December 07, 2015

What radical is greeting Syrian refugees in Calgary? PLUS fighting ISIS, and Bill 6

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

What if some of the 50,000 Syrian migrants that Canada's taking over the next 13 months — that’s the new total announced by Immigration Minister John McCallum — what if they’re dangerous?

There was a full-out riot in Calgary last summer. Dozens of the Muslims, mainly new immigrants attending a pro-terrorist rally, beat up a Jewish family so badly they had to go to hospital.

That pro-Hamas rally was organized by Saima Jamal. On Facebook, she laughed at people who were beat up.

Oh, and more recently, Saima Jamal was a key Liberal Party organizer for Justin Trudeau.

Right now she's part of the refugee welcoming committee in Calgary.

I'll tell you more about her other troubling associations on the show tonight.

My guest Clifford May, the head of Foundation for Defense of Democracies, says the US needs to adopt a different strategy if it wants to win the fight against ISIS.

Then Wildrose MLA Rick Strankman tells me about fight against Bill 6, the NDP's war on Alberta farms.


Trudeau’s Liberals MUST halt plans to bring in thousands of Syrian refugees
until they can guarantee the safety of the Canadian people.

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commented 2015-12-08 22:59:17 -0500
for those who speak french .. this is very important to ear ->
commented 2015-12-08 22:52:10 -0500
Let’s all eat like a pig & throw up after we roll a big joint!
Yours truly, sloppy Princess Sophie Gregoire.
commented 2015-12-08 20:21:01 -0500
For the most part, I like the majority of what Ezra has to say. What I don’t understand, is why he associates with somebody unworthy such as Gavin, who really has nothing to contribute except to bring the people around him down to his level.

The beauty of capitalism, is that I get to vote with my wallet. And as long as Gavin is here at the rebel, my money stays in my wallet.
commented 2015-12-08 16:30:38 -0500
The liberals , they used lots of tax money to make the only porn that no one wanted to watch. That is an achievement in itself.
commented 2015-12-08 12:54:14 -0500
Dear Ezra,

Please have your facts straight!
Saima Jamal was never a key organizer for liberal party. As a matter of facts she was trying to ram for Calgary skyview with NDP but was turn down by NDP. She is in no commitee she is an opportunist and whenever she sees there a chance for her to be in the media she jump on it. I was told by the Mcc board the same. As you know she came to Canada on a student visa and then married her husband on the basis to stay in Canada and to get her PR. This should tell you about her personality. MLA Manmeet bhullar died within 4 hours she start a petition to name school after him. Again an opportunist. Just to wrap this comment she was never a liberal organizer nor on board to welcome Syrian refugees; she a pathetic opportunist. next time please have your facts straight before writing an article .

God bless
commented 2015-12-08 11:41:12 -0500
Gavin and Ezra…as they say ‘WHEN YOU HIT THE BULLS-EYE THE BELL RINGS"…per Sam Young’s BITTER diatribe…you guys are really hitting a nerve!
commented 2015-12-08 10:42:20 -0500
Good one, Justin’s Diary! Keep it up, I like reading these “diary” entries.
commented 2015-12-08 09:58:59 -0500
December 7, 2015
Dear Diary;
Even although it’s only Mom and Sophie saying so, I do believe myself that I’m a political genius, just like my BFF BO. Even the hard-core left-wing pinko-commie voting suckers (Gerald calls them true dopes, he’s so funny sometimes) were beginning to talk about all the stuff in the speech from my throne that I forgot (wink, wink) to have mentioned. But Gerald scheduled the speech for Friday, so the dopes will have had all weekend to forget about all the stuff they had been thinking of.
I should ask Gerald to be careful about calling them dopes too much. Some of them may eventually realise that he’s talking about them.
One of my secret lovers, Jimmy Da Silva, may have had his cover blown by one of those upstart Rebels. That’s right, you know who you are Marty Ashfield. I told Gerald what you had written, but all Gerald would do is tap the side of his nose and say “every Cloud has a Silva lining” then he’d laugh. Like I said, Gerald’s funny, but sometimes I don’t get him.
commented 2015-12-08 09:49:41 -0500
Clifford May made mention of the NY Times cover pages trying to change the narrative to one of gun control avoiding altogether the very real issue of radical Islam. They even went as far as comparing total deaths from domestic extremist attacks since 9/11, stating more deaths have been commited by non-Muslim extremists at 55%. While this is true, they don’t account for the fact that only 2% of the US population is Muslim; if 45% of “extremist attacks” have been committed by 2% of the population then Muslims are more than 25 times more likely to commit said “extremist attacks.” Big fail by the NY Times.
commented 2015-12-08 09:43:03 -0500
Thanks for another great show Ezra, it seems that the production value gets better every day. Eventually you’ll have to start producing monthly compilations of your hate mail responses, the wife and I always get a chuckle from them. Keep up the great work!
commented 2015-12-08 09:25:01 -0500
Sam Young you sound angry that the Rebel is a huge success. Now run along and beat your head against a wall. Dummy!
commented 2015-12-08 09:20:17 -0500
Ezra ,simply amazing! You’re a credit to the human race.
commented 2015-12-08 09:19:00 -0500
The UN is constantly spreading lies and rumours about anyone they hate, and that stands in their way of taking over the world.
commented 2015-12-08 08:45:06 -0500
Note to the lefty trolls: The UN has done nothing but belittle Canada all the while receiving Canadian Taxpayer monies to fund their operations. Remember the “food rappateur”? We owe them nothing!
commented 2015-12-08 04:53:35 -0500
Ezra, If you could produce 3 hours of content a day I would quit cable. If you could produce 8 I would quit my job.
commented 2015-12-08 03:27:02 -0500
Thanks Ezra for upping the heat on the Stalinist NDP with their socialist slave mentality that can’t abide the idea of a free people working their farms as people have done since time immemorial, without socialist masters.

There is only one cure for this disease: Carpet Alberta with signs like this: Notley OUT! NDP OUT! Family Farms YES! Socialist Slavery NO! Let’s say at least a hundred thousand such signs to get the message across.

That’s over the winter. Then start ramping up demonstrations all over the province, and at the Legislature every week, throughout the spring and summer, or as long as it takes for the NDP to chuck Notley and call an election.
commented 2015-12-08 02:51:24 -0500
Steve Mcqueen, I was thinking the same thing. But then again, Obamie is still walking around, so go figure. One thing for sure, when her reign of terror is over, she will have to retire abroad somewhere.
commented 2015-12-08 02:35:56 -0500
You want hate mail, Ezra? Well hate mail you shall have. And I dare you to read this one out.

Gavin is a horrible addition to the rebel. He is ignorant and unfunny. He has the impression that he isclever and shocking, but he only comes off sounding like a child. And as long as he remains on the rebel, I will NOT be giving you a cent for anything. So that means no money for your polls, donations to legal fees, and especially not to a subscription to your show. And while you are trying to come up with commercials and petitions to fire somebody, here is an idea. How about firing Gavin? His very presence here destroys the credibility of the rebel.
commented 2015-12-08 02:02:35 -0500
Who is……?

No one in the lib dictatorship cares

They will bring in islamics no matter what YOU think, say or do. Soon there will be legislation to prevent you from talking badly about them – that is because it will be made a hate speech crime.
commented 2015-12-08 01:49:52 -0500
Glenn Craig wrote «It is VERY telling that the NDP has become so dogmatic and doctrinaire»

It’s because they know they were elected by accident and have no chance to ever be elected again, so they are free to burn everything they don’t like to the ground since they know they’ll never be held accountable.
commented 2015-12-08 01:47:25 -0500
Richard Vaderlubbe how many times have you tinfoilers predicted WW3 now? I have heard the same garbage for decades now, maybe look at your track record , the tinfoilers have never once been right about anything.
commented 2015-12-08 01:40:21 -0500
It seems that the Notley Government’s (or maybe that should be “Naughtley” as in “all for naught”) plan is to make family farms as dysfunctional as the government bureaucracy itself by imposing all the same labour rules.
commented 2015-12-08 01:36:49 -0500
Ezra, why don’t you guys put together a short video story called “The Rebel: Behind The Scenes” and show us what you’ve built over the past several months.
commented 2015-12-08 01:35:44 -0500
I really liked the interview with Rick and the idea of crowdfunding for the farmers. You guys should set something up and let them all know that if Bill 6 goes through, Albertans have their backs. Don’t register with WCB. Stick it to the socialist Premier and her chronies! We’ll do what we can to help with legal bills.

Keep up the good work ol boy!
commented 2015-12-08 00:39:02 -0500
Kelvin. You know what the Lefty’s are like, they live in the past, and want to “make up for the past”, whether it’s in reference to Aboriginals, women taking longer to achieve rights, or . . wait for it . . The Crusades! Yup, they don’t know the history, only what they hear in Lefty media and think we we’re the Bad Guys, and yup – they want to make up for it. That we had nothing to do with it, that today’s Muslims were never victims of it, to them is irrelevant. We have to “make up for past sins”. This is the communist equivalent of; the son shall pay for the sins of thy father. Of course, if one knows the history, the Crusades was launched to fight back against the Islamic Jihadists of the day, the Ottoman Empire. The Left are so disgusting, it’s not hard to find on line how they down-play and romanticize Saladin Ottoman, as a “kinder / gentler warrior”, with lots of fake stories of how gentle he was (as he slit ppl’s throats).
commented 2015-12-07 23:49:33 -0500
I’m sure proud of Albertans, you noticed that just a handful of people showed up to welcome some refugees, unlike the throngs of sheeple that showed up in Germany. I still can’t wrap my head around why the liberals are so hyper vigilant to protect Islam, does that make them islamophobic? Are they really that scared of them that they hold their collective noses to kiss their asses?
commented 2015-12-07 23:23:23 -0500
Chris,“You are”, abbreviated, would be " You’re". You should’ve (should have) finished high school. You’d (you would) have learned that had you gone back for grade 7.
commented 2015-12-07 22:57:34 -0500
It is VERY telling that the NDP has become so dogmatic and doctrinaire ….that they no longer know what the term “grass roots” actually means.
commented 2015-12-07 22:43:28 -0500
Non-conformist and dissenting farmers and ranchers and other sovereign citizens these days will likely be met with SWAT teams, like Obama is doing in the US.