May 24, 2017

What They Won't Tell You About Syrian Refugees

Faith GoldyArchive

Is Canada's Immigration Department deliberately concealing vital information about the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees Prime Minister Trudeau has invited into our country? 

The Rebel asked Canada’s federal Immigration department to:

"Provide copies of any documents, such as reports, studies, etc., that provide any statistics or information on the employment status for Syrian refugees brought to Canada since November 4, 2015.”

And what’s extraordinary about the 654 pages we received is that the most interesting details do not even pertain to the employment stats we asked for.

What’s interesting is the pattern of repeated instructions between immigration officials to conceal the truth from Canadians. Because, as it turns out:

Syria isn’t sending us their best!

According to the documents we obtained, 12 per cent of the Syrian migrants in Canada to date have at least one medical condition, while most of the files flagged for additional screening were for the potential of tuberculosis.

So, considering Canada has brought in 40,081 Syrians to date, simple math dictates 4,810 of them have at least one medical condition.

Moreover the vast majority of the Syrian refugees Canada is bringing in have absolutely no abilities in either official language.

According to a self-report issued to Syrian migrants 25 and older, 88 per cent of them say they have absolutely no English or French language skills. Meantime, visa offices suggest that number is actually closer to somewhere between 90 and 95%.

And, in the event you’re wondering why his is the first time you’re hearing about how striking the language and literacy rates are of those we’re importing, that’s because, Canadian officials were actually instructed to remove lines about limited literacy of these Syrian migrants from their messaging!

What about employment and government assistance for these refugees? As it turns out, not all refugees are adapting equally. As a whole, the privately sponsored Syrian refugees are faring better than the ones on the government’s watch.

Privately sponsored refugees are getting more jobs and faster; however, officials don’t want you to know that. In fact, immigration officials were given instructions to "double down" on why government focused on government sponsored refugees instead of privately sponsored refugees, who are more educated and integrated.

Is it any wonder that Canada’s immigration authority doesn’t want to commit to releasing their so-called "Rapid Impact Evaluation Report" on the Syrian refugees' integration. Perhaps that's because they’re not integrating.

So, what’s happening with these refugees who can’t speak English or French, might be sick, and aren’t finding work? Well, they’re getting all sorts of social benefits. But, again, the government doesn’t want Canadians to know as much.

The ATIP reveals an order to remove lines that mention Syrian refugees are receiving social assistance and child care cheques, because critics will be upset about double dipping.

But we’re Canadians! We want to help families, women and children in need, right? And they are mostly women and children coming in, of course. At least that's what Canadians were told.

We were told Canada is turning away single men as part of our Syrian refugee program. Then how do you explain instructions to remove statistics on migrant gender breakdown? "The number of males admitted will cause hysteria among those who thought we were keeping men out,” one email read.

With all these instructions on what not to tell the Canadian taxpayer, it makes you wonder what else the government’s hiding from us!

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commented 2017-05-27 20:11:32 -0400
trudeau is a dangerous Goof.
commented 2017-05-27 00:55:52 -0400
Some seem to feel that Trudeau is a fool or doesn’t know what he is doing as Prime Minister. But he is a focused individual that knows exactly what he is doing and he is right on schedule. Trudeau is a Traitor to this country, no leader would do what it is, he is doing if he were a Patriot. It does not matter to him how much it will cost us, how many jobs will be sacrificed, how many lives will be lost, whatever it is he wants to do, he will do. He has a very specific agenda which is to eliminate our way of life, culture and democracy and establish a dictatorship like Cuba or China, as he applauds their regimes. His dictatorship will be Sharia Law based, he will be removed from government once the Caliphate takes control and like the rest of us become a casualty of Genocide. Trudeau will probably get another term in office because in the next election he will have more potential voters above what he had in the last election. He will have the idiots that voted for him the first time, rather than admit to themselves or anyone else of their error they will instead double down and vote for him again. He will have new voters that were too young to vote for him the first time, now eligible to cast their ballot for Mr. Inclusive. Most of these young ones are totally convinced of the Climate Change lie and will support Trudeau because the issue is so close to his heart and he wouldn’t be spending so much of our money on it if it weren’t the truth. In addition Trudeau will have all the new immigrants and refugees voting for him because he is the only candidate that is Sharia friendly and is doing so much to elevate Muslims above his own people. Do you see anyone challenging Trudeau, he can and is doing what he wants, there is no outrage to M103, or against illegals violating our laws and entering Canada. We don’t know who they are, where they’re from, what organizations they may belong to, what their intentions are, what they have done in their lives are they criminals or fugitives and what diseases are they carrying? We know that, they came here illegally, most don’t converse in our languages, they are illiterate, don’t have any skills needed here, some are criminals, some are even terrorists, non have been inoculated for diseases and in fact
many have serious illnesses. We know they will be a burden on our healthcare system and they will represent an enormous welfare demand as we take more of them into Canada and we know housing them will be a never ending challenge. Jobs won’t represent the problem we think, as they are not really coming here to work or contribute to our country or culture, they have no intention of assimilating and adopting our culture, values or even laws. This is an invasion being aided by our government betraying us as they embrace an Evil, Depraved, Alien Ideology that has demonstrated its hatred toward the west world wide. I imagine we will not demand our voices be heard until the killing, as in Europe, starts here, when it’s our daughters being raped and savagely murdered, perhaps then we will make our displeasure known. Canada, soon to be a third world nation. I just hope Trudeau’s children are going to enjoy it as much as he does.
commented 2017-05-26 21:59:14 -0400
All criminals pretend equality of outcome is needed to guarantee equality of opportunity!
commented 2017-05-26 21:55:48 -0400
Hey millennial students: 4,810 cases of contagious tuberculosis on our buses?! You can bet your next blunts that Turdeau and his globalist handlers don’t take the bus with you!
commented 2017-05-26 19:33:44 -0400
A former refugee directed me to a Star photo-op showing T’dum T’deau with a group of arriving “refugees”. I was asked to study the picture for clues. I thanked my mentor because I had not previously noticed the newcomers’ stylish clothes. He also mentioned that when he was in preparation to come to Canada he was advised to learn what works and what doesn’t. In other words a material number of these emigrants are at least middle class and know how to deal with people and bureaucracy. Except for those privately assisted, we’re not helping the most needy. The Glibs are using this programme to wallpaper their wrecking of our economy and to buy votes. Pinpoint the electoral districts wherein the Glibs received a plus 65% vote , and, zero freebies to them
commented 2017-05-26 17:04:01 -0400
Miraslav Royz, while I as a Canadian appreciate your comment, I have to say since trudeau was voted in we are being invaded non stop and we have no idea what is coming in and the really frightening fact is trudeau doesn’t care as long as he has their votes! I am personally, sick to bloody death of these so called “refugees”. I am sick of their demands, them being placed in priority over we Canadians and being given OUR health care , housing, and so on leaving many Canadians without! This is still OUR COUNTRY , OUR MONEY, OUR ENTITLEMENTS yet we HAVE NO SAY! We didn’t invite these people here and if we had I’d like to think we would have DEMANDED ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY, FULL SCREENING FOR BACKGROUND, TOLERANCE, HEALTH ISSUES , AGE, EDUCATION, SKILLS TO ENSURE THEY CAN CONTRIBUTE AND ACCEPT THE LAWS, CULTURES , RELIGIONS, VALUES AND SO ON ALREADY HERE. I have had enough of trudeau and his lies, hate, disdain and contempt for Canada, we CAnadians, our values, identity and so on . He is a TRAITOR AND HIS GOVERNMENT FULL OF MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD TERRORIST SUPPORTING ISLAMICS WHO HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT US EXCEPT OUR MONEY, FREEDOMS AND EVERYTHING ELSE AFFORDED THEM BUT THEY WANT TO REMOVE FROM US! Any true refugee would go to the NEAREST, SAFEST COUNTRY and be thankful! They would NOT circle the globe , welfare shopping for the better life- PLUS they would LEAVE BEHIND THE GARBAGE WHICH DESTROYED THEIR COUNTRIES AND LIVES RATHER THAN BRING IT ALL HERE AND FORCE IT UPON US! Further any TRUE , PATRIOTIC, CANADIAN LEADER WOULD NEVER HAVE ALLOWED ANY OF THIS TO TAKE PLACE AT ALL! Trudeau and his entire government should be HUNG AT HIGH NOON ON THE FRONT LAWN OF PARLIAMENT HILL FOR ALL CANADIANS TO CELEBRATE!
commented 2017-05-26 16:50:33 -0400
why are Canadians tolerating the non stop lies, disdain, contempt and pure hate for us , our values, our identity, our freedoms , our democracy, our country from this rotten to the core, lying, thieving, racist, anti Canadian, pro Islam/terrorist thug on parliament hill?? Further why are we paying for him and his muslim brotherhood terrorist government? Canada no longer is a sovereign nation as he dismantled our borders, border security, laws and invited the entire globe to wander in ‘illegally’ and claim refugee status so we can provide for them all for life- none screened, none denied entry, none removed and all exempt from the laws, assimilation, working and contributing and so on! We Canadians DON’T HAVE TO ABIDE BY THE LAWS EITHER NOR DO WE HAVE TO PAY TAXES BECAUSE THIS ISN’T A NATION , HE ISN’T OUR PRIME MINISTER ANYMORE AND THERE ARE NO GOVERNMENTS! Canada is a name only now otherwise the land is nothing more than the new frontier for the third world and the worlds parasites, criminals, terrorists, ailing, elderly, illegals, fake refugees and so on to invade , conquer and destroy! WHY ARE CANADIANS- AND I MEAN WE TRUE CANADIANS WHOSE FOREFATHERS BUILT THIS COUNTRY AND WHO ALONG WITH OUR OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE LAID THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE FOR IT AND US THROUGHOUT OUR SHORT HISTORY? MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AND A COUPLE OF HUNDRED YEARS TO BUILD AND TRUDEAU HAS COMPLETEY ANNIHILATED EVERYTHING IN JUST 16 MONTHS!!!!! ARE ALL CANADIANS TRAITORS Sure seems it to me otherwise this would STOP NOW!
commented 2017-05-26 16:17:18 -0400
Bombshell report Faith, congratulations. Now all of Canada needs to know this. Can someone please explain to me the governments rationale in why the number of sponsored refugees has been capped?
commented 2017-05-26 02:31:47 -0400
Lets stop the inflow then lets talk helping . Enough already. We are not talking a few health issues here, we are talking about bringing diseases into our country which we had been eradicated decades ago. Some have never been seen here before. We already have a taxed health system which is unable to take proper care of our own citizens. Many Canadians do not have access to a regular family doctor. Many must make do with walk in clinics not always staffed or virtual visits, as in my area. An appearance of a live doctor once a week. Highly substandard as it is. What will all these migrants do to our already too long wait times?

Of course we have no choice, thanks to our globalist PM, to attempt to integrate the migrants already here, but for the love of God, stop the inflow.
We are being lied to alright.
commented 2017-05-25 22:54:25 -0400
Dear Rebel Media,
Sometimes you do have interesting things to say. As a first generation immigrant it is normal and we must understand that there will be issues with language, health and integration will take time. I don’t like the fact that you take issue with that. I do however agree with you on the matter of the government trying to hide these issues. Transparency would have been better. But let’s not get lost in the outrage.

I would like to see a Rebel Media and viewer initiative to help the Syrian refugees integrate. Let us not criticize without trying to help.
I would donate to that!

Thank you
commented 2017-05-25 22:35:59 -0400
Allan Peterson—says that after a year the Gov’t turns them loose to fend for themselves.

After a year the Feds quit paying and the Province takes over the welfare cheques. The local Gov’t also throws in some taxpayer paid for items like subsidised rent.
Remember Trudeau gave these people Canadian Citizenship; meaning they get what we worked for.
This is how one Refugee could cost Canada almost one million over his or her lifetime.
commented 2017-05-25 09:58:59 -0400
CATHY R commented 16 hours ago
" But a newly landed immigrant from the middle east gets take out, cab rides to get it, money, benefits and free lodging and clothing."

True, but after a year the government turns them loose to fend for themselves. I our small town we have a Syrian family. They came with no language ability so they have to learn English first. Programs are provided for a while and then its over. He was a vegetable seller in Syria but as you may have figured out- with no research whatsoever- Canadian society doesn’t have a huge demand for vegetable sellers.

So he works in a $15 an hour job. He cannot provide for a family of 5 at that wage. He says he would like to be an electrician but that requires very specialized language skills that will take him years to acquire. He is not 20 years old. It won’t come easily.

They have no concept of how much it costs to live in Canada- especially to pay heating costs in winter. They like to keep the temp in the house up to Syrian levels. It will be a rude shock when he finds out that most of his paycheque is going to pay his hydro bill. Rent is mcc more than they ever dreamed and our rents are quite affordable by comparison to most cities in Canada. Vehicle costs and even replacement is as foreign to them as the Arctic. They don’t understand how Canadian culture and systems work. Yet they were brought here with big dreams on both sides.

The people who co-sponsored them are now finding they are having to pay the freight in perpetuity and are getting nervous. It was so noble sounding to bring these people in but with the government washing their hands of them it will fall to the locals to provide. I can assure you Justin does not give a dime to any of them. He doesn’t drive them to English class or register the kids at school or to take them grocery shopping or …..

Virtue signalling is so easy but the unintended consequences are never given moment’s thought. Hindsight, however, is 20/20.
commented 2017-05-25 08:24:32 -0400
As usual, and as always, the REBEL can be relied on (at least temporarily) to give Canadians ‘real news,’ news that is important in that it advises the citizens what is really taking place with various government endeavours that we are blessed with. If one were to only pay attention to the REBEL and Spencer Fernado, we would be light miles ahead of where we are not in terms of ‘knowing’ what is happening to our country. Congrats, REBEL and keep “sluggin’”.
commented 2017-05-25 02:22:31 -0400
“Personally, I still have doubts there will be a “next election”. M 103 passed into a blasphemy law will enable the Liebranos to declare a crisis of “Islamophobia” and declare a China or Castro style dictatorship (greatly admired by Jihadi Justin) to combat said “problem”.
All this courtesy of the stupid 38 odd percent that voted for the Liebrano criminals in the first place. Expect to see you out celebrating in the streets as the police state is formed! "

You are probably spot on Rick, the writing is indeed on the wall.
commented 2017-05-24 23:52:21 -0400
DON MACDONALD said" In 5 years 50% will still be on welfare. The Middle East supplies the West with Taxi-drivers, Barbers, hairdressers and donaire makers." Our Gov’t knew that this would happen. As Stefan Molyneux has stated, all the smart people left Syria 10 or 15 years ago when the trouble began. Many of these refugees only have an IQ a couple points above a retarded person. That is why its easy to convert them to violence.
The women are living for one reason, to breed 6-8 children. That is all they can do, most will never have a job. This is called Globalization. Thank You Trudeau
commented 2017-05-24 20:59:40 -0400
trudeau is a Goof.
commented 2017-05-24 20:05:57 -0400
Faith, thanks for your report, please keep digging.
Liberal government proves time and again they operate under strict omerta, keep Canadians in the dark and feed them more fertilizer! This dictatorial regime has gotta go!
Leviticus 2013 – yes, this policy would make sense, but, all these millions toward Syrian refugees is Trudeau’s ace in the hole!
commented 2017-05-24 20:02:52 -0400
commented 2017-05-24 19:25:27 -0400
Bill Elder.. Wouldn’t it make sense that to be a full Canadian in Canada with voting privileges one has to be fluent in one of our two official languages.??
commented 2017-05-24 19:22:35 -0400
One other fact that their not telling us is that they want us DEAD..!!
Not another way except maybe raped and subjected.!!
commented 2017-05-24 19:11:31 -0400
Ms. Goldy finds and reports such depressing facts. However, the the depression is at least softened by her beautiful open smile.

Keep up the digging.
commented 2017-05-24 19:05:06 -0400
We just have to face it. Money that could be used to make the lives of Canadians a whole lot better is being handed over to foreigners who come here for a free hand-out and may NEVER integrate into Canadian society. For this, we have the Liberal Party of Canada to thank. Why, oh, why, did Canadians vote Liberal in the last election when we had a perfectly good prime minister then who would look after the interests of Canadians first?
commented 2017-05-24 18:57:04 -0400
There’s a good reason the selfie government has told bureaucrats not to keep any pertinent tracking data on Baby Doc’s electorate replacement program, uh er uh , I mean “Refugee program” – it’s because every stat kept on them would show as a deficit investment by Canadians. This was not done for Canada or Canadians , this was done TO us – by an anti-Canadian who was installed by foreign interests.
commented 2017-05-24 18:47:53 -0400
Faith and THEREBEL exposing yet another earth-shattering scandal, courtesy of Jihadi Justin and his Islamic Invasion forces – but only a lonely echo in the empty wastelands of the Media Party’s diminishing vastness…
I hope you guys don’t get shut down again – considering the slime-ball in the PMO and all the embedded liberal, Liberal, bureaucrats…
Keep bringing light to the darkness.
commented 2017-05-24 18:09:55 -0400
I’ve had it. Can’t stand anymore of the libtarded government. Our deserved benefits that we paid for all our lives are decreasing more and more every dam day. But a newly landed horde of undesirables gets 2 or 3 times as much as an average Canadian in need. A Canadian who loses their job and needs assistance would be told to go to the food bank and get some rotten heads of lettuce, stale bread and expired meat and has to wait for a couple of months for unemployment cheques. But a newly landed immigrant from the middle east gets take out, cab rides to get it, money, benefits and free lodging and clothing. Please shit on us some more, we love it.
commented 2017-05-24 17:50:17 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,387 Attacks, 214,912 Killed, 296,164 Injured..that we know of

Here’s a video that explains why the terrorists targeted innocent young girls very well:
commented 2017-05-24 17:27:11 -0400
Five years from now over 50% will still be on welfare . The Middle East supplies the West with its taxi drivers, barbers, hairdressers and donair makers. This is not a culture that values critical thought and innovation . It’s best doctors and engineers are all educated in places like Britain and Europe. Not only do almost all Syrian refugees not speak English or French but many are illiterate in their own language. Combine that with the Koran demanding that they don’t assimilate with the kuffar and we now have a new class of blood suckers in society. The Muslims have a historic item called a " jizya " which is a tax levied against non-Muslims in Muslim dominated countries. In Europe there are three generations of Muslim welfare recipients who believe welfare benefits are jizya to which they are entitled to in perpetuity. They have no intention of assimilating and have no intention of working.
You heard it here first – five years from now a huge percentage of these refugees will still not be able to speak English or French . Prime Minister Doofus said they don’t have to learn either official language.
commented 2017-05-24 17:17:36 -0400
What bothers me most is the mere fact that our bureaucracy is concerned with “the optics” of their actions. As non-partisan public servants they should be mere stenographers in implementing policies set forth by the political echelon and not be bothered by the public’s response at all. That’s how it’s supposed to work.
commented 2017-05-24 17:08:38 -0400
BILLY HOWARD commented: “Scandalous.
Trudeau’s scheme is to keep Canadians uninformed, China style.
Watch next election, these “refugees” will have the right to vote (Liberal, of course).”

Personally, I still have doubts there will be a “next election”. M 103 passed into a blasphemy law will enable the Liebranos to declare a crisis of “Islamophobia” and declare a China or Castro style dictatorship (greatly admired by Jihadi Justin) to combat said “problem”.
All this courtesy of the stupid 38 odd percent that voted for the Liebrano criminals in the first place. Expect to see you out celebrating in the streets as the police state is formed!
commented 2017-05-24 17:07:58 -0400
Nobody with a little brain is surprised. The traitor class is working actively against Canadians. Don’t worry traitor class, nobody will say a word against it, since the laws you are enacting will shut them up for good. Canadians will get raped and killed in silence, like everywhere else in Europe. This is what your islamic multiculturalism scheme is about. Only a means to an end.