February 25, 2016

Where are the "Fab Five Fossils of Feminism" while Muslims victimize women?

Murray SoupcoffRebel Blogger

"Dear Frau Merkel, are our children in Germany still safe?

"Refugees here, refugees there,

"Respect for our people!?

"Frau Merkel, enough is enough!

"Today at 5 pm my 11-year-old daughter and her 11-year-old friend were sexually harassed by a troop of refugees aged 16-22 in Badeland [swimming pool] in Celle. Three men blocked them off/surrounded them and two men touched them. The girls cried. No one came to help!

"Afterwards my daughter and her friend were able to free themselves and ran to the pool guard, the police were informed. The police cleared the refugees and their care workers out of the pool.

"The police said this was only the tip of the iceberg, these scenes were occurred on a daily basis - it doesn't reach the public -- it must not reach the public!!!

"Frau Merkel can you imagine how I feel as a father?!

"I am disappointed, raging and powerless and this is happening in Germany, to me as a German!"

Yes, shocking misogynist brutality against innocent young women in Germany again.

But where were the Fab Four fossils of traditional feminism that night?

Was 81-year-old Gloria Steinem attending a Bernie Sanders rally, trying pick up male seniors for a roll in the hay, as her outdated generation used to phrase it?

Or perhaps Madeline Albright was riding her witches’ broom through the streets of Charleston (South  Carolina) that night, searching for traitorous millennial female Sanders voters so that she could condemn them to that special place in Hades reserved for such traitors to the feminist cause.

And what of Hillary Clinton?  Was she too busy “scrubbing” her illegal home-based personal server of possible evidence of criminal wrong doing, of outright lies (made in press conferences), or simply erasing videos of her incorrect execution of her “downward dog” yoga exercises.

Or what about Sandra Fluke, the American women's rights activist who became a media darling when she demanded free government coverage of birth control for women, at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Was she too busy rushing to the pharmacist to have her publically-subsidized birth control prescription filled?

And what about Canadian-born feminist and “Gaia-rights” advocate, Naomi Klein?

Was this crony environmentalist too busy labelling Canada as guilty in climate criminalism by hosting the 2012 G20 climate conference and unleashing scores of Toronto police on “innocent” protesters setting fires and destroying popular retail outlets (for the wealthy) – a conference originally initiated by the crony corporate capitalists who had supported the most dangerous climate-change denier in the world, Stephen Harper (former Conservative Prime Minister of Canada)?

The bottom line is that despite multitudinous reports of misogynist behavior by believers in the Islamist interpretation of Koran, very few fossil feminists have stepped up to the podium to denounce even some of the following most barbaric socio-cultural practices: (1) female genital mutilation; (2) forcible marriages of female children (as young as three years old) to pedophilic seniors – often old enough to be their grandfather; and (3) the new Islamist normal of sex slavery for captured Christian & Muslim women, and thriving sex-trade auctions comparable to the plantation days of the old American confederacy. 

Middle-East human rights advocate Ayaan Hirsi Ali -- who was born and raised as a Muslim in Somalia  (and is the author of the best-selling book, “Infidel”) -- provides many examples of such anti-women practices while describing her own coming of age in an “orthodox” Muslim family (born in 1969, she is 46 years old):

“Anywhere where sharia is implemented, you see incredible inhumanity. People’s hands are cut off. Women are confined to their homes and are stoned. Peopled are hanged. Homosexuals are hanged or must hide. That is Iran, Saudi Arabia . . . Afghanistan under the Taliban. Parts of Somalia are now under sharia rule. Anywhere there is sharia rule, there is violation of human rights."

Yet, the feminist movement appears to be AWOL on standing up for the rights of their Middle East “sisters”. 

In my opinion, the American “sisterhood” particularly seems to be most peopled by (1) wealthy white, privileged achievers, or (2) Hollywood celebrities who believe that being a feminist simply constitutes reading “Ms.” Magazine or supporting Hillary Clinton in the Democrat 2016 leadership race.

And, as a sociologist, what do I think is the real social-cultural phenomenon fueling such predictable behavior?

Well it appears to me that the North American ultra-left feminist movement makes use of such  condemnatory words as “moral”, “human rights” and “ justice for women & children” to further its mission of demonizing those it hates and wants removed from power – and of course, for the purpose of smoothing its own way to power.

For these righteous folks, morality is not an innate value. Instead, it is a political tool for establishing their own feminist caliphate in the “homelands” of Canada and the United States!

And again, in my opinion, what began as an authentic mission for women’s rights has evolved into a hatred for the “patriarchal society” which this elitist clique equates with believing in the Judeo-Christian ethic.

For example, while living in their luxurious townhomes & gated L.A. communities, they mindlessly condemn America, while happily singing their praises of such other superior atheistic nations as Venezuela and Cuba.

Attending cheerleading events in Zurich or Brussels, they stay in four-star hotels for a few days; and then they return to North America, proclaiming their solidarity and “oneness” with the Third World.

Not that any one of them would spend even a few minutes “socializing” with a genuine poverty-stricken Third World citizen, even if they tripped on one (the kind of Third Worlders they likely view as too dirty and smelly to spend any social time with).

For such pampered feminists, it’s no longer about upholding principle, but staying in the good graces of those whose social acceptance they so badly hunger for: left-wing academics and the talking heads of MSNBC, CNN and CBC radio (in Canada).

The bottom line of this opinion piece?

Wealthy leftists like George Soros, Hollywood narcissists like George Clooney, and today’s trendy feminist elite are part of the cheering squad for today’s Islamists, who’ve utilized their ill-gotten oil and ransom money to portray themselves as victims, even though they are now the conquerors of 1/3 of the world’s population.

By publicly identifying themselves with such alleged “victims” of right-wing smears (supposedly perpetrated by “Fox News”), this elitist clique hopes this will be their ticket to protection from personal attacks from leftist “Toronto Star” columnists (in Canada) and CAIR, “Move On”, or even the “Black Lives Matter” movement (in the United States).

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commented 2016-02-28 15:36:46 -0500
First time to read your blog—-will check them out from now on.

Good point —I read that to a few times
commented 2016-02-25 22:22:55 -0500
Feminists should hand their heads in Shame. OH- Sorry! You have a Lobby Group . What can we do to appease you?
commented 2016-02-25 21:51:23 -0500
I saw more REAL feminists on Sun TV’s honor diaries documentary than i do in our whole country everyday.
commented 2016-02-25 21:42:40 -0500
Islam and Christianity are much different Saint Paul wrote 13 letters of the Biblical New Testament 27 Books and Letters and was given authority from Jesus Christ plus was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Saint Paul pronounced husbands are to love their wives and never be harsh to them!.
commented 2016-02-25 11:20:38 -0500
let us simply call feminists what they are, useful idiots. These simpleton women that blindly follow along with the likes of the “fab five fossils of feminism” are plainly not capable of critical rational thought. They have been so thoroughly indoctrinated into the hate cult of feminism that they willfully refuse to see the obvious, they are being used and manipulated by elitists whose only desire is power and control. Once they cease to be useful idiots for gaining more power and control their hate cult masters will cast them aside and leave them to the islamic animals.
It still astounds me that the obvious has to be explained to feminist drones. But then again, history is replete with examples of seemingly normal people blindly following the most evil characters imaginable.