September 29, 2015

What the Left really means when they use the word "We"

Neil FlaggRebel Blogger

“We must take in more refugees.” “We need to help the middle class.” “We must battle against climate change.”

When politicians preface their self-serving demands with “we,” they are guilty of a systematic abuse of the English language, and we (as in, “All of us who are forced to cope with their tripe”) must learn to stop them.

In everyday life, when we begin a suggestion or demand with the word “we”, then by the very definition of the word, we are including ourselves in the statement. If your office manager says, “We are meeting in the board room at 10:00,” you’ll certainly see him there along with the rest of your colleagues.

There is one notable exception to the rule, and that is the “royal we”, properly used by state sovereigns who, by law or by tradition, literally speak for an entire nation. When the Governor-General delivers the Throne Speech peppered with the word “we” -- as in, “We recorded a record surplus in the last fiscal year” -- he is legitimately using the word “we” in a way that does not necessarily include himself per se.

However, there is also an illegitimate use of the word “we,” and all of us must object to it every time we hear it.

This is the “lib-left we,” as in, “Here comes a demand I’m about to place on everyone else’s head but my own and my friends’.”

If a politician – say, Thomas Mulcair – was committed to the proper use of the English language, he would correct himself from abusing the word “we”, and would say instead, “I, along with the rest of my fellow Canadians, am going to take in Syrian migrants.” However, as most of us know, none of these sanctimonious politicians are going to be sponsoring Syrian migrants with their own money, hosting them in their homes, offering them a trailer to stay in on their acreage, or even inviting them over for dinner.

Therefore, we -- the regular people who are not brainwashed to accept the lib-left guilt trip -- must put on our interpreter’s hat, and translate the lib-left politicians’ words into their true meaning:

“I will mess with the rules to allow a massive wave of Islamic immigrants into Canada at once, and I will charge all the expenses to your tax bill. They will take up residence in your neighbourhoods, and the price of any social upheaval and crime will be borne by you, while I live behind 24/7 security at my taxpayer-funded residence.”

“I will take money from the current and future tax bills of most of you, and I will give it to another set of my preferred people, and I will declare that preferred group to be The Middle Class.”

I will leave my bus idling for hours while I lecture about a carbon emission crisis, and then in the name of said ‘crisis,’ I will take money from the current and future tax bills of most of you, and give it to my preferred friends.”

If the self-serving sanctimony of the lib-left “we” drives you as crazy as it does me, then call it out at every opportunity.

I’ve had a great time on social media these past few weeks when, after proclaiming “Canada must take in more refugees”, I simply ask my lib-left friend, “How many are you sponsoring and quartering in your home?”

They go nuts.

When being lectured about how we need to “pay our fair share” in taxes, I always reply, “If you don’t think you’re paying your fair share, then go ahead and pay more.” They never volunteer.

If someone is stressing about carbon emissions, I sometimes ask them if they’ll stop breathing.

(However, I mostly leave these people alone…most of them are too far gone.)

As the old saying goes, “He who controls the language, controls the world”. The lib-left is controlling much of the world right now, partly because we allow them to get away with abusing a simple two-letter word.

Don’t let them get away with this linguistic trick any more.

We demand it.


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commented 2015-09-30 12:31:29 -0400
Using our handy left-speak decoder ring – “we” means someone other than the speaker who will provide the funding, heavy lifting and sacrifices to achieve the utopian dream the speaker has in which he has effortless security and comfort. “We” means thee.
commented 2015-09-30 01:03:32 -0400
Great article Neil. I agree. Every time I hear them use “we” I’m going to Flagg them!!!
Now how bout a list of Lefty-speak phrases. You know, phrases that give folks an certain impression, but it’s never what was really meant. Deceiving phraseology. They’re quite good at that too.
commented 2015-09-29 22:54:57 -0400
Excellent points Neil. Now if the media would ask JT and Mulcair how many refugees they will house and feed every time they talk about bringing them into our country, there would be some serious stuttering develop.
commented 2015-09-29 16:32:44 -0400
“partly because <b>we</b> allow them to get away with abusing a simple two-letter word”
Oh, dear, you just used “we” in exactly the same way you’re critical of “Lib-left”* for doing. Moderately hypocritical, no? 0

*"liberal" and “left” are not the same thing. They can overlap, as they do with the current incarnation, but other times, they do not. Historically the Liberals were centrist to centre right (as in Paul Martin, who was further right than Harper is).