January 08, 2017

Why are shootings UP under Surrey’s gun amnesty program?

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

In March 2016, the city of Surrey, British Columbia brought in a gun amnesty program under the premise that it would decrease the number of gang shootings happening as a result of a violent drug turf war that was underway.

The city was responding to a spike in shootings with more than 30 occurring in the first three months of the year alone. The program aims to encourage people to turn in guns that are in their possession illegally, no questions asked and with no punishment of any kind.

It’s also aimed at legal gun owners that aren’t involved in crimes but who may have expired paperwork or may want to get rid of old guns they no longer want.

The problem with these programs is they allow the police to claim they’ve taken more guns off the street, guns belonging to law abiding citizens, without really reducing shootings.

In fact, stats show the number of shootings in Surrey are up since the amnesty program was implemented with 56 confirmed shootings in 2015, while in 2016 there were 58.

The gun amnesty program isn’t working and it’s ridiculous to think that criminals, who don’t follow any other laws or rules, are suddenly going to give up their guns because the police are offering to let them off the hook with no consequences.

The only thing these programs accomplish is to punish law abiding firearms owners who are treated like second class citizens in this country.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Surrey, Linda Hepner, continues to call for more laws and consequences for firing guns in the city-more laws, that only legal gun owners will abide by.

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commented 2017-01-09 23:04:37 -0500
Surrey always had a high rate of crime. All the gangs and ethnic backgrounds. We are not talking about families raised in Canada learning North American practices. Vancouver has been the same with the Asian gangs. Toronto, same thing. Now, Ottawa.
commented 2017-01-09 21:35:00 -0500
Gun owning law abiding citizens present absolutely no threat to other law abiding citizens… gun free zones are targets for criminals and other sub humans who wish to do harm on innocent people Because they know there is nobody there to stop them and the authorities usually only arrive after the fact to take bodies away and to take statements from survivors.
I don’t think there was ever a time in history where murderers and thieves bothered to take the time to obtain a gun permit before going on their murderous rampages.. unarmed citizens are targets and resources for the criminal element who would do them wrong. The statistics are out there for every country who practices gun control… Either the crime rate goes straight up and through the roof because only the criminals have guns or the country evolves into a armed dictatorship who through violence and aggression subvert the people… the lessons of gun control should be represented by cold hard facts that speak for themselves in a positive light and not based on knee-jerk reactions or crying emotions that have no place in objective and critical thinking.
If gun control worked then police would not ever need to be armed.. Taking guns away from law-abiding citizens does not take guns away from criminals or do anything to help us it only leaves us defenseless to protect ourselves from a threatening element.
Switzerland has an automatic military style tactical rifle Tucked away with ammunition in almost each and every household… Nobody bothers to mention that it has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the world.. And they as law abiding gun owners don’t run around shooting each other up.
commented 2017-01-09 16:02:01 -0500
HARLEY MCCARTNEY. right. in the case of non citizens, make them earn citizenship and residency by being perfect law abiding citizens from the age of 12 to 25 first or from the age of majority for 5 consecutive years. if they violate the law after the age of majority drop them off on the airport tarmac from the country they belong to notwithstanding if they want them back or not.
commented 2017-01-09 15:57:00 -0500
HARLEY MCCARTNEY. good idea. in the case of surrey gun violence , its gang vs gang in 99% of the shootings. solution; bring in some nyc cops who know how to deal with gangs. leave the guns and the owners of law abiding citizens alone. if anything , give law abiding properly trained gun owners more freedom with gun possession and use. that would actually help the police.
commented 2017-01-09 15:19:28 -0500
Understand some of the people committing these crimes are not even Canadian citizens.
The best way to stay in Canada commit another crime. It took nine years to get rid of one in Calgary.Time must be served but before that they are released on their own good word.
Non citizens should be deported at the first offence. Oh and by the way if their home country wont take them back. We should no longer allow travel to Canada from that Country.
commented 2017-01-09 11:59:20 -0500
Fools. Criminals don’t care about laws!
commented 2017-01-09 10:48:44 -0500
The only thing the amnesty program does is disarm law abiding citizens. It is an unadulterated joke. But gun phobic, main stream news suckled Canadians will suck it up hook , line and sinker. Current left wing governments and law enforcement will always go after law abiding citizens to attempt to give an impression that they are effectively dealing with gun violence, when in fact law abiding citizens have absolutely nothing to do with it. Law enforcement efforts do nothing to stop gun violence. A prime example is shutting down shooting demonstrations at gun shows and fairs in Surrey where only law abiding citizens attend and participate.. If anything a law abiding citizen with a gun in their hand is a crime deterrent not a cause of crime. Get prepared to watch the gun crime in Chicago ( black on black) take a nose dive when law abiding citizens are encouraged to start carrying concealed weapons. I just watched a recent video of the shootings at the Ft Lauderdale airport. Clearly, had any one of the people watching been armed and properly trained to shoot , the murderer could have easily been shot in the back of his head and lives been saved. Instead they either stood there and watched in shock or pathetically tried to find cover and cower in place. Instead, why not dive for cover and shoot they SOB. The answer to all this ISIS carnage is to encourage law abiding citizens to get properly trained, and conceal carry.
Hopefully when we get rid of the Communist Prime Minister the Left has so ignorantly put in power over Canada, we can get a Prime Minister in place that has some common sense, testicles and logic. Then perhaps we will get gun phobic gun laws changed in Canada so law abiding citizens can own and carry and defend themselves and others from mass murderers. Its not a matter of if, but when, ISIS will begin mass murder right here in Canada in a community near you.
commented 2017-01-08 21:31:44 -0500
“Why are shootings UP under Surrey’s gun amnesty program”? Criminals realize you have to be smart about being stupid. They know under the liberal justice system is all about optics.
commented 2017-01-08 21:02:17 -0500
Gun amnesties are all about scaring widows and naive survivors into surrendering valuable antiques/heirlooms to cops who “rescue” them from the destruction process. Nothing more.
commented 2017-01-08 20:58:03 -0500
I don’t know why this program isn’t working. After all gun control is doing so well in places like Chicago and Washington DC. Another example of lefties refusing to learn from their mistakes nor the mistakes of others.
commented 2017-01-08 20:40:17 -0500
Programs that make the people in charge feel better about themselves seldom do much good.
commented 2017-01-08 20:39:14 -0500
Keith Barnes you got that right, they perpetually create more problems then their idiotic solutions create even more problems, it is sheer lunacy.
Regan Jonny pretty simple logic , but they never seem to figure that out for some reason.
commented 2017-01-08 20:38:50 -0500
I wonder which will happen first;
Justin’s jack-booted thug hirelings kicking in our doors and trying to take our guns by force, aided and abetted by retarded pissants like that Toronto or Surrey mayor…or,
The collapse of the West after the coming global financial collapse – when you’ll really need those guns to keep from being eaten by your urban neighbours…if you survive being ‘rounded up’ by the state for thinking outside of the progressive/Globalist orthodoxy and/or living in a non-urban center!
commented 2017-01-08 20:23:13 -0500
And what kind of people are doing the shooting,,,,,,Lets dump them into Canada,just keep them out of the USA
commented 2017-01-08 20:16:41 -0500
The police probably had a bumper crop of Enfields!
commented 2017-01-08 18:55:28 -0500
probably because guns are in the hands of criminals, and idiot judges politicians and gov will not lock up scum when they catch it.
commented 2017-01-08 18:26:14 -0500
Politicians, especially Left Wing Politicians, are very good at creating problems but when it comes to solving them, that is a different matter.
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