Where can I watch Premium Content?


Premium Content can be found on our website by clicking the Rebel Shows tab at the top left of the page. 


Scroll down to see our show list.



Click on which show you would like to watch - for example The Ezra Levant Show. 

The episodes of that show will be listed in date order. Select which episode you would like to watch.




If you are already signed in, the episode will begin playing automatically. If you are not signed in, a sign in box will appear on the video screen to sign into.



You can also sign in on the My Account page here.  If you are unable to sign in using your correct email address and password, please make sure that third party cookies are enabled in your internet browser. To reset your password click the Forgot password? link below the sign in box.


To access your account information, or to watch our Premium Content videos, you must be signed in. Otherwise you can browse our site freely. If you would like to check if you are signed in, or if you would like to sign out click the My Account tab at the top right of the page. 

If you are signed in you will see these 4 options:



If you are not signed in you will see a sign in box:



You can watch Premium Content on most computers or mobile devices. We have mobile app available on Android and iOS devices which can be found under The Rebel Media. 

Some older versions of internet browsers are not supported by our video player. You may need to update your internet browser to the newest version in order to play our videos. For a list of which internet browsers and operating systems we support click here.

In order to subscribe, sign in, or play our video, third party cookies must be enabled. If you need help doing this please email support@therebel.media and mention the internet browser and device you are using. 

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