January 31, 2017

UPDATE: What They Won’t Tell Us About the Quebec Mosque Attack

Faith GoldyArchive

Six men slaughtered. Killed in cold blood while peacefully praying inside their local mosque. This week’s mass murder in Quebec City sent shockwaves, not just across Canada, but the whole world.

Irrespective of political stripe or profession of faith, there is a categorical acceptance of the fact that this attack ought to be investigated, prosecuted, punished, and condemned.

For many, there is a certain satisfaction in knowing the sole suspect, Alexandre Bissonnette, is behind bars, facing eleven charges of first degree, and attempted murder.

But for others, questions remain.

Questions about facts that are less categorical than the need to condemn the attack. Questions about who was involved and what motivated them. And why one narrative was seemingly deleted, and replaced by another.

Twelve hours after the attack, the official media narrative involved not one but two suspects who allegedly yelled, “Allahu Akbar!” while carrying out their murderous rampage.

Witnesses were interviewed across various media outlets. Witnesses who claimed to have been inside the mosque at the time of the attack. All alleged the same: Two assailants stormed in, opening fire while shouting, "Allahu Akbar!" As of Monday morning Canada’s state broadcaster, the CBC, conducted television interviews with witnesses who, again, corroborated the story.

Thirteen hours after the attack, police forces from every level, held a joint press conference in which they confirmed they had two "suspects" in custody. So, several hours after the attack, police held in custody a man who later was identified as 29-year-old engineering student Mohamed Belkhadir. Police confirmed they continued to treat Belkhadir as a suspect and detained him as such well after he was apprehended at the scene.

But only a few hours later, Belkhadir’s role in the attack shifted:

From a suspect who attempted to flee the scene, to a good samaritan and witness who was providing first aid to victims when he was wrongfully accused by police.

However, one consideration of how many CCTV cameras are in place around the mosque invites the question: When did police review the security footage and why did it take them over 12 hours to determine that Bissonnette was their sole suspect? Why was Belkhadir held for such a long time?

Bissonnette, a man who police say turned himself in shortly after the attack, and was willing to cooperate with police.  If Bissonnette was willing to turn himself in, why hasn’t he revealed his motive to police?

But the mainstream media can't be bothered with tough questions, quickly obsessed with a new narrative based on a few 'likes' on Bissonnette’s Facebook page.

The discovery that Bissonnette liked two of the most popular politicians on earth (US President Donald Trump and France’s Marine Le Pen) quickly transformed the narrative into a story about a young right-wing extremist committing a terrorist act, even if no terror charges have been laid.

Bissonnette's Facebook "likes': on Canada’s leftist NDP Party page, as well as that of their former leader Jack Layton, have attracted far less media attention.

Journalists and high-ranking politicians quickly jumped on the new narrative, condemning the so-called normalization of hate, and even blaming newly minted President Donald Trump for the attack.

Canada’s state broadcaster quickly shifted its tone. By evening, all witness reports involving two suspects or shouts of "Allah Akbar!" were deleted, and replaced with alternative facts. The CBC even interviewed the former suspect Mohamed Belkhadir and, despite his name being a matter of public record by then, the state broadcaster did not include his name or his face, and even scratched his voice!

Moreover, unlike cases of Islamic extremism, there was no apparent journalistic search for mental illness as the root cause.

Instead, media outlets quoted friends and neighbours who described Bissonnette as a polite and introverted individual from a good family. Classmates at Laval University-- even ones who debated politics with Bissonnette -- described him as someone who wasn’t at all hateful. One home video even seems to suggest Bissonnette is something of a conscientious environmentalist. But, again, no details about Bissonnette’s personal life have led the media to ask meaningful questions about what could have caused the suspect to allegedly commit such a heinous crime.

Without police reports on a possible motive, why hasn’t the mainstream media considered things other than Islamophobia?

Is there any relation, say, between one of the victims, Khaled Belkacemi, who was a Professor at Laval and the university student who allegedly committed this act? Or even the other university student who was set free?

I contacted Laval University and asked if either Alexandre Bissonnette or Mohamed Belkhadir ever took a class with the slain professor, but still await the university’s response.

After numerous emails to Quebec’s police media relations contacts, I visited headquarters, but was turned away without an interview.

There very well might be perfectly plausible answers to all the questions I have posed:

About the deletion and replacement of narratives, about why a witness was detained for so many hours before being set free, about the CCTV footage, and about the relations between the accused and the victims.

These are valid questions. Someone simply needs to ask them.

And the answers are out there.

I’d just like to hear them.

To watch all my reports from the scene, visit QuebecTerror.com

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commented 2017-01-31 21:46:26 -0500
I wonder if Bissonnette is the next best thing they have to a Timothy McVeigh/Terry NIchols type suspect. Who here remembers the Airborne Regiment and the beating death of a Somali youth back in the 1990s? Looking back, even though that was a very sad and unfortunate episode, the whole thing was a perfect narrative for the media and their anti-military bent at the time and I get the feeling that this young man today is possibly being used for a similar sort of purpose.
commented 2017-01-31 21:44:11 -0500
If was true , so what, if nit true grab a lifenews media
commented 2017-01-31 21:36:26 -0500
I find it hard to believe that the police would release a mass-murderer to prove the other mass murderer was an “Islamophobe.”
commented 2017-01-31 21:14:39 -0500
Fair questions Faith – most of which can be explained by Police being silent building a case. Great video and info on this guy’s mental make up – environmentally active, NDP supporter (facts that contradict the mindset being propagated by “local activists” – he seems like a populist and level headed guy you’d let your daughter date.

The thing that has bothered me from the outset is how far out of character this nerdy goody-goody would have to be to mass murder people. The coincidences and conflicting facts with witnesses and police narrative. The sketchy history of this Mosque, silence on whether the witness and suspect knew each other.

Most suspicious of all is how the reports of 2 hooded shooters and 2 AK 47s vanished in the memory hole, and Police are tight lipped about the kind of gun used (uncommon for them) or if this guy was a licensed gun owner? -how did he get the murder weapon? Was the gun they took from him the gun used to kill the victims? Police are usually very open about this.

Many unanswered questions exist within the politicized narrative maelstrom being concocted by the lugenpresse and political orgs.
commented 2017-01-31 21:02:26 -0500
I would have also thought the gun police would be all over this as well. What type of weapon was reportedly used? Some early reports stated AK47? If so how did the kid get a hold of it?

Something is really strange. Either the initial reports from numerous news agencies had all been copied from one ‘unreliable’ source, making the reports appear to having the same info, thus having merit, or someone is hiding something. I suspect the latter until proven otherwise.

So for now the only motive being presented is: he likes Trump and Le Pen. With that logic most of us on here would be co-conspirators to a crime I suppose.

I can’t wait till the day CBC has to compete on equal footing with other news media who are not funded with taxpayer dollars.
commented 2017-01-31 21:02:00 -0500
The Laval university has a huge Muslim association who invites on a regular basis hate preachers from outside Canada. I wonder how it feels to study in this environnent.
commented 2017-01-31 20:56:51 -0500
Well there is no magic mystery bullet or shots fired from a grassy knoll , but there are already too many inconsistencies in the narratives the public has been given so far. Will there be political interference with the investigation and prosecution of the case? Well as Sarah Palin says," You Betcha".
commented 2017-01-31 20:54:17 -0500
I had the same observation as Faith. One thing that was noticeable by it’s absence this time from the MSM was any question of his mental health but rather we were fed the timely narrative of his support for Trump.
commented 2017-01-31 20:48:26 -0500
Faith, you are one smoking hot babe!! Think rebel should start a swimsuit issue or something with the ladies!
commented 2017-01-31 20:43:38 -0500
WTF was that. Why didn’t she herself talk to any of the witnesses. Couldn’t even be bothered to interview any of his classmates herself, some of whom had more to say then “he was a nice guy”. Basically she spent 8 minutes telling us nothing.
commented 2017-01-31 20:36:47 -0500
great work faith keep digging because we know there hiding something to make trudeau look good
commented 2017-01-31 20:30:40 -0500
Faith, I expect you will be stonewalled with respect to your efforts to get answers.
commented 2017-01-31 20:29:42 -0500
Any politician who has closed the book on this, and publicly declared the verdict as many already have, are criminals with agenda as far as I’m concerned. The jury is far from all in on this.
Keep digging. Good work.
commented 2017-01-31 20:23:28 -0500
Well done Faith…go get a well deserved after work drink…at the bar where the cops go after work…owned by a retired police officer…the only one where it is safe for them to go…..there is one in every town.