April 16, 2016

What should happen to IDF soldier who shot wounded Palestinian terrorist? Depends on who you ask

David MenziesMission Specialist

A defenceless Palestinian lies wounded and bleeding on a Hebron street when along comes an IDF soldier, a paramedic, who casually cocks his firearm and shoots him in the head killing him instantly. Cue the worldwide outrage.

Missing from the predictable anti-Israeli rhetoric that followed, was the reason why the man was lying in the middle of the road. He and an accomplice tried to stab some Israeli soldiers so the two terrorists were shot by the soldiers in self-defence.

The soldier who fired the second fatal shot is now confined to barracks. A senior spokesman for the IDF, Colonel Peter Lerner, said:

“It was quite clear from the outset that there was something out of order there. So from our perspective this is definitely a breach of IDF conduct and [the local commanders] reported it as such.”

Charges against the soldier are pending, a long trial and years of appeals will undoubtedly follow. But is the IDF out of step with Israeli society on this?

In one opinion poll, only 5% thought the soldier's actions amounted to murder while more than 80% expressed support for the soldier which shocks liberal Israelis.

Why are they shocked? What reasonable person wouldn’t support the soldier’s actions?

These men were terrorists hell-bent on murder. They failed and paid a price, one paid the ultimate price. Is it cold-blooded murder or merely a case of just desserts?

Colonel Lerner notes that on 170 separate occasions where Palestinian attackers have been shot and injured in the latest terror wave, IDF medics treated the attackers.

Doesn’t that seem like a self-defeating strategy, driven more by P.R. than logic? Forgotten is the fact that innocent Israelis continue to be maimed and killed in the ongoing Palestinian knife intifada.

Besides, didn’t the soldier do the terrorist a favour? Now, instead of languishing in a Hebron hospital as a failed terrorist, he’s a martyr, on his way to receiving his post-jihad allotment of 72 voluptuous black eyed virgins.

How about a little gratitude?

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commented 2016-04-18 12:16:46 -0400
When we used to burn old piles of straw and hay on the farm, rats would run out. We did not allow any of them to escape to the forest. We killed them all. Terrorists are rats disguised as humans.
commented 2016-04-18 11:06:58 -0400
give him a medal and a promotion. He killed a terrorist, one less POS in the world.
commented 2016-04-18 01:54:13 -0400
It should be a very Special Party. Since ,I am a Protestant Presbyterian —-I would love to help this anti-Semitic , Muslim loving POS pass thru the Gates of Hell .
commented 2016-04-18 01:54:12 -0400
It should be a very Special Party. Since ,I am a Protestant Presbyterian —-I would love to help this anti-Semitic , Muslim loving POS pass thru the Gates of Hell .
commented 2016-04-18 01:35:53 -0400
Well a party for this guy would be a good idea. Who knows what else the damned terrorist had going on.
commented 2016-04-18 00:42:44 -0400
You sure sure are smart -Jay Kelly Where do we Presbyterian’s fit in to your logic?
commented 2016-04-18 00:42:44 -0400
You sure sure are smart -Jay Kelly Where do we Presbyterian’s fit in to your logic?
commented 2016-04-17 23:35:29 -0400
The Rebel has had its fair share of anti-Semitic anti-Jewish commentators on here. Most of them are European nationalists who hate all Muslims.

That is a bit of a problem on this site: anti-Muslim means anti-foreigner means xenophobic bigot means anti-Jew. Europeans are particularly adept at this exercise.

Every time The Rebel posts a bigoted anti-Muslim message it is, in effect, posting an anti-Jew message.
commented 2016-04-17 21:28:28 -0400
He may have deserved to die, we may all be better off without him, but the right and thing to do is show mercy whenever it can be reasonably shown (e.g. incapacitated enemy).
commented 2016-04-17 20:56:27 -0400
More bashing of the Jewish state. The spell check will not even allow the name without creating an error. WWIII awaits!
commented 2016-04-17 20:43:20 -0400
Well, shooting people without a trial is a communist/national socialist specialty. Sure it’s stupid to give medical treatment to a wounded murderer. Tending to infirm and elderly is also “stupid” (from the evolutionary point of view), but we do it anyway.
commented 2016-04-17 12:35:11 -0400
Good reporting. Keep it up.
commented 2016-04-17 12:31:21 -0400
Canada would have spent half a million on the terrorist for medical, then millions more during the next 10 years for the trials.
commented 2016-04-17 11:51:08 -0400
“What should happen to IDF soldier who shot wounded Palestinian terrorist?”
Give him a public commendation, a medal and more bullets…
commented 2016-04-17 11:41:16 -0400
This Terrorist got killed twice, he should be very happy, he will get 144 Virgins now.
commented 2016-04-17 09:15:54 -0400
I can’t even understand why it’s controversial.
commented 2016-04-17 07:49:03 -0400
Anything Jewish?

World outrage.

Anything islamic?

Complete lefty love.

Having seen and having been involved with the evils of islam at many levels I will ask this question.

If you were living in the “burbs” – who would you rather have as a neighbour?

An islamic liar with 16 kids and ten old folks and all their garbage and their lies and their bullschitte “you owe me attitude?”

Or a Jew family who live quiet and work hard and yes, you can throw them the keys to your house if you are going away for a few days so someone can look after it. Do not ever do THAT to an islamic.

Did not watch the video – seen enough killing up close and personal to know what it looks like. Something most spoiled and smug Canadians have no idea about.

If you were to do that same thing to all islamics in the world I would simply ask you to pass the popcorn while I watched.

Because ………

If the positions had been reversed – and always remember this – if the positions had been reversed…….
the world would have rushed to not only cheer about it, but to also justify it.

Remember that.

Evil = islamic = evil. When it comes to your door or the door of your family – remember – you were warned.
commented 2016-04-17 07:43:29 -0400
He should get the medal of honor , if I only was a judge .
commented 2016-04-17 07:26:38 -0400
Far better that the terrorist escape from a helicopter on the medivac to hospital.
commented 2016-04-17 05:55:22 -0400
A medal?

A promotion?

The honor of the nation?

I can’t think of more accolades, but he does deserve them.
commented 2016-04-17 05:47:09 -0400
The soldier’s action was quite understandable.
commented 2016-04-17 02:04:12 -0400
Life for life.
commented 2016-04-17 02:00:15 -0400
I think that the soldier should get punished for not following orders, along the lines of the maximum punishment for that (maybe a few months in military jail).

I’d let him off the murder charge, though.
commented 2016-04-17 00:49:37 -0400
Too often the Rebel has tried to portray a story as though the Rebel was somehow pro-Israel and pro-Jewish.

Absolutely gutless! The Rebel is fiercely anti-Jewish. It tries to link Islam and Judaism as confreres. It describes Jewish leaders as numb-skulls.

Ezra Levant should ’fess up. He hates those who have pushed him out of journalism. They are Jews, and he is anti-Jew.
commented 2016-04-16 23:43:50 -0400
KELVIN, yeah—no— until people you may or may not know start getting blown up by the religion of bits and pieces in local malls , and it will happen, and our nice guy psychology will turn Viking
commented 2016-04-16 23:27:40 -0400
Islamic terrorism offers no mercy.
again…karma is a bitch!
commented 2016-04-16 23:25:18 -0400
Geneva Convention would be the only rules that apply if we could be so bold as to use ‘rules’.
he was bullet-bait. he should have snuffed him a little sooner though…that’s where the SAS double tap comes into play (luv those guys! thankx!) you always have to mindful of cameras in this day and age…hehe.
no uniform, terrorist activities, you could even make a case for espionage.
commented 2016-04-16 22:13:38 -0400
@kb….I hear you….but what do you do with the rabid wounded dog if you save his life?
commented 2016-04-16 21:57:12 -0400
Too much hate flowing around this blue marble. It’s bad enough to kill someone while defending yourself, it’s something else to pull that trigger like this. I ain’t judging just sayin…….
commented 2016-04-16 21:02:19 -0400
Until we have soldiers patrolling our streets because of daily attacks, I don’t think we’re equipped to judge.