of North America. With its compliant, even sympathetic government officials, not to mention fellow travellers in organized labour and the media, Islamist have free rein, even the protection, of the state. We already have JT making regular visits to mosques, and telling everyone how great it is to do that, as though he is the one to be honored in the presence of Muslims. And we have immans publically declaring that JT is the friend and defender of all Muslims. That sounds an anything goes mindset has taken over. So, Islamists are free to go about their business, operating their indoctrination centers, and spreading the word of their cause.

The Canadian border is not secure and indefensible at so many points, and I sure Islamists the world over already know this. Penetrating into the border areas of the US will be easy, starting with the city of Detroit. I cannot think of a better place for Islamists to operate than Detroit. And with Windsor just across the border, there’s a supply route from Canada.

Canadians are naive enough to believe such a thing can never happen in Canada. Well, Swedes thought that becoming the “Rape Capital of Europe” would never happen in Sweden, and they’ve received a rude awakening to that fact. Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, and more are becoming aware of the threat of Islamism within their borders. Some, like the Danes, intend to resist it; others, like the Germans and the Swedes, are willing to go along with it. Canadians are no different.
commented 2016-02-28 12:04:58 -0500
We know that the drug cartels build rather sophisticated submarines to transport drugs into the United States ,not to mention their ability to build intricate tunnels along the Mexican / U.S. Border. So do the terrorists really need to come through Canada by infiltrating Northern Minnesota or swimming across the St.Clair River? I think we are rather naive if we don’t accept the fact that Islamic terrorists are already well established in North America. Having border security ask you how long you will be shopping at Walmart or visiting DisneyWorld isn’t going to stop a determined Islamist terrorist.
After a major attack , terrorists will be traced back their entry point , be it from Mexico or Canada. In that case either or both countries will be subjected to increased and probably incessant scrutiny and security – most of it for show but none the less extremely dibilitating for trade and international relations.
The terrorists will gain tremendously by effecting the relations between America , Mexico and Canada.
Unfortunately it is a reality that nobody wants to face. We are not winning over there on their turf, and we are not going to win here if we keep our heads buried in the sand.
And our politicians pander to the very culture from which this radical virus propagates. It’s a pathetic mess.
commented 2016-02-28 10:58:51 -0500

And I suppose, in another time, you would have defended the Nazis as one of your “specific groups” targeted by so called “hate speech”. After all, the Nazis were socialists and dedicated to the betterment of society, as per their doctrine. The Nazis were human, too.

Of course, at time and in the future, I can see you defending Islamists as being victims of US aggression. Without a doubt, you will defend JT’s program of Islamification as setting the record right in regards to US aggression. My, my, you do live in a world of convenience.

Calling me a traitor, now? Go ahead. Living in Texas, I can see that the whole state if full of your idea of traitors. Indeed, there are tens of millions of your idea of traitors in the US. Better get busy rounding us up. Oh, wait. I forgot to mention that we are armed to the teeth, because we don’t have pansy, lisping, and limp-wristed politicians prancing around taking away our guns, as they do in Canada. No doubt your predilection to the Progressive-Sodomite Agenda has clouded your mind, as an obsession with orgasms will. I’m sure you’ve never considered what Islamists do to sodomites, have you? You will soon find out.

Nuking Toronto? If it becomes a threat to the US as a launching point of Islamist attacks, by all means nuke it. Nuke it to plasma. As I said before, it’s pest control.

The US is aware of what is happening in Canada and will, hopefully, prepare for it. As for those in Western Canada, they should consider the welcome embrace of US annexation and true freedom from the Progressive-Sodomites governing Canada. Of course, you are free to remain in Islamist-Canada, where women are ordered to walk around wearing bags over their heads, and where you can enjoy the barbaric practises enshrined in Sharia. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get pushed off a building, hung, stoned, burnt at the stake, crucified, etc. Sounds like you’ve opted for the bonus plan.
commented 2016-02-28 06:15:40 -0500
Dieter Cunth – "Where Islamists and their fellow travellers are concerned, incinerate them all, no matter where they are. "

Otherwise known as hate speech which incites violence against a specific group. You could do real hard time for that. And for good cause. The vast majority of Muslims are truly decent people, and do not deserve to be lumped together with some twisted extremists driving around in jeeps with AK 47s in the deserts of Nigeria, Iraq or Afghanistan.

“those Canadians who are willing to fight the Islamists and seek annexation by the US are quite welcome.”

Yeah, why not add overt treachery to the bill. You are TRULY a DISGRACE! Grow up! We’re all human. Period.

Dieter Cunth – Your half-crazed conspiracy theories have no place in rational conversation. Muslims are not taking over Canada. You can stop hyperventilating now.

And the suggestion of nuking Toronto? Man, PLEEEEASE see psychiatrist and ask for some medications. I’m not insulting you. You really really need it. It will help you to deal with the paranoia and crazy conspiracy theories running through your brain.

Bill Elder – Illegal immigration is going in the other direction. Opportunity has been drying up in the US and far more are going back home than are coming.

Karen MacDonald – Please start thinking for yourself. While out of 25,000 people coming from a war torn country, there are bound to be hiccups, almost assuredly nearly all of these people will be very grateful (so long as haters like you don’t spoil everything and turn them against us) and will be very safe, soon to be contributing lots and lots to the communities that helped them to stand on their own two feet.
commented 2016-02-28 01:54:09 -0500

Where Islamists and their fellow travellers are concerned, incinerate them all, no matter where they are.

If Toronto is to become an Islamic cesspool, as its current state reveals, nuking it can only be concerned pest control.

However, those Canadians who are willing to fight the Islamists and seek annexation by the US are quite welcome. Provided that they are willing to dispatch the federalists and their Progressive-Sodomite fellow travellers. In the end, to prove your worth, you must shed blood.
commented 2016-02-28 01:40:16 -0500
If the Republicans get in, they will make a law that restricts Canadians that havn’t been a citizen for 5 years from crossing into the US. Trudeau is killing this country.
commented 2016-02-28 00:05:32 -0500
That should be…trudeau leftist liberal refugee policies….not Canadas
commented 2016-02-27 23:50:06 -0500
Karen, I have to agree with you. Did you ever see the movie: ‘El torino’?
If Charlie Johnson’s prophecy is correct, we are all ‘possibly’ doomed and if we don’t start helping our neighbours, we will not survive.
Bravery and loyalty are almost forgotten qualities especially when we are called upon. Our military are probably the only brave people in Canada. Most of us simply do nothing but talk about it.
commented 2016-02-27 23:27:09 -0500
Charleston: I was just going to say the same thing. All these people made more sense than Trudeau & McCallum
commented 2016-02-27 22:51:28 -0500
So now that there’s a cease fire in Syria will the refugees be sent back home?
commented 2016-02-27 22:15:06 -0500
Dieter Cunth: The bond between Canadians and Americans is strong with many inter marriages and allot of migration in both directions of the border. Many of the people here including myself have American family and heritage. So you would glibly suggest nuking? And I thought the terrorists were extremists.
commented 2016-02-27 21:31:35 -0500
No need to watch this video, because I can tell you exactly what Americans think of Canada’s refugee screening?

What screening?


Canada is well on its way to becoming an Islamic super-state, from where attacks against the US will be launched. This is already well known in the US, even if Canadian weirdos are completely unaware of it.

No matter. Before the end of the decade, the US will be at war with Canada. US armies will roll over and conquer much of Canada, leaving the cesspools of Toronto and Montreal of their demise.

Western Canada will be free at last with this war, so bring on all the stupidity that JT will wrought. Nuking Toronto will be easy. Hell, it will be considered pest-control by many.

Death to Canada. Now, there’s a slogan to get behind.
commented 2016-02-27 20:26:39 -0500
Well the guy whose mom was born in Canada is smart enough to say “check your government.” Sad, because we already had a government that was looking after security to benefit both sides of the border. How is it that the average person can see the lunacy of the Liberals but Canadians are so effn daft that they thought they voted for the rushfugee and a mandate for a “Terrorist is a terrorist is a Canadian” (as per the NP), reinstating Canadian citizenship to convicted terrorists?? A bunch of Liberal geniuses!
commented 2016-02-27 20:11:08 -0500
Any one who can sit by as their government erases their southern border allowing 5000 unscreened migrants to enter and squat in America every month for the past10 years has got sweet F-all to say about our border security.
commented 2016-02-27 20:09:44 -0500
KAREN MACDONALD, and by the way many Canadians have guns (including handguns), just don’t advertise this fact.
commented 2016-02-27 20:08:10 -0500
KAREN MACDONALD, I’d rather live next to somebody having a gun (unless this person is clearly insane or a criminal) than somebody not having a gun.
commented 2016-02-27 19:59:16 -0500
Liberals have made it quite clear that they don’t care what you think. They are all activists, and not a political party anymore for the future.
commented 2016-02-27 19:15:33 -0500
How the hell did he , Jason or Matt? Get across the boarder with a suit like that. He is a braver man than I. lol.
commented 2016-02-27 17:06:58 -0500
All Canadians who travel should be concerned about the damage Junior is doing to the integrity of Canadian citizenship and our passport.