April 21, 2018

Why did Rogers “bench” sportscasting legend Bob Cole from Stanley Cup playoffs?

David MenziesMission Specialist


For the first time, sportscasting legend Bob Cole won’t be calling any NHL playoff games.

Cole is gobsmacked by the decision, as are millions of hockey fans. Said Cole:

“It’s difficult to live with the fact that I’m not working. I surely will miss not working the playoffs. That’s the best way I can say it.”

The question is, why has Cole been kicked to the curb?

The Rogers assassin responsible for the decision is too gutless to give a reason, instead offering the weasel words of a grease-ball politician.

Cole’s axing represents the changing of the guard in the NHL and other professional sports leagues and their broadcasting partners. Pro sports is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and with big money come big conglomerates run by guys in Armani suits who don’t want colour, charisma and personality.

At 81, the passionate Cole is still state-of-the-art at calling a hockey game but he’s been benched, and once Don Cherry’s gone, all the passion will have been purged from the broadcast booth, just the way Rogers likes it.

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commented 2018-04-23 20:14:49 -0400
Same here Paul McCullough…
commented 2018-04-23 16:50:23 -0400
Remember in 2004 when the NHL lockout resulted in the cancellation of the Stanley Cup playoffs for the first time since an influenza epidemic canceled the 1919 playoffs? That’s when I stopped really caring about the NHL.
commented 2018-04-22 16:15:55 -0400
When Coach’s Corner comes on I can reach for the remote and switch channels in Rapier Like Fashion .
commented 2018-04-22 15:11:33 -0400
Maybe he was not “diverse” enough ?
commented 2018-04-22 02:36:34 -0400
John and Robert i agree , never thought he was any big deal doing play by play.
commented 2018-04-21 20:54:59 -0400
Like Robert Greeley , I’ve been very disappointed that Cherry continues to draw a paycheque from the leftist CBC .
Time for him and his sidekick Ron to hit the road .
commented 2018-04-21 17:47:55 -0400
Let me re-write my earlier comment of Don Cherry..

Don Cherry has a grand opportunity to prove he is a true Canadian by denouncing his loyalty to the cbc..

As long as he is getting his pay check from the cbc..He is part of the problem..not the solution..
commented 2018-04-21 15:44:46 -0400
If fans are upset, why don’t they drop Roger’s a line.
commented 2018-04-21 15:33:54 -0400
Don Cherry has a chance to redeem himself as a true Canadian..All he has to do is denounce his loyalty to the cbc…
commented 2018-04-21 13:37:03 -0400
Yeah, no, sorry Mennzoid but I have to fully agree with John Morrison below. Even some of the greatest sports announcers of all time reach their best-before date long before they leave the booth. As a life-long die-hard Cubbies fan, I was tickled pink and beside myself with delight when legend Harry Caray joined the Cubs for the ‘82 season. But even he was a shadow of his former self for his last decade in the booth, after he unfortunately suffered a stroke (I think before the ’87 season.)
I think you’re looking for a story about political correctness stupidity where one doesn’t exist.
commented 2018-04-21 10:43:54 -0400
No, I can’t stand listening to Bob Cole. The play by play that comes out of his mouth is full of errors. At times he forgets players names, calls on a player that isn’t even playing or fails to mention basic facts of the game. I liked him once but at 81 or so he is well past his best before date. Time to retire. .Just like Harry Neale did, Coles one time colour commentator. As for Don Cherry? Again I liked him once and respected his stance as a real Canadian who stood up for our veterans. But not anymore. Veterans and Canadiana aside, Don Cherry can hardly put a sentence together. He has become a caricature of himself. So embarrassing to listen to that I have to change the channel whenever he comes on. Sad!