September 02, 2016

Where’s the media party outrage as Trudeau freezes them out on China trip?

Brian LilleyArchive

You knew the outbreak of journalism being done by Canada’s media party exposing Liberal spending scandals wouldn’t last. The love affair with Trudeau is back on and the lack of critical commentary coming from media covering his China trip proves it.

It turns out Justin’s only taken one or two questions from members of the media outlets that have paid thousands of dollars to travel with him while he’s in China.

So where’s the media outrage? Where are the screaming headlines and the constant beating of the drum we would have heard from the media if this were Harper?

Justin Trudeau freezes out the media but they don’t complain because his sunny ways keep them warm no matter what he does.

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commented 2016-09-06 14:19:39 -0400
He looks psychotic
commented 2016-09-04 23:54:32 -0400
Someone should give Jay Kelly a shake. It seems the record is stuck. He is still going on about Harper. I guess it is a Liberal thing. He probably got a pay raise on his welfare check when Justin took the helm and he doesn’t want to lose it. Sad not to have a life. It is sadder still not being able to see the destruction of Canada under the Liberal’s agenda.
commented 2016-09-04 20:12:18 -0400
CBC will make something up for UN/EU prized Idiot
commented 2016-09-04 14:48:21 -0400
The lamestream media is simply trying to be careful so as not to jeopardize their infusions of tax dollars……………..
commented 2016-09-03 12:17:29 -0400
Billy goat……the star? What the hell are you on? A classic photo of a narcissist though. That picture speaks volumes and so does the heading, Chinese media swoons over a narcissist and can hardly wait for Canada to be destroyed so it will be ripe for the pickin. Leftist regressive fucktards never cease to amaze with their shallow thoughts.
commented 2016-09-03 12:08:47 -0400

Shows you how well educated the Chinese are. They think Trudeau is a luminary but alas, he is not gold but Just Tin
commented 2016-09-03 11:39:45 -0400
BRIAN CAMERON; Because he has nothing to “troll” on CBC or other MSM sites. They are all telling lies already. Its only the truthful media that Gay Kelly is allowed or able to troll anyway.
commented 2016-09-03 11:35:22 -0400
Gay Kelly doesn’t fit Milo’s characterization that “trolls are the only ones telling the truth”. That only works when a Conservative person decides to blog on a NWO MSM news site and expose all their unmitigated lies. Unfortunately within minutes they are invariably censored and banned from the site as I was form CTV and CBC internet news sites. Notice how Gay Kelly is permitted to lie, twist and spin the truth on the Rebel without being banned. That’s because unlike the MSM, alternate media owners actually believe in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and uphold it, giving lying trolls like Gay Kelly freedom to blog his camel dung.
commented 2016-09-03 11:25:24 -0400
Brian, what else do you you expect from Lefturds? Similarly they ignore murder and treason on the part of Killery but light their hair on fire , lie , twist, spin and stir up a shite storm when Trump inadvertently mis speaks one word.
commented 2016-09-03 10:08:21 -0400
Gay, I mean Jay Kelly, if you are fortunate enough not to choke on JT’s dick I have a new assignment for you. Jay you could head up the welcoming comity for your loves new arrivals. I’m not sure whether the CBC would cover your Air Isis flight off the top of the CN tower though, but junior would surely get to the root cause. Jay, anyone can be good with the media if the media are always on your side, always promote and protect you, advance your electoral agenda, and the toughest question they ask is what colour are your socks today? And Jay, enough of the Harper bashing. Your empty headed carcass junior could NEVER hold a candle to Harper. It would be like saying Grant Fuhr is a better goal scorer than Wayne Gretzky.

Robert Raymond: Hahaha…haha…………hahaha

DJBT et al
commented 2016-09-03 09:19:11 -0400
Hey Jay,

Our so-called leader is not gold, he is Just Tin

DJBT and his sycophants
commented 2016-09-03 08:51:19 -0400
Of course if I misspell a word it had to be brainless. lol dam keyboard! Lol
commented 2016-09-03 08:49:20 -0400
Whenever I read one of Jay Kelly’s comments is makes me feel a little sick because I realize that Canada unfortunately must be filled with diluted little trolls like him. Why do you bother trolling us here Jay? The CBC is more your speed, why do you come here and piss people off and shit on the rebel? You are truly a brainlees liberal POS.
commented 2016-09-03 08:05:30 -0400
Jay – when fag boy takes you into his room at night – do you enjoy it? Or do you put up with it for fame and money?
commented 2016-09-03 07:06:15 -0400
Justin is not a believer in democracy. A true liberal minded person will disagree with you but at the same time, they will fight for you right to express your own opinion. Justin has a history of ignoring media that does not support him, particularly those that do not embellish his high points. Justin is a rich kid who wants to live like a billionaire. The Canadian electorate is helping him live that dream by footing the bill on his fantasy.
commented 2016-09-03 06:22:58 -0400
Justin is a direct reflection on the destructive power of the stupidity of the Canadian electorate.
commented 2016-09-03 03:18:10 -0400
Justin “TROLL” Trudeau – the son of a quasi prostitute and closet homosexual.
commented 2016-09-03 02:30:42 -0400
Save your breath Roy, Jay Kelly is on some partisan patronage freeloading function. When he starts talking about media buying “access to Justin Trudeau” his Freudian slip told all.

I have moderated a few chat and bulletin boards in my time and I can spot a partisan troll before they dot their fist ‘i’ – Jay is such a creature – a poseur who uses snide innuendo, logical fallacy and virtue posturing to cover the stench of vulgar cupidity of his padrones.

I think he missed his calling, with his natural oily insincerity he could be a top used car salesman.
commented 2016-09-03 02:01:53 -0400
Jay Kelly – what a bunch of bs, only coming from a liberal hack. STEPHEN HARPER WAS THE BEST PRIME MINISTER CANADA EVER HAD. HE SPOKE WITH COMMON SENSE AND CARE WHILE YOUR BAFFON TRUDOOP IS A COMPLETELY WASTE OF SKIN AS STATED BELOW. Only an idiot would give the entitled, wasteful, disrespect of Canadians values, garbage trudoop credit for doing or saying anything intelligent. He has never done anything in his whole life. The only reason he is our so-called pm is because the UN, unions, environmentalists, natives, obama’s interference in Canadian politics, and Soros and our evil msm interfered in our political voting system. He would have NEVER one otherwise.
commented 2016-09-03 01:56:21 -0400
Kelly you talk like some butt-snorkeling loserwho can’t succeed on his own (very limited resources) and must seek nepotistic handouts. You are the perfect rent seeking toady who fills the client lists of a kleptocratic access brokering polity.

A Liberal government is, and always has been, a brokerage party which launders payola/appointment/access for patronage. This one is no different because its leader is its biggest sinecure addict. You fit right into that degenerate rent seeking corruption.

What I find hilarious is how compromised your political values really are as you continue your (very poorly hidden) virtue posing. No wonder you have a bromance going with PM selfi-interest and his rent seeker party.
commented 2016-09-03 00:59:16 -0400
Yvette, I guess the current consensus is that Stephen Harper was an a-hole. He was bright and capable in so many things. Strange, isn’t it?

Perhaps with the passage of time Stephen Harper will be recognized as a defender of Canada and a promoter of national unity.

But for the time being he remains a failed public figure, limping into retirement.
commented 2016-09-02 23:52:58 -0400
Jay Kelly: Isn’t that odd, when Trudeau avoids the Press he’s being adept, but when it was Harper he was just an a-hole.
commented 2016-09-02 23:49:25 -0400
Remember when the Press was forever attacking PM Harper because they said he hated the Press & Trudeau even brought that up in his campaign & yesterday I read the same complaint from a private citizen who vilified PM Harper in the Editor’s column
commented 2016-09-02 23:34:35 -0400
Tough, one might say, to those who wish they had closer access to Justin Trudeau.

He has shown himself very adept at relating with the media.

The is an alternative media source and wants to gain access to Trudeau but at the same time to claim he is impossible to access.

Trudeau has been doing a good job and The Rebel should take some lessons.
commented 2016-09-02 23:10:37 -0400
This is the fag boy – he gets away with everything.

A complete and total waste of skin.
commented 2016-09-02 22:48:58 -0400
Junior reminds me more and more of his mother everyday
commented 2016-09-02 20:20:14 -0400
He doesn’t have enough time on a trip like this to practice his lines.

He probably needs days of rehearsals each time they let him near a mic, and even then, if the media didn’t have his back we could all have a good laugh. I’d love to see the Trudeau outtakes — if only…
commented 2016-09-02 20:19:11 -0400
I guess he figures even the lap-dog media can’t be trusted to keep deep perfidy to themselves.
commented 2016-09-02 19:44:34 -0400
Remember, JT’s in China: the basic dictatorship that he so admires.
He’s being mentored by the despots and not answering questions like a good student.