March 01, 2016

Who NOT to vote for. New video tells voters the truth about the candidate saying “I'll fight for you”

StaffRebel Columnist

Just in time for Super Tuesday! A new video from Prager U features Adam Carolla taking on political candidates who tell lazy individuals they will fight for them.

He explains how if he was at a town-hall meeting and someone stood up and asked what he was going to do for them because they're pregnant and on academic probation he'd say...

“Nothing, but here's the good news. We live in the United States. You can do something for you. Feel free to get a job and fight to keep it.”

“You remember when you were a kid and you'd take an illness and you'd stay home from school, and you'd sit there on the sofa and you'd watch daytime TV?” he continues. “Every single commercial was geared towards somebody who was out of work, but who wanted to work. Why? Well, it's Tuesday. It's noon. Who's going to be home watching this TV show? People who are out of work. What do people who are out of work want to do? They want to get work.”

“Now look at every commercial on daytime TV,” he says while making a point about lawyers saying they'd fight for you.

Check it out.

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commented 2016-03-01 12:26:47 -0500
“Humans need challenges to overcome, just like a muscle needs resistance to grow”
The government nanny state basket of goodies is a way to dumb down a population. It works. Look at who is PM. Free stuff has already lured the already weak minded and will encourage those hobbled by gov. regulation to give up with the rest of em. Their idea of levelling the playing field is to kill any incentive to excel, to bring everyone down to the same level. The ruin of a society. The opposite of a healthy society.
commented 2016-03-01 11:37:45 -0500
‘as trudeau jets off to a ski hill , with security in tow , for some selfies while he fights global warming.
proves they don’t even believe their own bullshit.
how do expect me to believe also?
commented 2016-03-01 11:28:46 -0500
Andrew said, “Stupid Canadian voters stoned on librano hopium need to watch this video at least 10 times”

The socialists could watch it 1000 time but it will still make no difference since they have their minds closed to anything they perceive as “conservative”, and this video on “getting off your lazy ass and finding a job” is definitely a conservative view on life.
commented 2016-03-01 10:45:05 -0500
Stupid Canadian voters stoned on librano hopium need to watch this video at least 10 times – denial is difficult to overcome.