February 03, 2016

"He peaked too soon": What's next for Trump after Iowa?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Breitbart.com's Joel Pollak joined me to analyze the results of the Iowa Caucus, which saw Ted Cruz overtake Donald Trump.

Is Trump's momentum gone? How does he bounce back?

Pollak has some ideas.

(And WATCH our entire conversation HERE.)


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commented 2016-02-04 09:19:25 -0500
How about rampant voter fraud just like this Alberta election was I’ve asked over 40 peaple if they voted NDP only one one the forty voted NDP its time to look into this any ideas as to how ???
commented 2016-02-03 15:45:54 -0500
Trump is petulant, rude, and in no way a conservative….he simply wants to be president, to addd that to his resume
. He will bring further ruin to the USA. At the same time I can understand why people could like him, because they are sick of politicians….it’s a bit like voting in Trudeau because you are tired of Harper…that went well, didn’t it? Or voting in the NDP in Alberta because you are mad at the conservatives….it will not end well.
commented 2016-02-03 13:51:40 -0500
Trump put very little money and human resource effort into Iowa compared to Cruz who spent three times as much money and visited every single county. Cruz was willing to pay for the Iowa win to gain momentum. Trump is back to his usual self accusing Cruz of voter fraud. I think it will get interesting when they get to the black and Hispanic vote areas in the south.
commented 2016-02-03 12:50:47 -0500
Trump knows what he is doing, why waste money on a no win situation.
commented 2016-02-03 11:55:08 -0500
Anyone who thinks Rubio is not conservative is wrong. He is the original tea party candidate and his positions are very similar to Cruz. Trump is the one who is not conservative but people are some mad at politicians they are supporting the no politician. He is against a lot of conservative principles like smaller government and free trade. Gord
commented 2016-02-03 11:29:08 -0500
The only person who is qualified to be president of to the United States is….
Lets look at the other slags that are running democrats Clinton yes grand ma Clinton a liar, a thief, incompetent and should be in jail. Sanders well call him a socialist by any other name a self confessed communist he couldn’t run a smoked meat shop.
Now the republicans, Cruz has proven himself to be a little sneaky lack business skills and what American would vote for a second generation American. Rubio has one of the worst attendance records in the senate again young with no international experience again a second generation American and appears to be the republican’s go boy, Christie Although he is the first republicans elected in New Jersey he is any republican hack he’s done a fair job as governor but again lacks business experience and international exposure, Carson a very nice gentleman but not a leader, Bush just what we need another Bush enough said, The rest will be dropping like flies.
That leaves the only person that is electable DONALD J. TRUMP
commented 2016-02-03 10:30:53 -0500
Trump’s momentum isn’t gone, but it has been impaired by some recent bad decisions. Opting out of the last Foxnews debate left the way open for Rubio to hammer on Bush. That explains Rubio’s strong showing in Iowa; he’s emerging as the RINO establishment’s choice over Bush. Taking on Cruz will be a problem as he has a lock on the evangelical vote, and he reminds everyone at every event that he is their only choice. He also has the best ground campaign against the usual progressive suspects – commies, sodomites, and feminists.

Trump will be in this for a very long time, but so will Cruz. Rubio will remain a hanger-on and even pick up lots of delegates in Florida, Texas, NY, and California. I see no clear decision by the time of the convention.
commented 2016-02-03 09:54:28 -0500
Trump was never going to do well in Iowa with the strong ‘evangelicals’. I think it was strategically wise not to invest maximum resources in that state. Besides, isn’t it more realistic to look at the number of delegates won, rather than the number of votes in the caucus? IMO His sore loser tweets and bad attitude is more damaging than is Iowa showing. He needs to stop reacting and pull the focus back to the fact he can not be bought and that he loves America.