July 04, 2019

WHISTLEBLOWER: Police inaction against UK “grooming gangs” exposed by ex-constable

Rebel Staff

One of the speakers at the rally outside Tommy Robinson's retrial in London was ex-Leicestershire police officer Dionne Moller. She detailed the poor treatment grooming gang victims received from police, who she says were indifferent to investigating these crimes and bringing the accused to justice: 

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commented 2019-07-04 23:44:09 -0400
Geez. This is absolutely damning.
commented 2019-07-04 19:45:56 -0400
After that brave Whistle blower’s speech, it looks like most of us were correct in saying that the UK,s Police , Judicial and Political systems have been and still are ROTTEN TO THE CORE.

I just can’t imagine such a once proud Country, which was the envy of the world could stoop so low as to prostitute itself for Pakistinies, some of the lowest and most unimportant people in the world.
commented 2019-07-04 18:49:26 -0400
Since 9/11 IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 37,442 Attacks, 241,605 Killed, 320,825 Injured that we know of