March 07, 2017

Why are feminists promoting “modesty fashion”?

Claire LehmannAustralian Contributor

You’ve probably seen it: The media gushing about a “modest revolution” in women’s fashion.

Women wearing headscarves or hijabs, with long sleeves, long skirts and high necklines have paraded on catwalks from New York to London.

And you’ve probably seen the media celebrating “first hijabis” as well:

The first hijab-wearing woman to dance as a ballerina, fence in the Olympics — and even pose for Playboy.

But wearing a headscarf is not an achievement.

And it is certainly not a feminist statement.

In a free country women get to choose what we want to wear. 

But in many countries, women are NOT free to wear what they want.

The social pressure to wear the hijab is now spreading to countries like Turkey, as the Islamic world is becoming gradually more orthodox.

It’s actually worth pointing out that the women in Western countries who promote the hijab as a “feminist statement” are white Western women.

A couple of years ago in Australia, we had a Solidarity with Hijabs campaign led by left-wing feminists. Only a couple of weeks before that campaign, they were protesting rape culture in Slutwalks.

Why would you go to a Slutwalk one week, and then wear a hijab the next?

WATCH and I’ll tell you…

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commented 2017-03-08 17:27:59 -0500
The modesty clothing scan, it is a trick, and blatant slut shaming, to trick Christian and non-religious girls to dress in clothing that is clearly, Islamic inspired and of Islamic origin, by pretending its nothing to do with religion, and rebranding it as secular fashion instead. Its the only way to get those of other faith to wear such clothing connected to a faith not their own. How long before Christian girls parents find their children are being encouraged to dress in this fashion, and their objections dismissed because the religious implications have been by the “useful idiots”, and propgandists in the media, and greedy fashion industry, obscured or denied. How far is appeasement and betrayal of women and young girls prepared to go by the PC globalists??

This betrayal by regressive left has been criticised by Quillette.
Aynaz Anni Cyrus If covering up is so called “modesty clothing”, then lets fight back with pride in our own western styles, western women should re-brand their own clothing proudly, and loudly, i.e. bikini’s and short shorts,t-shirts, skimpy dresses etc can be called “Body confident clothing” , proud girl clothing, in direct contrast to so called “modest (slut shaming)clothing” myth. If there is any objections, suggestion that this implies somehow that the cover up versions, mean women are not body confident, then women can do what the modest clothing advocates, propgandists, do and say we do not know how that has been implied. It not the intention of course.

With sheer hypocrisy the left are so prone to, I bet this peaceful confident passive resistance to being pressured to cover up, would cause cries of outrage by the modesty clothing pressure groups. Although it would show people are not idiots and we know what they are trying to do, why, and that women won’t change how we dress just to meet their religious preferences,or what some old men want.

Lets peacefully, passively resist, being forced to change or cover up by some old religios men, when our ancestors have fought so hard for us to wear as skimpy as we want. Lets be body confident, lets claim body confident short shorts, mini-skirts and bikinis as positive things (again). The regressive left are pushing females back to old days.

The stealth changing of how women can dress and loss of their freedom is happening across the world and nobody is calling the modesty clothing lie out for the inexcusable slut shaming it really is. This is because of the lie that calling it modesty clothing is not calling other clothing slut clothing ,which it is, and they know it is, but they don’t care as they know people are too cowed to object. Conservatives need to get smart real quick as Trump would say, get unified, more loyalty, less back stabbing and more unified supporting of each other or all is lost. The left has a strong support movement and that how they have had their own way for so long. Conservative need to join up world wide too.

Lessons need to be learned and reformers supported.

Turkey and Indonesia are often used as the success stories, well everyone can see Turkey will soon be like other hardline theocracy. Even Indonesia is not immune from the Islamic hardliners taking control, and forcing women to submit, It keeps happening over and over again. “A serious shift in Indonesian society concerning the jilbab (Islamic headscarf). In the past, most Indonesians considered Islamic dress a matter of private interpretation. But since reformasi local governments and Islamic institutions have begun to force women to cover”.

In Aceh, for example, female dress has been among the most strictly enforced regulations since the introduction of syariah (Islamic law) in 2001. Syariah police, army officers, local Islamic and student groups have all played a part in ensuring that Acehnese women abide by the new dress codes. Women have been arrested, charged — and even had their hair cut off — for being caught in public without the veil".
commented 2017-03-08 15:12:42 -0500
It will be interesting to watch Trudeau explain his strong feminist feelings and admiration for all women(except muslim women ) and his admiration for islam and its contempt and hatred of all things not it. Typical elitest hypocrite.
commented 2017-03-08 09:33:43 -0500
Get ready for it…selfies of Justin wearing the hijab to show solidarity with his sisters. Because he too is a feminist.
commented 2017-03-08 02:28:13 -0500
Feminists, like most leftists, do not have a clear idea of what they want. They are, however, good at bitching about what is currently in place.
commented 2017-03-08 01:08:59 -0500
Chi Huavara there will be no reconciliation after this folly, they are deluded if they think they can change this after it gets embedded.
commented 2017-03-08 00:45:12 -0500
Jan, you’re right. They bought into the Trudeau propaganda. Vote in haste; repent at leisure.
commented 2017-03-08 00:44:21 -0500
So why not be really empowered and go full dhimmi and wear a burka? Why stop at half measures in your quest for independence? Walk the beaches in the summer and laugh in derision at all the cis-gendered cattle exposing their bodies by societal pressure. Lord knows I’d appreciate it on one of your multitude of marches.
commented 2017-03-07 21:30:44 -0500
Women are naïve and will buy into most propaganda.
commented 2017-03-07 19:21:41 -0500
Good points CLAIRE , nothing to add , it just gets more insane
commented 2017-03-07 18:16:06 -0500
“The only real question here is how do they reconcile their donning of hijabs with their fight against the dastardly patriarchy?”

cognitive dissonance
commented 2017-03-07 17:47:54 -0500
Feminists are promoting modesty fashion because the world largely accepted the braless feminist. That’s why they traded in their burning bras for hijabs; they needed something new to bitch about in order to draw attention to themselves.

The only real question here is how do they reconcile their donning of hijabs with their fight against the dastardly patriarchy?
commented 2017-03-07 16:49:01 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,940 Attacks, 211,077 Killed, 295,119 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-03-07 16:42:18 -0500
Well said Bravo Zulu!
As the Rebel reporter pointed out, this brand of feminism isn’t coherent….it’s adherents are willfully blind to obvious mistreatment of women and will follow their misguided leaders wherever they may take them. They allow others to do the thinking for them & give the “appropriate” support via twitter; FB; marches etc….Ask them about what they plan to do to support oppressed and abused women, how they plan to shine a light on Islamic subjugation of women & girls… cue the crickets.
commented 2017-03-07 15:15:19 -0500
It’s not just the women being manipulated to adopt Islamic fashion. Am I the only one noticing the sudden explosion of Islamic beards on men these days? It seems especially prevalent among young black males. By “Islamic” I mean the thick, full beard with no mustache, which all Muslim males are expected to wear. It just goes to show that if you can’t force them to convert to Islam, you can brainwash them into it by calling it “fashion”.

I doubt this “modesty” fashion will last for more than a couple of seasons. Hijabs and modesty gear are highly inconvenient, especially in hot weather. Will they all don burkinis in the summer? I doubt it.

The trouble with Islamic “fashion” is that those who adopt it have no clue what they’re really getting into. How many of them are getting up at 5 am for their first of five prayers for the day? How many of them are giving up their booze, drugs and parties, or their pet dogs, as they would if they actually converted to Islam? They are like Malibu Barbie dolls playing dressup, except more than the Tickle Trunk awaits them if they continue on this path.
commented 2017-03-07 14:54:39 -0500
Exactly Bravo Zulu. Until then I guess we will be forced to endure Madonna wearing a see through Burka singing like a virgin.
commented 2017-03-07 14:52:29 -0500
Feminists think they have the right to speak for all women, but they don’t. And it’s why I dislike them so very much. At one time, feminism dealt with women’s issues, like being able to vote. But they have been hijacked by those who wish to control and subjugate us. They are even turning on women like my daughter, who very much loves being a wife and a mother. They try to make them feel guilty for wanting families, and suggest that they are nothing, if they don’t want a career or freedom. I’m truly sick of hearing these stupid creatures complain, and blame men for everything. I don’t need some unhappy freak telling me how I feel and what I need and want!
commented 2017-03-07 14:51:17 -0500
Feminists will do whatever it takes to get attention and now it seems FEMEN just isn’t getting the attention and results they wanted….from one extreme to the other.
commented 2017-03-07 14:39:17 -0500
When feminists stop supporting those who believe in wife beating, stop supporting those who believe in marital rape, stop supporting those who sell girl children to old men for marriage, stop supporting those who practice FGM – and more – much more – then and only then will I consider giving them the time of day.

Until then they are “feminazis”.

Call then what they truly are.