September 27, 2015

Why bureaucrats are at the wheel in the drive to stop Uber

David MenziesMission Specialist

Have you ever asked yourself why government feels it has a role in picking winners and losers in battles like the Uber fight

Well, ask no more!

It has a lot to do with what "Happy Capitalist" Lou Schizas calls the "Pyramid of Extortion."

That pyramid is what you get when certain economic institutions are controlled or heavily influenced by government, as is the case in Uber's battle with the highly regulated taxi industry.

Sorry, customers: What's best for you isn't relevant, because in the way of communist Russia, and in the name of social responsibility, you're getting the Lada whether you want it or not.

Don't worry. It will get you there .... eventually.


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commented 2015-09-27 23:49:37 -0400
Bill, what does Uber have to do with anti-pesticides? Unless you are referring to Monsanto and the unfettered control of our food supply which I am totally against.
I want my frankenfood labeled with no exceptions or arguments.
As to uber I can see where the cab companies are worried and they should be.
I have only heard about Uber as I live in a small town of less then a 1/2 million so It might take a while to get here but get here it will. We already have 2 cab companies that charge $5.00 for a 3 block run.
I am a senior and my walking has become a problem. When I think about buying a car again I look at my pension cheque and laugh at myself.
Don’t worry, I will probably only last a couple more years because I refuse to move to any retirement home because that is where the thugs hang around waiting for us to come out.
commented 2015-09-27 22:04:56 -0400
Funny how a lot of people share in Vlads view of the Liberals and/or Wynne. Would that be a conspiracy?
commented 2015-09-27 21:10:36 -0400
Why does one come away with the opinion that Vlad really hates liberals and in particular Wynne?
commented 2015-09-27 19:38:09 -0400
Socialism. Pure and aggresive! Don’t let those damned capitalists gain any ground!
commented 2015-09-27 18:32:57 -0400
In 2009, Ontario government officials also TOOK SIDES by choosing against legal and tax-paying businesses operating in the professional lawn care industry. Because of Ontario’s 2009 provincial prohibition against pest control products, businesses operating in the professional lawn care industry lost over 500,000,000 dollars, with over 12,500 unemployed. Because of Ontario’s 2009 provincial prohibition, the owners, employees, and families dependent on safe and effective pest control products faced terror, despair, and destitution. And Ontario government officials were warned in advance that prohibition would lead to the annihilation of an industry, specifically by environment commissioner Gord Miller himself ! ( Not surprisingly, miller now operates with Green Party of Canada. ) Ontario government officials like Miller, along with premier Dalton McGuinty, and environment minister John Gerretsen, could not have cared less about the catastrophic business carnage, which they minimized with the use of the term sun-setting. These Ontario government officials were/are mere anti-pesticide thugs who impose politicized and non-scientific life-style choices with depraved and total indifference. All Ontario government officials were officially warned about the catastrophic business carnage, or sun-setting, that would result from prohibition. On October 6th, 2009, Gord Miller himself, as the anti-pesticide grim reaper, reported to the ontario legislative assembly about the sun-setting carnage of that would result from prohibition ― « in the short-term, however, the ban may have significant effects on the economic health or continued viability of many lawn care businesses, effectively sun-setting components of an industry. » Gord Miller could not have cared less about the catastrophic business carnage, and merely relegated himself to the role of anti-pesticide grim reaper. Ontario’s catastrophic business carnage was unnecessary since pest control products are scientifically-safe, and will not cause harm to people, animals, or the environment.



commented 2015-09-27 13:14:10 -0400
VLAD; I agree with you, but I think, if in your last line, you changed PIG to SOW…….or would that be politically incorrect?
commented 2015-09-27 12:39:19 -0400
As soon as someone comes up with a good idea in which to do business in a efficient and competitive manner the various layers of government jump in with regulations and fees that drives free interprise underground in order to be viable.
I’m all for under the table free trade where the bureaucrats can’t poke their greedy little rodent fingers into my livelihood or consumer choices.
commented 2015-09-27 12:16:19 -0400
Looking beyond the detail of Uber itself, the larger issue of personal transportation in the city demonstrates the complete inconsistency of the regressive socialist policies. City Councils are against Uber, which is paid ride-sharing reducing the number of vehicles on the road. They at the same time demand people reduce the number of vehicles on the road through ride sharing to the point in TO the Provincial Government is threatening HOV lane tariffs. How inconsistent can you get?

Of course, while an apparent inconsistency, it is not. Uber is not under regressive socialist control, hence needs to be bureaucratized to justify the bureaucracy and make it larger; plus Uber is a freedom movement, and regressive socialists don’t like a free people. Low occupancy vehicles are always a target of the regressive socialists, because they also demonstrate an unregulated free people, hence the unnecessary bottling up of vehicles through lane controls and shut-downs. Both Uber and personal vehicles require bureaucratic regulation; hence no inconsistency: it is all about regulating people and not allowing freedom of choice.

If you have Uber allowing freedom of the people in their personal transportation at the same time creating high occupancy vehicles, that does not allow for the theft of money through HOV lane tariffs. Regressive Socialists both want to regulate how the people share rides, but at the same time figure how to gain more tax dollars through personal transportation. Uber just does not allow for this classic example of “having your cake and eating it too” attitude of regressive socialists.

Speaking of Regressive Socialists at the trough: note how it took the P/C’s in Alberta 41 years before they started feeding at it during their last three years. Yet it only took the NDP government 4 months for the regressive socialists to start feeding at the trough, or 0.8% of the time it took the P/C’s to start. It will be interesting to see if Mulcair can beat Notley’s record, if he is elected.
commented 2015-09-27 12:03:21 -0400
This is all just about the money flow – PIG COMMUNIST WYNNE encourages trades education, but limits licences – PIG WYNNE facilitates limited supply to keep trade rates high. So trades graduates can’t get work – PIG WYNNE STRIKES AGAIN.


commented 2015-09-27 11:58:12 -0400
Bill Elder, it’s closer to socialism than crony capitalism.
commented 2015-09-27 11:53:31 -0400
Good one Dave – Uber promotes reducing urban pollution, fossil fuel consumption, DT traffic and greener alternatives to the single passenger vehicle – it should get green funding but instead it gets bureaucratic harassment from those who pay lip service to workable consumption reduction solutions.

The Uber flap exposes the ugly face of crony capitalism (government-business collusion) through State regulated service and commodity monopolies. The Soviet union economy was rife with these monopolies – price fixing, lack of competition, no consumer choice, low quality high cost consumer markets – The Ontario Government is in love with Soviet supply control/monopoly – They have single desk marketing/price fixing commissariats not only for taxi service but eggs, dairy, meat, liquor and gaming to name a few. State protected monopolies.

How dare Uber offer a consumer/environment-friendly alternative to this fossilized economic model.
commented 2015-09-27 11:43:17 -0400
LLRFU, I know what you mean. Lefties / socialists have a brain load of contradictions. And the hilarious part is that they do not realize it. How they rectify those contradictions in their mind, I don’t know. Maybe they don’t, which makes they so hostile, illogical and insulting when someone points it out to them.
commented 2015-09-27 11:02:30 -0400
To me, this is a classic fight between socialism and capitalism. But there’s more ironies floating around the room than one can shake a stick at! I know lots of Lefty’s, that believe in their unions, accuse Rightie’s of their oligarchs and the like, but LOVE the free-wheeling Uber!! There are Lefty’s with their union monopolies (in dept’s unrelated to this issue) that LOVE Uber! Lefty’s that DESPISE Capitalism, yet LOOOVE Uber!! Anyone seeing any contradictions here???? And Lefty’s never learn, (I think they’re incapable of it ‘cause they’re all psychotic), that when Gov controls an industry, it sucks, when you have competition (Capitalism), things are much better. But try telling that to an Uber-loving unionized civil servant!!
commented 2015-09-27 10:59:57 -0400
There is a liquor app in Canada.
Unfortunately, it works properly when there is a free market system which means government is out. People in Calgary can quickly locate the exact wine they are looking for, and the stores that currently have inventory, also on a map. Other items are possible and the service is growing also.
commented 2015-09-27 10:07:40 -0400
You are absolutely correct Mr. Menzies, but the issue is that the public is willing/apathetic victims. Take the liquor laws in Ontario. The public could simply boycott the beer store and boycott the liquor store, and it sure the hell wouldn’t be long until things changed. However, the electorate seems to buy into this narrative that the LCBO for example, is paying for all of our infrastructure, and I hear this: “where will the money come from” statement all of the time. Of course, those of us who understand at least the basics of economics, understand that the LCBO is a bad model, and not beneficial with the exception of some special interest groups (unions, bureaucrats). Then there’s the beer store cartel. That one is puzzling to me because it is not even publicly owned. My gut tells me, based on the beer store’s admission that they will challenge the exclusivity of their market with NAFTA, that there has been a deal made with them at some point that the public doesn’t know about. Not sure what it is, but it’s there. Otherwise, how can any rational person explain our government having to clear changes to liquor distribution with a FOREIGN privately owned company? And sign a ten year deal? Really? No wonder we’re broke in Ontario, obviously our negotiators are morons. There is a lot of corruption, but as long as the public is “fat, dumb and happy”, nothing changes. So while I appreciate the few people that speak up, and I especially appreciate the Rebel for offering a different view, we the Ontario electorate get what we deserve.
commented 2015-09-27 09:59:45 -0400
Don’t insult Allah or Mohammed in a Toronto cab!
commented 2015-09-27 09:54:42 -0400
right on. love it,
commented 2015-09-27 09:24:00 -0400
I agree, the taxi industry has been coddled for far too long, by local bureaucrats, and it needs to stop. Uber is much more efficient, and their system works. Those who are monopolizing the taxi industry, don’t like it one bit. I say let Uber carry on, and the government should keep its nose out of it. This is a much improved, and a much fairer system, for the general public, over the current taxi hostage system that we have.