June 13, 2017

What the hell is the truth with the gun registry?

Brian LilleyArchive

The long gun registry data was legislated out of existence in 2012 and was supposed to be destroyed, but there have long been claims that it was backed-up and stored somewhere, just in case.

A couple of interesting things have happened with regard to this information in the meantime that suggests someone is lying and the public isn’t getting the truth.

Watch as I explain why something doesn’t seem right here and why it seems like Canadians, and more specifically gun owners, are being lied to.

Do you trust Trudeau, Goodale and the Liberals to tell us the truth? I don’t.

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commented 2017-06-15 22:32:22 -0400
Bill Elder- We have opposing opinions regarding confiscation of Firearms, there have been some individuals that have had the police at the door for that very purpose. Things like the High River Affair and we all remember the G20 Summit of 2010, where innocent people were detained, abused, incarcerated, kettled in the rain, all by the police. That was another trial run to see what it was they could get away with. Removing identification like name tags, intimidating people, yet they couldn’t do anything about real rioters. You have a greater level of trust in our authorities than I, looking at the past I will stay with my opinion until I’m proven wrong. I hope you’re more right than I, but this is a new age, we live in an upside down world and you cannot count on anything. And when they are going the distance to silence free speech anything else is not far down the line.
commented 2017-06-15 22:07:54 -0400
Bill Elder- Whatever compensation the High River residents get in my mind would not pay for the damages. That ongoing feeling of insecurity would weigh heavy on my mind and that stonewalling as you so aptly put it, would be a continued insult and a further avoidance of taking responsibility. And for the crimes they committed against that community, I want Punishment to accompany my compensation, I want the message drilled into their Traitorous Brains that this was unacceptable and you better not do it again. If they caught someone breaking into homes and stealing guns, that individual would be dealt with to the full extent of the law and probably serve time. That’s exactly what these petty criminals need to be punished with, take away the badge and they are just like anyone else and should be treated as such, that badge doesn’t matter, crime is crime. I hope those corrupt politicians get voted out of office in the next election.
commented 2017-06-15 20:35:30 -0400
Common denominator in all of this illegal action including what happened in High River: the RCMP.
commented 2017-06-15 17:57:55 -0400

Looks like I was right to blame the conservatives, news pieces are starting to come out about Steven Blaney making a backup copy of the data, just like the rumors suggested.
commented 2017-06-14 23:25:45 -0400
@ Keith and Helen Harvey – High River certainly was some kind of trial run , but there’s a hell of a lot of difference between breaking into abandoned flooded homes when their unarmed occupants are being held at bay by the army and running a full scale door to door nation-wide confiscation when the owners are home and not in any mood to bargain over their property rights with home invaders sent by a rogue regime – I doubt this will be met with the docility you envision – and there will be organized resistance, legal and otherwise – a very stupid and fatal move by any government.

BTW High River victims have been compensated in an attempt to calm them down and a class action is grinding through the courts but opposition members have been stonewalled by the Premier and the PM.
commented 2017-06-14 11:23:18 -0400
Good point, Bill. What a treasure the Americans have in the second amendment. Wish we had a real constitution that limits the power of government instead of having rights doled out by them until they decide to rescind them.

That is why the lefties hate the American constitution and ancillary documents. Anyone who protest against it should be removed to something more in line with their stated desires- like North Korea or Venezuela.
commented 2017-06-14 09:39:31 -0400
I wonder how avid and zealous these fascist anti-gun-nut bureaucrats would be to actually take our firearms after a bunch of them are assassinated in public and the world was allowed to know why these particular lefty wonks were targeted…
I mean we’re being sent down the road to anarchy and totalitarianism anyway, so we may as well get some licks in on the way out!
commented 2017-06-14 02:23:00 -0400
When they come for those who own firearms to disarm you across Canada. Nothing will happen, it will be done individually, you will be alone, there will be no resistance. There will be as it begins a slight murmur of opposition but it will be done. You didn’t see any significant outrage involving the High River Gun Grab when that happened. It didn’t matter that the police looted their homes and stole their firearms and ammunition, as well as causing all kinds of other damage to personal property. Violated the rights of citizens and did not account for their actions and no one suffered punishment. That’s how you know the imminent confiscation of your firearms will witness no opposition as the dry run at High River was a complete success. If you want to offer up resistance it needs to be soon and in a variety of ways. Talking won’t do it, reasoning won’t do it, demanding your rights won’t do it. The United Nations Agenda regarding disarmament will be carried out by Trudeau soon, as his first term is getting short.
commented 2017-06-14 01:36:02 -0400
What a mess those libranos. Non-stop lying, corrupting, stealing. Happy Canadians who voted for this bullsh..t!!!
commented 2017-06-14 01:33:42 -0400
I have been saying this to gun owners since this crap was just a glint in Allan Rock’s colon – The registry means nothing, (particularly now) it was a distraction, a diversionary ploy – it is the LICENCE system which criminalizes non criminal possession of All firearms. If you have a licence, no matter what you may own you are identified and liable to criminal charges, for non criminal acts and omissions – not to mention home inspections and safety checks as well as inclusion on a police persons of interest watch list (CPIC) being a licenced gun owner automatically makes you suspect of criminal acts every time you have interface with police – you also face revocation and seizure of your property on the hearsay of a malicious neighbor or ex spouse .

None of this would be possible if you actually owned your firearms unencumbered by an outlaw status – particularly under a fitness certification like we had with the FAC – all this comes from essentially making gun ownership illegal by licencing it – gun ownership is illegal…. unless you have a licence to break this law called a PAL. It converts your property to a standing federal claim on it – if the licence lapses or is revoked for any number of clerical or regulator interpretation errors they take “their” guns from you.

THAT is the elephant in the room, not some fascicle lapsed and illegal long gun registry.
commented 2017-06-14 01:23:09 -0400
A sure fire way to tell what a lefty is lying; his or her or zhit’s lips are moving.
commented 2017-06-14 00:38:26 -0400
Do I trust Trudeau, Goodale and the Liberals on this? The RCMP should be added to the list of liars that I do not trust.
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, I don’t trust any of them with anything, never mind this gun registry stuff.
We Canadians are so screwed. We don’t even have any hope of having a conservative government that we can trust. We are screwed and did not even get kissed.
commented 2017-06-14 00:04:52 -0400
@ DAN MANCUSO commented 6 hours ago

I don’t think we need to give up that easily – that’s what those Libtarded fuckers are betting on.
I will die standing & fighting & not kneeling &and begging!
commented 2017-06-13 23:59:04 -0400
@ BRAVO ZULU commented 4 hours ago
Best advice ever!
My Grandpa – immigrant from Russia gave me “very” similar advice – been living it.
Glad you’re back! … it’s been awhile.
Thank You for your service! Would gladly be out there with you guys – but they told me I’m too fuckin old.
commented 2017-06-13 22:58:19 -0400
The long gun registry data is moot because its data is corrupted, incomplete and has not been updated making it LEGALLY useless – any firearms that may concern police remain registered through the restricted firearms database and all owners with current PALs are known gun owners to the government – the long gun registry data is useful for only one thing; confiscation. That eventuality is now voided, unless the government acts as a constitutionally rogue regime in which case all hell will break loose like they have never had to deal with – even the globalist-owned Liberals are not that stupid.

What this crappy data base represents now is a potential hit&miss shopping list for burglars – OR – it is a data base to harass and frame up any lapsed license holder in unwarranted Stazi-like no-knock fishing trip home raids for firearms by suspected lapsed license owners – even then the data is so untrustworthy (not to mention hot property) a good lawyer would make you a rich man if this happens to you.

What is at issue here is the malice of the Canadian “deep state” – That illegal collusion/networking between police brass, justice dept, security dept, politicians and bureaucrats in the firearms regulatory regime. If a copy of the ordered destroyed data exists, (and I’m sure it does, as The High River police burglaries display) the culprits are staring at big time for treasonous capital crimes.

With the current moral deficit in the Liberal caucus, I don’t expect these culprits to be identified – promoted perhaps, but not prosecuted.
commented 2017-06-13 20:44:14 -0400
@ Erik

It was the federal bureaucracy that intentionally did not destroy the data. The Harper government ordered the destruction of the data and the Supreme Court of Canada upheld that decision, but the bureaucrats did not destroy the data. Even under Harper the federal bureaucracy is run by Liberals.

My point is, what more could Harper have done except for him to walk up to the people responsible for breaking the law and personally arresting them himself? He had the Supreme Court on his side.

What more could he have done?
commented 2017-06-13 20:12:52 -0400
If you are a firearms owner and have in the past registered some of your firearms – you might be smart to not keep them at home.

You simply sold them after the registry was cancelled – and no you do not remember the name of the gal who bought them – but she was a pretty thing!
commented 2017-06-13 19:48:47 -0400
As much as I like to bash the Liberals, I can’t help but see this as a major failing of the Conservatives. It was Harper’s government that was supposed to destroy that data, and they apparently failed to do so.
commented 2017-06-13 19:38:05 -0400
Never did believe in the destruction of the registry, which is why I participated in firearm swapping with other unbelievers when the registry was first legislated as illegal.

Following Peter’s comment and Tammie’s, this is a test of no property rights for peons. If successful with firearms, what next.
commented 2017-06-13 19:15:52 -0400
Destroyed the records….Nope.
Yes, there should be charges laid.
There is an interesting video about the longstanding UN initiative to disarm citizens, making them easy targets when the UN deems it’s time.
The Corruption Of The United Nations
commented 2017-06-13 18:21:18 -0400
Mark asked, “Does anybody think that the registry data was actually destroyed?”

Nope. The Liberals and the Liberal infested federal bureaucracy are all effing liars.

The problem is that the Liberals, both party and voters, seem to think that the law only applies to Conservatives and they are exempt.
commented 2017-06-13 18:21:11 -0400
The truth is, the world government wants the law-abiding gun owners guns!
And there is no truth Brian…It’s all propaganda…It’s all lies and sophistry and BS!
The fix is in and we’re all f**ked! – us peasants that is – and that’s who most of us are…
And as far as I know there’s nothing anyone can do about it!
So lie back…and enjoy the ride…give up your guns and your rights or fight for your rights and die…don’t you just love fascism…or Liberalism, or whatever they are calling these days…?
commented 2017-06-13 17:54:41 -0400
The smart ones never registered their guns when the liberals were setting up their Gun Registry in the first place. Quebec didn’t want to destroy the data, so that is likely who has the back up. Though I would imagine the civil service was definitely involved in maintaining the data base, so they could hand it over to the UN, once they had another lying liberal in the PM’s chair. High River, AB comes to mind, because the RCMP knew exactly which houses had guns, and those were the doors they kicked in. They never did return the tons of ammo they stole either.
commented 2017-06-13 17:41:51 -0400
Does anybody think that the registry data was actually destroyed?
commented 2017-06-13 17:25:07 -0400
OTTAWA — Brad Trost’s Conservative leadership campaign said Monday it’s been hit with a $50,000 fine over unauthorized use of the party’s membership list.

But Trost’s campaign manager still disputes that one of his team broke party rules by giving the list to the National Firearms Association and said the party hasn’t dug deep enough on the issue.

“There’s a frame job going on here and our campaign is being framed,” Joseph Ben-Ami said in an interview.

“There’s no evidence in support of the allegation that the Brad Trost campaign leaked any information to anyone.”

‘Nothing is final yet’

The fine follows complaints lodged by party members early this month after some received mail-outs from the firearms group.

They said the only way the association could have obtained their contact information was from the Conservative membership list.

The party launched an investigation and has also ordered the association to stop using the information. The association has declined to comment on the issue.

When asked about the fine, party spokesman Cory Hann said the matter still isn’t closed.

“The process is still ongoing,” he said in an email. “Nothing is final yet.”

How the investigation likely led to Trost’s campaign was thanks to a practice known as “salting.”

Each of the candidates in the leadership race was given a copy of the membership list, but the party included different fake names in each version. When the fake members receive outside correspondence at P.O. boxes or email addresses monitored by the party, officials know they have a leak and where it came from.

Ben-Ami said while it’s possible the Trost list was the one given to the NFA, that doesn’t mean members of his campaign were the ones who did it.

He said someone in party headquarters had to compile the salted list given to the Trost campaign and could have easily been the culprit behind the leak.

He also said it made no sense for the Trost campaign to give away the information, as it would clearly lead back to them if there was an investigation.

Trost team did not know about committee meeting

Trost’s campaign was informed last week it was under scrutiny and did its own internal investigation, which came up empty. It then asked the party for proof of the allegation.

But Ben-Ami said the campaign heard nothing more and was told about the fine late Friday afternoon. The fine followed a meeting of the leadership organization committee, which the Trost camp didn’t know about.

Each campaign had to deposit a $50,000 compliance fee at the start of the race that the party could dock if any rules were broken. The fine will come from there.

Ben-Ami said the campaign wants the money back and is looking to see if there are ways to dispute the party’s findings.