March 26, 2019

Who labelled Tory Brexiteers “Grand Wizards”?

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

A group of head Tory Brexiteers have been labelled Grand Wizards… but by who? 

In the years following the Reconstruction era formation of the KKK, national leaders of this racist organisation were styled as Grands Wizard. Later, the organization would be described as the “the domestic terrorist arm of the Democratic Party” and its latter day members have found fans in both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Even in a media landscape dominated by the wizard Harry Potter and his kooky creator JK Rowling, the specific term ‘Grand Wizard’ means ‘racist.’

Now, at least two outlets in the UK are claiming that Tory European Research Group (ERG) Brexiteers are calling THEMSELVES Grand Wizards, but they’re using the same source as everyone else.

Further adding to the confusion, these outlets seem to have come to a completely different conclusion to everyone else.

This is a potentially very inflammatory and divisive "meme" for the media to be spreading.

Using the same tweet posted by BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg, the outlets I'll cover in this video managed to come to a conclusion that Tory ERG member Steve Baker even agreed was wrong.

So who exactly DID label the Tory Brexiteers as ‘Grand Wizards?’ Historically challenged Remainers? Journalists? Who?

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commented 2019-03-26 22:37:52 -0400
Jacob Rees-Mogg turned out to be the biggest pro-Brexit turncoat. I saw it coming a month ago when he started flirting with one of May’s terrible deals.
commented 2019-03-26 21:02:37 -0400
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commented 2019-03-26 16:35:08 -0400
Meanwhile Jason Rees-Mogg has stated that Theresa May’s Backstop deal is a good alternative to No deal. (Money Money Money???)

Sky News is reporting that May has already agreed to give the British Armed Forces to the EU, regardless of weather the UK remains or leaves. According to Sky News this is already a done deal and yet nobody new about it. This is suicide for Britain yet May can make the deal without a thing being said in Parliament, no votes, no debates, no questions, no Britain???
All hell breaks out when Britain wants to Leave the EU… Parliament is full of false flag Marxist who gained there positions by running as regular parliamentarians in their selected Party but are in fact Marxist NWO traitors. They are traitors and should be treated as such.