June 03, 2016

Why are Canadians so funny? Guests John Dore, Paul Spence & Janet Bloomfield — and your calls about Justin

Gavin McInnesArchive

Comedian Jon Dore and I try to figure out why Canadians are so funny (and mean.)

PLUS the guys from "FUBAR" have a new movie out and actor Paul Spence comes on to talk about it.

Then Janet Bloomfield of Judgybitch.com (motto: "The radical notion that women are adults") joins me via Skype to discuss why feminists hate housewives.

Finally I take your calls about Justin Trudeau and political correctness.


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commented 2016-06-06 11:28:37 -0400
I agree withPaul McCullough – Canadians ARE funny but we have a dry scolding sense of humor – I think it is born out of a tradition of being politically jaded watching the gaffs and prat falls of the elites who presume to be our moral and intellectually superior rulers.

Gotta make fun of this pretensions piety and poor governing to stay sane and not go postal like other nationalities would.
commented 2016-06-06 02:01:47 -0400
Having a sense of humor is a Canadian survival instinct.

SCTV started in a tiny studio in Edmonton with very little budget. Look at the makeup & props from their first season. They got bigger later. Some of their references are a bit dated but I still find it hilarious.
commented 2016-06-05 22:26:58 -0400
I forgive you Milan, cheers.
commented 2016-06-05 16:23:47 -0400
MILAN NOVAKOVIC commented 23 hours ago
The theme music is difficult to listen to and take seriously. I am not getting this show, sorry rebel.media.
STOMPING TOM CONNORS IS AN OTTAWA VALLEY ICON. Gavin grew up in the Ottawa Valley. Maybe you should do some research before you criticize.
commented 2016-06-05 02:05:08 -0400
Bill Elder NICE!
commented 2016-06-04 21:13:28 -0400
Ha….true, Liza, cheers.
commented 2016-06-04 19:38:04 -0400
The theme song is Stompin Tom Connors. You cannot get more Canadian than that! Milan, who said you were supposed to take Gavin seriously?
Gavin, clearly ‘some’ Canadians are not funnier.
Stompin Tom , Red River Jane
commented 2016-06-04 17:29:52 -0400
The theme music is difficult to listen to and take seriously. I am not getting this show, sorry rebel.media.
commented 2016-06-04 15:27:32 -0400
Snooze. Not sure what this even has to do with the Rebel, or why it is part of it. The interviews are so longwinded, unfocused and boring. Personally, I would change up the show (Monologue – one fast paced, focused interview on something relevant or interesting (Rick Mercer style) and questions from callers) or just stick to making the shorts. I like the call-ins, but even at that it would be good if each week there was a theme.
commented 2016-06-04 12:16:39 -0400
A few decades ago Americans had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now in the Obama era they have no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs. I bet there are a lot of Americans praying Kevin Bacon doesn’t die.

B RRRRRRRRRPOP (rimsot) I’ll be here all week folks thanks for catching my first act of the evening
commented 2016-06-04 11:32:46 -0400
There is something voyeuristic about Canadian humour. This show is a big yawn. It’s kinda like reading Atwood. So pretentious yet predictable.
commented 2016-06-04 02:37:50 -0400
Enjoy the show, but I feel Gavin is holding back a little. We want Full Gavin! Also can we ditch the bleeps? There’s a pay wall, and we are all adults here right?
commented 2016-06-04 01:24:09 -0400
Enjoyed the show. Loved Janet in Thunder bay. Interesting perspectives from the expats.
commented 2016-06-03 23:48:23 -0400
Great show Gavin. SCTV is a nostalgic reminder from a long-gone era of “Fuddle Duddle” and beer in stubby brown bottles. Just for the record, I believe it was produced in Edmonton, not Winnipeg.
commented 2016-06-03 23:30:35 -0400
Now that Janet Bloomfield is one Sweet (HOT) Canadian Lady!! Would love to see her take Mrs Piggishly Wiggly TruDope for a lesson or 2!!
commented 2016-06-03 22:30:34 -0400
Partly in jest, mostly in truth.