June 10, 2015

What I saw at Vancouver's SlutWalk

Sid CamusRebel Blogger

If you’ve never heard of a SlutWalk, that’s probably because you’re not a radical, third-wave feminist or just don’t monitor them. However, SlutWalks happen in some major cities these days, and last weekend, I was “lucky” enough to go to my very first one in Vancouver.

Held in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery - sort of the de facto “protest place” in the city because of the gallery’s high steps that give all sorts of radical speakers a very visible soapbox - the Vancouver SlutWalk is nominally about female empowerment. In reality, however, it’s actually about something very nasty.

From my first-person experience of the event, I could tell with 100% certainty that the Vancouver SlutWalk - and this is probably true of SlutWalks in other cities, too - was really about misandry. Misandry is defined as a hatred of men by Merriam-Webster. How do I know the agenda was anti-male? Because all of the speakers and attendees at the event espoused:

·       Lies about a rape culture in the west.

·       The paranoid belief that many or all men are rapists.

·       The insane belief that females are being victimized left and right by men.

·       An aggressive, ideological insistence to play speech police by wanting to outlaw certain words (like “rape,” for instance.)

The event kicked off at 2 pm on Sunday. As I waited for the first speakers to let loose with their radical propaganda and poorly rehearsed rhymes that you’d expect from a middle school talent show, I scanned the crowd to see what sorts of people show up to a radical event like this in a leftist stronghold like Vancity.

A few things stood out to me immediately:

1)     Girls as young as 13 and 14 wearing only their bras in public, with their parents actually being with them at the event!

2)     Some parents actually bringing their extremely young children (perhaps four or five years old) and making them listen to these hatemongering, radical feminists (in my opinion, a form of child abuse.)

3)     Every single male in attendance being a mousy, skinny, liberal girlie-man!!

During their “motivational” speeches, not one time did these radical feminists mention the real rape culture that exists in such third-world cesspools like Africa or Arab countries - you know, those countries where women don’t have the luxury to put on a BS event like this, claim complete oppression, and then get away without any reprisals (possibly because they’re being sold into slavery.) That’s because third-wave feminists at events like this don’t care about women, but only about naked power by making relentless, false allegations of victimization and misogyny in the west…in the hopes of imposing their man-hating agenda on society.

The only bright spot (a highlight, actually) at the event was when The Rebel’s own Lauren Southern crashed the event, held up the “There is no rape culture in the West” sign, and finally began interviewing the overly aggressive feminists…who exposed themselves for the haters and bullies they are (kudos to the camera guys, too!).

So all in all, I’ll be skipping next year’s Vancouver SlutWalk. Life’s too short to have hatred, propaganda and blatant lies shoved in your face, after all.


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commented 2015-07-31 10:00:16 -0400
At Univ of Victoria , a few years ago , every new female undergraduate had to takes a compulsory Womens Studies course. The very first thing they were taught was “all women have been abused by their fathers , and denial is the fisrt sign”. Also if a woman enters a room and men look at her , it’s abuse – if a woman enters a room and men ignore her , that’s abuse.
It’s one thing to hear this hatred in public , it’s a totally sad thing when you pay for it in university.
commented 2015-07-03 04:22:59 -0400
The Libertarian Party of Canada of Canada has removed Rebel Media reporter, Lauren Southern, as a candidate in B.C. over her protest at the B.C. “Slut Walk” and the coverage of it on Rebel Media, it’s also beginning to blow up in their faces, big time. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/07/02/canadian-libertarians-in-revolt-after-party-leadership-suspends-anti-feminist-candidate-lauren-southern/

Here’s a copy of the letter I sent to the Libertarian Party of Canada in response to their censure of Ms. Southern, link to the party contact page below.

To whom it may concern:
I was highly disappointed to learn of your stance regarding Lauren Southern, the removal of her as Libertarian Party of Canada candidate, and the apparent cowardice you displayed in succumbing to pressure from the radical feminist and social justice warrior lobby. As an organization that proclaims libertarian ideals, censure of a candidate for free expression, particularly when what she says is the truth, is an alarming development and is the reason I am withdrawing my support for the Libertarian Party of Canada.
As an aside, I think you should educate yourself to the true goals of the groups you are aligning with, their advocacy for the abrogation of due process in campus tribunals and the criminal justice system for individuals accused of rape, the demonisation of all hetero-sexual white males and the proclivity to label everyone (apart from white males) as an oppressed victim class deserving of special treatment and invariably, public funds and discriminatory legislation to counter whatever perceived injustice they set their sights on.
The public shaming, ostracism and reprisals against anyone who expresses a dissenting view of the progressive social justice crowd is a familiar tactic and it is to your everlasting ignominy that you have allowed yourself to be bullied into silencing what is arguably the highest profile and most courageous candidate your party has ever fielded.
A concerned Canadian
Libertarian Party of Canada Contact Link https://www.libertarian.ca/con
commented 2015-06-10 20:04:27 -0400
I think their next protest should be directed at the fact that none of these “sluts” has ever been picked as a contestant on “The Bachelor”. Obviously, another case of rampant male bigotry.
commented 2015-06-10 13:42:53 -0400
“Every single male in attendance being a mousy, skinny, liberal girlie-man!!”

Except yourself and Lauren’s cameraman, I assume. :)