March 06, 2016

Patrick Brown, trust -- and that new Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario logo

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

Today, we're going to be talking about trust and why mainstream conservative leaders don't have it. It's an extremely timely conversation, especially after the ludicrous exercise in corporate rebranding that was this past weekend's PC Party of Ontario convention.

It is true that we have the most entitled, spoiled, and self-obsessed voters in history, and getting them to trust anyone is nearly impossible.

It is also true that we have the most robotic, overly coached, and visibly guarded conservative leaders in history, trying to appear "mainstream" and focusing on Keeping Taxes Low while struggling to maintain a restive base to whom Donald Trump looks increasingly attractive.

Establishment conservatives, the people who supervise and handle these non-humans masquerading as "leaders", are supremely convinced of their own ability to hoodwink not only their base, but "middle-class" voters and even traditional Liberals into believing that a conservative party could ever be something mainstream, something that could be given the benefit of the doubt.

So they tell Patrick Brown to cozy up to union leaders, copy Kathleen Wynne's campaign ads and Justin Trudeau's catchphrases, be photographed on elephants in India, and show how open he is to carbon pricing. All this, they tell us, will "build a coalition of voters."

They really, really, really mean it this time when they say THIS TIME, it's a new PC Party of Ontario.

And then, of course, the old PCPO reveals itself. The squabbling on social media over nomination and party exec races. The easily bruised egos. The back-channel access that reveals exactly what the pecking order is, was, and always has been. And, most damnable of all, the running to tell all of the above to enemy "journalists" at the Toronto Star.

But then, what would you expect from a Progressive Conservative party that has been around for centuries and has never been able to answer the original, existential question of what they stand for?

I don't know who these chuckleheads think they're fooling with their public proclamations of unity or their new logos with red and green in them or their insistence that voters are going to be more interested in the Liberal legacy of scandal and waste and high taxes and deficits and unemployment than the latest PCPO follies come election time. Possibly, they are fooling themselves.

Everyone else can point to four provincial elections and ten years of resolute opposition to everything Stephen Harper did that suggests otherwise.

The sad fact is, if the establishment didn't despise themselves and their conservatism and weren't insanely jealous of their Liberal friends, there would be no need for them to engage in these clever-dick antics. They actually could count on their base to support them. They wouldn't have to apologize for whatever Mike Harris did twenty years after the fact. They wouldn't have to constantly put out friendly fires. People would trust them.

But that would require a little bit of honesty, and being comfortable with who, and what, they really are.

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commented 2016-03-07 00:09:07 -0500
The PC party of Ontario entered into a cabal with the Liberal Party of Ontario and The provincial NDP to make Ontario “officially bilingual” behind a news blackout on all media. The French Language Services Act as it was called was passed in french in the provincial legislature of Ontario. No members were allowed to speak against it. Members were only allowed to speak for it in french. Members who did not agree with the bill were allowed to be absent. There was no public announcement of the bill before during and after it was passed. I am also informed that the Constitution was changed in secret to allow this. Every English speaking person in Ontario is now a second class citizen in a province in which they are a majority. Ontario anglophones are now being denied jobs in the public sector.

This disgraceful betrayal of trust will spell the end of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.
Thank you, media. Your invaluable help in the suppression of the democratic process will make you stink in the history of Canada.
commented 2016-03-07 00:08:16 -0500
Hard core conservatives here just don’t fucking get it – a far right conservative party is completely unelectable in Canada.

The best you will ever be able to hope for is center right, which means that you will have to accept some socially liberal views and the CBC isn’t going anywhere.
commented 2016-03-07 00:05:25 -0500
Conservative politicians are extinct. Well, Brad Wall may be the last of his kind. This is why we punted them out after 40 years in Alberta and what explains the Trump phenomena. If the PC’s have so lost their way, here’s some real simple advice as to how to get back on track. Take a page out of the liberal play book and start campaigning and doing the exact opposite of everything the liberals are doing. But first your going to have to find some actual intelligent right wing candidates who have the cajones to stay right of centre.
commented 2016-03-06 23:24:59 -0500
Also, even the Toronto Sun is endorsing this guy. The Rebel looks like it’s the only place left in the media. Can’t believe it’s coming to this, but the fight for the little guy just got even more difficult.
commented 2016-03-06 23:23:42 -0500
Signed up for an account here just because of this one issue.

I don’t care if the PCs do worse in the next election, it’s time for a 4th party. These guys are not even Liberals in disguise, they’re just plain Liberals. I’d sooner vote for the Liberals now simply to spite this PC party if a viable 4th party option does not appear.
commented 2016-03-06 23:22:24 -0500
Reading that National Post article linked in this column that was written by Chris Selley just pisses me off. How could Chris say that the Conservative Party need to stand for something but at the same time, advise them to run away from previous victories and adopt big government policies? For example, he said that Canadians view the Conservative Party as anti-immigrant but Jason Kenney’s policies were welcomed by many immigrants. As for climate change policy, he said that it was a mistake for the Conservatives to not adopt a “market-based” approach by supporting a carbon tax which he says is “reasonable,” but the carbon emissions decreased under the Harper Conservatives without a carbon tax. One bad advice after another, it’s almost like it’s intentional. The funny thing is, there are many people like him. If you ask them, “what’s the point of voting Conservative (or PC Party of Ontario) if you are going to be the same as the Liberals?” They will not provide an answer because….THAT’S THE POINT but they will not admit it. And some people in the CPC or PCPO are too dumb to see it’s a trap.
commented 2016-03-06 22:41:33 -0500
Bow down and kiss your inbred Queen’s wrinkly old ass you bunch of “progressive” loyalists. That’s what you are: The sad slaves who fought your cousins for seeking independence from an arbitrary foreign monarch. Probably more than three-quarters of this “PC” bunch oppose the Natural Right to self-defense, oppose concealed carry… Just shrug their shoulders and say “Hey this is Canada eh, if you don’t like it then get out”. Well I would if I could you PC assholes.

Loyalists. That is a FAR more perverse word than even “progressive”. Feel shame that your history of weakness has led to this weak present day. Look at your beloved England now, state-run CCTV in people’s homes to make sure the kids do their pro-trans homework and face East for prayer five times a day. Absolutely disgusting you pitiful fucks.
commented 2016-03-06 22:28:31 -0500
They’ve ALWAYS been CINOS. It took you guys til now to notice that the first word out of their mouths is “PROGRESSIVE” and they abreviate as “PC”.

Look at your PROGRESSIVE pal John Tory there in Toronto. As for Harris, the man was a crony capitalist, not free-market. He roped rural folks into municipalities where elite leftists tell them they can’t shoot targets on their farms, burn leaves, force them to pay for urban pet projects.

I would float this idea. There will be no Conservative party in Ontario EVER; the people who call themselves “conservative” in this province are a bunch of limp-wristed sissies who love to talk about “well at least we don’t live in the states”. This whole country is fucked and this province and it’s “politicians” (lawyers is what they are) have a whole lot to do with it.

Something tells me the Libertarian Party is about to receive a lot more interest… As Patrick Brown and Kathleen Wynne pick out the turban dudes and burqa chicks to stand with them for the photo op.
commented 2016-03-06 22:26:32 -0500
That logo shows that they will try to be a little bit like everybody, and end up working for nobody.
commented 2016-03-06 22:25:09 -0500
Joshua, your last paragraph says it all. Nobody needs this watered down excuse for a party. We need conservatives, provincial and federal, to grow up and find where they put their gonads.
That logo is darn near offensive.
commented 2016-03-06 21:48:37 -0500
Meh, the PCs are just the flip side of the Librano coin – instead of expanding the the kleptocratic collectivist state they simply will maintain it and trim some fat. When I see a party which wants todismantle the incestuous crony kleptocracy then I may care about whats happening in Ontario – as it is now Ontario’s best days are behind it with nothing but a sustained downward spiral economically, politically and culturally. You won’t fix that in 4 years with a change in Queen’s park.

Ontario is going to have to hit the skids before its electorate wise up to the plunder politically protected cronies have waged on the province’s prosperity and elect real change..
commented 2016-03-06 21:26:55 -0500
The new logo reflects the party’s fragmentation and confusion, as well as an unbalanced view of “ontario”.
commented 2016-03-06 20:39:53 -0500
Obviously, one need no more proof to know that the CINOs are taken over the Ontario Conservatives. They have always been CINOs, but now they are proud of it. It’s nothing to be proud of. They are so close to Wynne and the Liberals they may as well cross the floor and dissolve their party. Same with the CPC – Ambrose is a CINO and may as well cross the floor to the Liberals right now. Her soft touch on JT just proves she has been co-opted and will receive a sweet reward for her lack of effort.