June 02, 2015

Who can truly know the mind of Harper, The Great and Terrible?

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

A few blogs back I talked about how the mainstream media doesn’t view conservative leaders as legitimate leaders. This reflects their disdain for conservatism. 

Today I want to talk about how, in a much more subtle way, the media prefers to superimpose their own versions of the conservative narrative over the conservative narrative. This, by contrast, reflects their laziness and arrogance.

The media literally has two scripts that they read over and over again when talking about the federal government. When Harper is doing well, there is the “Harper And His Tactics” column. When he isn’t, they flip the switch to the “Desperate Harper” column.  

The Harper And His Tactics column is the result of left-wingers banging their heads together in an attempt to understand how Harper continues to exist when, as far as they are concerned, he shouldn’t.

Here’s one such column, written a few weeks back by no less a personage than Jeffrey Simpson, a man who’s spent the last three decades studying the nation’s corridors of power.

And what keen insights does the experienced Mr. Simpson have? That Harper is counting on the left-wing vote being split by the Liberals and the NDP, and that he is microtargeting his message to various segments of the electorate, and that he hopes seniors will vote for him.  

“The party script will always be tight. Every candidate, every organizer will say the same thing. The media, nationally and locally, will be kept at arm’s length.” harrumphs Simpson. “The Conservatives have done politics this way from Day One. They are pros at it. They will do it again, for they know no other way.”

For who can truly know the mind of Harper The Great and Terrible?

Then we have the Desperate Harper column. Here, a cabinet minister or candidate has mouthed off, or someone threw a wrench in the government’s plans, or Harper himself said something unrefined. All of a sudden the script is not so tight, and the CPC looks like a bunch of undisciplined bumblers.

We got columns of this nature when the Keystone XL pipeline fell through, when Harper made his views on the niqab known, when the NDP won in Alberta, and when the CPC said no to the debate consortium.  

Sometimes we don’t even need a reason for a Desperate Harper column. Here’s one from Chantal Hebert, who really should know better, claiming that conservatives are fatigued with Harper. “Anecdotally, the sense that it is time for a change is rampant (and growing) in just about every region of the country,” she says, and then fails to provide even one such anecdote supporting her theory.    

And each time, when their predictions of Harper’s impending doom do not come true, it’s right back to Harper And His Tactics again.

Now here’s where I check if you’ve been paying attention. Did you notice that none of the articles I’ve linked to here feature an actual response from any conservatives?

We know from the Harper And His Tactics script that Harper spares no expense getting his message out. So how is it that not a single CPC spokesperson (other than the PM himself) ends up quoted in these articles?  

I can think of two possible explanations. Either Harper is just that good at enforcing the cone of silence….or none of these so-called journalists bothered to get a quote.

After all, if I was a journalist obsessed with defeating the CPC, I wouldn’t want to be sanctioned by my peers for supposedly playing into Harper’s hands either.

Ah, but this clearly just another manifestation of Harper’s diabolical tactics. Muhahahahaha!  


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commented 2015-06-03 13:47:55 -0400
no quotes….i will look for that in future articles…not surprised on the tactic…
commented 2015-06-02 13:59:23 -0400
I agree, Deborah. 100%!
commented 2015-06-02 13:58:16 -0400
What I found so obviously biased and disgusting was both Global and CBC started lambasting Harper for “hiding in a closet” during the attack on Ottawa. Seriously did they expect him to act like Gerard Butler, throw on a bullet proof vest, take up an Uzi, and take down the assailants? What is the first thing the President of the US does even under the “threat” of an attack anywhere near the White House? His aides get him to safety quick.
commented 2015-06-02 12:33:18 -0400
The left wing tactics are pathetic, and disturbing. If they weren’t in bed with the MSM, the courts, and the UN, hiding and bending the truth, they wouldn’t even be in the running. But do to their constant criticism, and constant attacks on anything the conservatives do, just shows how low the left will stoop to trick the voters into giving them control of our money and resources. This is it folks, and it is the end battle between good and evil, there is just no other explanation. Socialism is pure evil!