SHOCK: See the secret documents Rachel Notley was hiding from Albertans.

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

UPDATE: FOI docs reveal NDP in disarray over water bomber contracts prior to Fort Mac wildfire

Sheila Gunn Reid reports on contents of documents received under an FOI request on the Notley NDP's mishandling of water bomber contracts before the Fort Mac fires.

Rachel Notley and the entire Alberta government are stonewalling The Rebel. 

The Rebels often files Freedom for Information requests through Service Alberta. 

There is an entire department of people who deal with these requests.

According to the law, Freedom of Information requests are designed to:

Allow any person a right of access to the records in the custody or under the control of a public body subject to limited and specific exceptions as set out in this Act.

If the government is doing something, anything, the public has a right to know. 

But sometimes the bureaucrats at the department break their own rules. Documents requested come back blacked out, sometimes the correct document isn't sent at all. We have seen it before. 

But now the Alberta government are hiding documents behind a government paywall!

When The Rebel filed a freedom of information request for some documents about the fires in Fort McMurray, what we received wasn't a document, but rather a bill.

The government said it would cost $3,890.40 to get access to the information the law says The Rebel is entitled to.

What is Rachel Notley hiding behind her nearly $4,000 paywall? $4,000 is something CBC would pay in the blink of an eye. They don’t have to be accountable, They have Trudeau cash to keep them afloat.

But The Rebel lives in the private sector, we don't get a cent from the government, and we wouldn't want it. We just want to get the truth to Albertans.

That's why we need a little help from you.

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Rachel Notley wants us to stop looking. But we don’t want to.

There could be something really bad, really damning in those documents. Rachel Notley is hiding something. She always is.

Please help us find out what she's hiding by donating below.