February 14, 2019

Why going to the movies sucks

Adam/Pathetic MillennialRebel Correspondent

I’ve been writing a lot of movie reviews for school lately, and with movies today being full of political agendas and political correctness, going to the movies kind of sucks.


I had to sit through Vice, a movie starring Christian Bale, about former U.S. Vice president Dick Cheney and his rise to becoming one of the most powerful vice presidents in U.S. history.

That movie turned out to basically be a giant hit piece on conservatives and Dick Cheney. No surprise there.

One movie that I saw that was actually pretty good with no political agenda, or political correctness was The Mule, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood.

Eastwood plays a 90-year-old Korean War veteran and horticulturist named Earl Stone. Earl falls on hard times financially and is about to lose his horticulture business so he becomes a drug mule for the cartel.

It’s no Gran Torino but it’s still really good.

With all the things you can’t say nowadays, it’s refreshing to see Clint Eastwood refer to lesbian bikers as “dykes on bikes” in The Mule. We need to see more stuff like this in movies!

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commented 2019-02-17 11:21:14 -0500
Andy Neimers commented 6 hours ago
Stay tuned for this year’s Oscars ratings… Not that I am about to watch them, yet again… "

Down. Network TV is dying.
commented 2019-02-17 05:02:46 -0500
Stay tuned for this year’s Oscars ratings… Not that I am about to watch them, yet again…
commented 2019-02-15 10:46:47 -0500
I mean what else would any sane person call two short haired nose ringed lesbians on motorcycles?
commented 2019-02-15 10:44:44 -0500
PC culture is ruining movies. Its ruining everything. PC culture sucks the life blood from society. We will all die of boredom. Stunted and shrivelled from all the lies.
commented 2019-02-14 21:33:51 -0500
Well perhaps Proctor & Gamble learned their lesson with their moronic Gillette social justice add.
I saw an add for Gillette razors today with just a guy shaving , just shaving period. The new product looked worth buying and trying and isn’t that the point? And I didn’t feel like racing over to church to confess all my sins for just being a man.
People are catching on to this constant moralizing and lecturing in movies , award ceremonies and TV shows and tuning them out. Hit the profit margin and things will change as they did with NFL , Grammys .The Academy are too far gone to learn I think but who knows.
commented 2019-02-14 20:04:04 -0500
Clint Eastwood is a Conservative. He’s one of the few Hollywood actors I would still pay good money to see in a movie.
commented 2019-02-14 20:00:40 -0500
Thank you for saving me from watching the Cheney movie.Sounds like conservative bashing bull, even though Cheney was a questionable guy in a questionable presidency.

Anyone who sees and appreciates the nuance of Clint Eastwood is okay by me. Your dad was right about Reagan. I’m glad to see that political correctness is boring the hell out of more people all the time. It needs to die.

I Liked your BBQ vid, across the street from the peta protesters at the meat slaughterhouse. I’d like to see some more ‘on the street’ stuff.