March 21, 2015

What will Sean Penn, Oliver Stone say about a Venezuelan viral video exposing corruption, hypocrisy?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

A video showing the son of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro being showered in U.S. dollar bills has ordinary citizens in that impoverished country up in arms.

Venezuela is mired in poverty, despite possibly having larger oil reserves than even Saudi Arabia.

Too bad Obama prefers their oil to ethical oil from Canada via the Keystone XL pipeline.

So much for Sean Penn and Oliver Stone's socialist paradise...

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commented 2015-03-23 12:06:06 -0400
The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money. Margaret Thatcher.
commented 2015-03-22 15:17:20 -0400
You are correct Ron and I’m going to throw another point into the Venezuela mix, according to Fox News Iran has been doing dealings with both Venezuela and Argentina (you may have heard about the murdered prosecutor who was going to blow the whistle on the Argentinian gov’t concerning this), apparently they are uranium rich and the Iranians could be dipping into this for their nuclear program. Also the Iranians apparently have terrorist training camps set up in both countries, with easy access to the U.S.’s porous southern border. God help the U.S. of A with a president like Obama….
commented 2015-03-22 09:07:57 -0400
Ezra, there is another parallel between Venezuela and the U.S. that comes to mind when you observed that Venezuela “looks a little like a democracy”, but, among other things, “there is no free press there”. Consider the observation by Fox News’ Sean Hannity that, in response to news of Netanyahu’s re-election, “the mainstream media just couldn’t hide their liberal disgust and their support for Obama.” He then demonstrates this by showing a series of clips from NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and ABC, followed by the reaction of nationally-syndicated talk show host, Mark Levin.
The broadcast news media in the U.S. (not unlike here in Canada) has become almost exclusively a propaganda machine for the politically-correct, ‘progressive’ point of view.
commented 2015-03-21 21:10:15 -0400
Ezra, this makes me see red. A country whose people are mired in poverty & rationed food is a travesty. It’s shameful that Obama would rather deal with a corrupt dictatorship instead of a friendly ally. This man cannot leave office soon enough.
commented 2015-03-21 16:50:38 -0400
Venezuela is notoriously corrupt. So anyone interested in profiting from crimes does business with them. No filmmaker who profits from serving the interests of Obama wants to expose this corruption. It’s up to the rebels to do that.
commented 2015-03-21 15:47:43 -0400
It would be interesting to be able to get inside Obama’s head. (Maybe interesting isn’t the best word… how about “enlightening”). Where exactly is this guy coming from? Everything he claims about himself, he contradicts by his words and actions. He claims to be a Christian, yet he constantly denigrates Christianity and ridicules the scriptures, while defending and excusing the barbarities of Islam. At the national prayer breakfast in Washington (a Christian event), he got up and reminded everyone how awful the Christians were in the crusades. That was in 1095… almost a 1000 years ago!!! (His knowledge of history isn’t that good either. The Crusades were an effort to regain access to Christian sites, stolen by the Islamist in their war of conquest and subjugation of their Jewish and Christian neighbors). He openly claims to be a liberal democrat (in the non-partisan sense – like as opposed to being a totalitarian dictator) and friend and ally to all other liberal democracies, yet he thumbs his nose at them, and kowtows and sucks up to all the world’s most totalitarian dictators. His public persona of a peace-loving, freedom-loving, democracy-loving leader is very thinly veiled. and contradicted by all his words and actions. He’s playing game here, but I just can’t figure out what his end-game is. But it sure doesn’t include the best interests of the United States.
commented 2015-03-21 15:05:22 -0400
What will Sean Penn do? He’ll do the same thing as every other narcissistic sociopath – he will just move on to something else that will give him the money and the coverage that he wants.

I mean, does anybody really think he cares about Venezuela any more than he cares about America…or anything else, for that matter?

He’s Obama’s, and turdo la doo’s white brother for chrisakes….these guys only care about themselves. There isn’t a genuine bone in their bodies.
commented 2015-03-21 14:12:04 -0400
I watch Fox News frequently but seldom see the “ethical oil” argument when they discuss the Keystone. They tend to discuss Canada as America’s best friend or the job numbers but not Venezuela or Saudi Arabia conflict oil. Perhaps Fox news should be better enlightened in that the President of the US does not appear to love Canada, Israel, or America.
commented 2015-03-21 14:02:04 -0400
These same people will blame democracy as the reason for this action and divert the attention
commented 2015-03-21 13:58:10 -0400
Corruption is rampant in every culture and is only brought in check by the people when their lives become so miserable they revolt against the establishment. Most nations have rulers educated well enough to gauge the populations disposition and adapt accordingly.
What motivates the leader you vote for? Money is a poor motivation to put someone in a position of power and those very people will tell you it is the best motivation. Community service at the highest levels should NOT be for personal gain yet our culture continues to embrace such foolishness. These types of failure in humanity will continue and will get worse.
Until people are denigrated to the point of giving a $hit about who they are voting for…and then actually vote.
Nice spotlight Ezra.
commented 2015-03-21 12:35:44 -0400
This is the true face of socialism. You have the ruling class living the jetset lifestyle, while the rest of the people live in poverty and squalor.

Yet the fools still buyin to this.
commented 2015-03-21 12:26:49 -0400
Another great artical Ezra. Just another reason “The Rebel” is on it’s way to having 50 million hits a day.
Enlightened Conservative
commented 2015-03-21 12:04:24 -0400
And why is it that most of Canadians are unaware of this? Mainstream media (instructed by their “bosses”) do not want to disseminate this kind of information to the Canadian public!
commented 2015-03-21 11:17:46 -0400
Ezra, when you started your monologue, my thoughts went in this direction: ‘If you think things are getting bad in the U.S. (Canada), have a look at what the future is like in a socialist country.’
Obama, of course, prefers to help prop up his ‘comrades’ in Venezuela rather than buying Canadian oil.
You mentioned food shortages in Venezuela. America has over 44 million people on food stamps. The food stamps program’s real name is Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a $74 billion-a-year program, making people dependent upon the state.
Ironic how Americans (as per True North: “the developing socialist state to our south”) will often glance over at Canada and dismiss us as a socialist state.
commented 2015-03-21 10:41:54 -0400
Every socialist paradise quickly devolves into this situation. From Moscow, from Hitler’s Germany to the developing socialist state to our south, sooner or later the ruling class can’t help but dip into the public treasury. And when the treasury is empty they come after the people’s remaining wealth and take what they please. How soon will it be, before we see Wynne and her apparatchiks speeding through Ontario in their big black Zill limousines while the grey people watch from the side of the road?