Where does Neil Young’s California Get Oil?

Rebel Staff

Where does Neil Young’s California Get Oil?

Neil Young lives in California, a state that imports vast amounts of conflict oil from Saudi Arabia.

The chart below (and available here) shows the rogue’s gallery of countries from which Californians import oil.

Saudi Arabia is number one, with Ecuador and Iraq next on the list.

Conflict oil from some of the most politically oppressive and environmentally reckless regimes in the world is what Neil Young burns when he jets to his Hawaii and Florida getaways, what he burns in his tour bus, and what he burns at his concerts.

And yet he’s flying up to Canada to condemn the oilsands – the most ethical oil in the world.

Why hasn’t Neil Young ever protested against OPEC oil imports to his home state of California?

Is it because the Tides Foundation and other anti-Canada lobby groups don’t finance attacks on OPEC oil?

Or is it that Neil Young finds it easier to criticize Canada – the country he abandoned 40 years ago – than his own beloved home state of California?

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