January 23, 2017

What to Make of Trump’s Inauguration

Faith Goldy and Lauren SouthernGuest Post

We're back from Washington DC, where we watching history and news made before our eyes as President Donald J. Trump was sworn into office. 

Today, Faith and Lauren sit down to reflect on what they witnessed while south of the 49th.

From the formal inaugural program to protests and the Women's March — we've got everything you need to know about Trump's first hours in office!

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commented 2017-01-25 18:22:51 -0500
Obama brought the word Hope, but that is about it.
commented 2017-01-25 01:53:35 -0500
Donald Trump was elected fair and square.

Tens of thousands attended his inauguration. Probably ten times as many attended Obama’s inauguration because Barak Obama brought so much hope to the nation.

Probably twice as many attended the rally the next day as attended the Trump inauguration. I was just a sign of United States citizens feeling emancipated.
commented 2017-01-24 14:11:17 -0500
Scumbags. Looking at the poor old man on the ground.

As far as attendance numbers, how many conservatives live anywhere near DC. DC is 80% Democrat, so it was pretty easy to fill the mall during Obama`s inauguration.
commented 2017-01-24 11:15:35 -0500
I think that the tweet by Trump regarding the attendance at the inauguration was just Trump telling the press, “Look a squirrel!!!” and the MSM all went chasing it. Also he probably loved the women’s march.


Go to BBC and read the list of his actions during his first three days of office, WITHOUT PRESS SCRUTINY.

…the beginning of dismantling Obama-care
…withdrawal from the TTP
…the beginning of withdrawal from the Paris accord
…defunding NGO’s that promote abortion in foreign countries.
…hiring freeze on federal workers
…just as I type, approval of Keystone and Dakota Access.

So while the MSM chases squirrels, he has reversed eight years of Obama in three days.

Moral, when he makes his next ‘controversial’ tweet, in effect telling the MSM, “Look, a ball, go fetch!” They will do so and he will be in another blizzard of major policy actions.
commented 2017-01-24 02:00:17 -0500
The ridiculous thing is that they were in the midst of riots and fanatics and yet the only attack was by some panty wearing sexually frustrated twerp here in Edmonton.
commented 2017-01-24 01:58:45 -0500
Glad you ladies made it back safe and sound. Was a great day for the middle class and the makers in the US. The progressives are now getting so desperate , it is quite enjoyable. They know damn well Trump will make things better in many ways , so they are trying to demonize him before middle ground people take notice.
commented 2017-01-24 01:02:16 -0500
Forget about the “individual” Faith. That has been the problem with liberalism for decades, no matter how the individual gets defined. Back to patriotism so that it’s again embraced and understood that we all bleed the same red. Beyond that, the individual is in that choice because of the groundwork for unity is in motion. No more identity politics.
commented 2017-01-24 00:04:58 -0500
@jan G,

A BLM-supporting Palestinian Muslim who supports abortion and Planned Parenthood? I can’t even imagine the mental gymnastics involved in squaring so many opposing ideologies with each other. What will she do, stone herself to death while wearing a burka and an “I had an abortion” tee-shirt?

No wonder these people are completely unhinged.
commented 2017-01-23 22:32:02 -0500
Great coverage from the rebel news divas – I wish you gals were a little more careful around the barking mad left they are violent and unpredictable like a wounded swamp rat – there were times when you had me biting my nails. I’m glad you both got back safely.

Observation #1, Never refer to the fringe left as “protesters or demonstrators” They do neither they were there to riot and do harm, the non violent ones were moral support for the criminal ones. They don’t protest they make insane demands with intimidation and threaten or invoke violence (It’s a moony cult).

Observation #2 – the “pussy hats” bore a startling resemblance to the “pig hat” that got that German nationalist arrested – Pig hats on obese,over ripe frumps who still sing Helen Ready songs in their fevered minds – an ironic pairing of symbolism and imagery if there ever was one. ;-)
commented 2017-01-23 21:21:55 -0500
Keith Barnes:
One of the March organizers was Linda Sarsour, Palestinian Muslim (of whom we have heard before!).
This article states: “According to the New York Times, Sarsour is likewise “deeply involved” in the Black Lives Matter movement, and says that her Islamic faith intertwines with her participation in the campaign.” She is also pro-abortion and supports Planned Parenthood.

Now that is a very dangerous combination.
commented 2017-01-23 20:41:09 -0500
Those who were not professional, paid for, protesters, can only have been Muslim idiots.
commented 2017-01-23 20:23:41 -0500
The socialists talk like children. And they act like children.

Walk like a duck. Quack like a duck. Must be a duck.