November 16, 2015

What is "indigenous traditional knowledge" doing in Trudeau's Natural Resources mandate letter about "science"?

Rebel Staff

I already showed you what a crackpot Science Minister Kirsty Duncan is but after seeing what's in Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr's mandate letter, it's obvious that a pseudo-science attitude is creeping into other departments as well.

Following a pattern found in other ministerial letters, it starts out sensibly enough and sounds like the Minister is being instructed to use science when determining whether a project can proceed.

A few lines later however, in addition to the guidance that appears to make sense, we see the incoherent instruction that includes consideration of "Indigenous traditional knowledge". Huh?

So use science but add a "religious" aspect?

What is a religious or cultural reference doing in a scientific instruction?

Either Justin Trudeau believes in science, or he doesn't, but it will be interesting to see if the scientists at Environment Canada will be true enough to their disciplines to complain about this, or if Trudeau will muzzle them in the name of multicultural harmony.


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