May 16, 2015

Why do Calgary cops care more about #FHRITP than "Heil Hitler"?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

In Calgary, police are charging people who take part in the dumb #FHRITP prank. But remember when those cops did nothing while a Jewish family was attacked by pro-Hamas activists?

How about when they chanting 'Heil Hitler' at a group of Jews? How did Calgary police react?

Clearly the priorities of cops in Calgary are out of line, but why?

(I also look back at an old US Supreme Court case and show how the Left's "free speech" principles have changed over a generation or two.)

Why do you think Calgary police have such a double standard? Tell us in the comments.

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commented 2015-05-20 06:36:12 -0400
Thank you, Greg. I appreciate that, and I’ll try to be more civil myself.
commented 2015-05-19 20:00:30 -0400
Wht is it always losers that hate the Jews ?

And they go to best of Universities.
commented 2015-05-19 19:47:48 -0400
Actually, I am going to apologize Terry Rudden. I should not have implied that you are a liar. I do not practice enough self discipline in my comments. My I find it too easy to make unpleasant remarks to people on this discussion board and I will try to exercise restraint in the future.
commented 2015-05-19 12:10:24 -0400
Stick to the CBC Terry . . . they never say “mooslim Terrorist” . . . they ignore or dumb down the news to the level of their viewers . . . remember the British Soldier beheading . . . CBC are laughable ! ! !
Then they run millions of dollars worth of adds on CTV and Global . . . no critics there . . .
Hope you’re enjoying the new “Red State” Alberta . . . this is not going to end well
Ezra is right . . . it appears in Calgary some folks are just “More Equal” than others . . . and the dumb lieberals are Ok with that!
commented 2015-05-19 09:55:21 -0400
The problem with voters in Calgary, is that they can’t get off their butts and take 10-minutes to vote. This is how mayor Spendshi got the job, not once, but twice already. I will continue to vote against this schmuck, and hopefully we can defeat this leftist corpse in the next civic election. We need another Ralph, and Spendshi is to narcissistic for my liking.
commented 2015-05-19 07:28:02 -0400
I guess if they’re unemployed and looking for work, some probably do. Since I’ve been with the company I co-founded more than twenty years ago and I’m approaching retirement, I don’t really feel the need.
But if you’re calling me a liar, by all means provide a hotmail address and I’ll be happy to provide you with whatever evidence you want.
A gracious person would apologize at this point (just so you know.)
commented 2015-05-19 07:22:00 -0400
Because people on linked in never lie or inflate their achievements.
commented 2015-05-19 06:40:39 -0400
LOL. Peter, you’re capable of actual adult discussion. Don’t slip too deeply into Usenet-style stupidity; it’s hard to crawl back out.
Greg: in my spare time, among other things, I’m a scuba instructor and a musician. Why? And yes, I design communication skills workshops (among other things): if you know how to use LinkedIn, feel free to confirm that.
commented 2015-05-18 21:30:26 -0400
I don’t think Rudden knows what he’s talking about Peter.

He says that The Rebel has low quality advertising. (Huh?)
GMC, Go, Calgary’s Heritage park, Subway,, Mark’s work Wearhouse, Memory Express. THESE are low quality advertisers? Oh yeah, Ezra’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Oh well, whatever. Rudden also says he comes to Ezra’s site so he can do research for communications workshops he designs (LMFAO!) yeah suuurrree uh huh, you bet. (Yeah, THAT’S believable). What do you do in your spare time Mr. Rudden? Free lance astronaut?
commented 2015-05-18 20:51:39 -0400
I couldn’t agree with you more, Greg.

O, and Terry Rudden sweetie, REAL media reports the truth, which eliminates your lovers, the main stream media. But then you would have to actually recognize the truth in order to recognize that TheRebel.Media actually reports on it. Please do continue to wollow in your ignorance.

Your posts are quite humorous as you typify the standard left wing lemming.
commented 2015-05-18 19:04:12 -0400
Actually I think Ezra’s site is quite rebellious. Watching regular television news or reading mainstream newspaper or news magazine will make you want to give up on both.
As soon as you know the the most general information about a news story’s subject matter you will know exactly how it will be written or broadcast. You know pretty much who will be interviewed. You know what quotes will be included. More importantly you know exactly what questions will not be asked and what facts will be carefully avoided. This is the way that the overwhelming majority of news providers operate. Mr. Levant has used the term “consensus media” and that is an accurate term. By going against the grain he is in fact quite rebellious.

He, Brian Lilley and the rest of the staff are also Rebels for their criticism of the courts. Regular media outlets never hold judges responsible for their actions. My guess is because the vast majority of decisions made by canadian judges are in line with left wing political thought. If anything regular media act as sycophant boot lickers to the canadian judiciary. The Rebel website is swimming against the tide again. This is a good thing.
commented 2015-05-18 18:53:39 -0400
If people are stupid enough to vote for some idiot who is a Muslim, for Mayor, what do they expect. A Muslim is just someone who has been brain washed by a Political Platform called Islam. It would seem that he is pulling the strings of the Top Cop. Sounds like Dearborn MI to me.
commented 2015-05-18 14:17:23 -0400
You gotta love the doomsayers (Terry) our entertainment has doubled over the past two centuries due to these fools. As for the anti-Semitic foreigners I agree if there wasn’t a muslim mayor this wouldn’t happen. Of course the Political Correctness of the police will come back and bite them in the ass soon enough. Just look at Rotterdam.
commented 2015-05-18 09:46:27 -0400
Greg: LOL. I’m under no illusion that my comments will change what Ezra is doing. He’s got a good gig going here for a limited time. I gave this site roughly a year in February, and I’m sticking to that prediction based on the very poor quality of advertising they’re managing to attract and the decline in the quality of writing since their launch.
But I don’t find this site unappealing: quite the opposite (obviously!) It’s an excellent opportunity to practice critical thinking skills, to find and classify examples of the whole range of logical fallacies, and to select illustrative examples for some of the communication skills workshops I design.
As far as bias, I neither approve nor disapprove. I identify. What I take issue with pretending that government propaganda is “journalism” – and, of course, with the self-flattering delusion that there’s anything “rebellious” about faithfully parroting the political and economic message of majority government.
commented 2015-05-18 09:31:50 -0400
Glenn: I’m sure a commenter as articulate as yourself would be interesting to chat with, but you’ll have to start with a more interesting premise than “oh YEAH? Well, CBC!” That’s the kind of knee jerk non-thought that defines too much of this site.
commented 2015-05-18 02:46:46 -0400
@dan CHOMISTEK Re: Gentlemen
I knew a decent fellow “X” who was divorced by his wife.
His 14yo son while staying at his Dad’s one weekend used a swear against his ex-wife.
X gave him a swift smack to the side of his head (and that was all, I know because I had the misfortune of sitting beside him when he told this story and he faithfully recreated it using my head to show how hard) and told his son that he would not stand for a boy to dis-respect his mother like that.
The boy was sullen for the rest of their time but returned to mom’s place on the Monday.
That week the RCMP came to X’s worksite and asked if it was true that he had “assaulted” his son as his mother had called them to report the incident.
X said “absolutely and I would do again until my son understood that you don’t swear at your mother – no matter what”.
They arrested X, he appeared and was still unrepentant before the Judge and got 30 days for Assault – which he served on weekends so he could continue to work during the week and not fall behind on child-support.
You can’t make this stuff up.
So before we complain about this offensive prank lets all thank Feminism for bringing us here.
commented 2015-05-17 20:53:21 -0400
It boils down to: It’s easier and safer to go after a couple of morons in a pick-up truck than a group of people who are prone to extreme violence.
commented 2015-05-17 20:33:05 -0400
Joan, I think you epitomize what a lot of us think and feel. Additionally, the snippets of your past experiences resonate. A lot of us I think, myself included have been subjected to the same lefty tyranny which seeks to subjugate this country. Your point on the police is interesting, and accurate. Whilst military swear their allegiance and devotion to country and defense of the population, police swear allegiance to the ruling polictical class. In a true democratic sense, this would not be a problem. However, I think there is clearly a problem now as the extremists are taking control of our Gov’ts and institutions supported by those who are only interested in power. I would mention Justin, but ’nuff said.
commented 2015-05-17 20:19:36 -0400
Perhaps you are right Joan. I should not respond to provocation. But really I don’t see the reason to bitch when there is one right wing news site as compared to 1000 left wing ones.
commented 2015-05-17 19:52:53 -0400
Greg Rogers, I suspect Terry Rudden also gets a kick out of provoking good folks like you. (-: Personally, I also get a kick out of Terry. The site would be pretty boring if no one ever voiced a different view. Ezra knows that. And I think he appreciates the diversity and the controversy. Because it sells. It’s good for business.
commented 2015-05-17 19:47:45 -0400
I am going to do something I rarely do. Defend police.

A former mayor complained to me they could do nothing about how police enforce because, and I quote him, “they take all their direction from the province”.

Which reminds me, in Alberta, of the PC justice minister who bragged he had all the province’s police and judges in his pocket.

Follow the sunshine. Cops are just the messengers.
commented 2015-05-17 19:45:47 -0400
It’s unfortunate that you find The Rebel so unappealing Mr. Rudden. However, I doubt that Ezra cares what you think. I also expect that he will care even less in the future.
There are already several “news” outlets blindly reciting the left wing script without the slightest question or deviation from script.
I also know that delights you. You try to sound like such a lofty intellectual and truth teller but the fact is you completely approve of this level of bias as long as is presented from a left wing point of view.

So the bottom line here is that Ezra Levant is going to continue to operate this site his way. The overwhelming majority of people who visit this site will like the way he operates it, continue to visit it and there is nothing you can do about that.
Too bad for you.
commented 2015-05-17 19:38:23 -0400
Kevin Nestor – are you suggesting Ezra, Wilders, Geller, PEN and Charlie are all wrong? That we do not have the right to offensive free speech? That police are going to arrest me for not using an acronym to denote profane sexual harassment just so it won’t offend your exquisitely tight-cheeked linguistic tastes?

What hypocrisy for you to object to talking about rape but not to incitement to rape.

So to be consistent, do you then also condemn McMaster University physician, Stephen Paul Webb MD, for repeatedly and on tape calling me a “white nigger” for turning down a bribe from the MAG for a CEO job and “a lot of money” in exchange for protecting the ID of the men disabling them?

Or do you only menace women you think are too vulnerable to effectively self-defend?
commented 2015-05-17 17:37:10 -0400
Terry Rudden…you have described the CBC on line to a T. The difference between that and THE REBEL is that the censors don’t cherry pick comments at THE REBEL. And you used the term “trigger” words…shame on you….don’t you know that word traumatizes hoplophobes. Don’t hold up the MSM to me as a benchmark of journalistic professionalism…I attended the funerals of the last honest to God journalists in Canada and that was before the current bunch of castrated spineless mooks and feminist gauleiters were born… let alone graduated from so called “schools of journalism”
commented 2015-05-17 16:56:40 -0400
Easy, they are under the authority of a corrupt, mindless, cowardly group of bureaucrat nut cases, clueless liberals and PC worshipers.
commented 2015-05-17 14:08:34 -0400
Selective enforcement by Calgary Police? Anything to do with the Muslim in the Mayor’s chair perhaps? The bigger picture? Leftards today are more interested in restricting speech than encouraging it. Sounds an awful lot like Communism aka the now defunct USSR.
commented 2015-05-17 12:51:27 -0400
Any man who would yell something like that in a public place with all sorts of people milling about should be charged with causing a disturbance and the Crown should undertake a diligent prosecution. Likewise, if society feels (as ours apparently does) that anti-hate crimes legislation is necessary, then the legislation has to be applied without favour or affection; and, as we know from the Calgary incident and numerous others, it has not been so.

Their hackneyed mission statements notwithstanding, the staff of the PR/MR divisions and even most frontline supervisors of our large police forces clearly understand their (unwritten) priority task: (a) make the Force (and the Chief) look good by, (b) the avoidance of doing or saying anything that might jeopardize “a”.

The related issue of our biased and cowardly media can only be tackled by enough people going after their major advertisers. But, with most of our public firmly fixated on important stuff – Kardashian arses on 3-inch screens – I know that isn’t going to happen.
commented 2015-05-17 10:16:05 -0400
Actually, why should the police be needed?
What’s needed are boys to be raised as “Gentlemen.”
It used to be boys were taught to, at the very least, curb language in the presence of women, and children too, and such was enforced by “Gentlemen,” who would have had the foul mouth adult spitting Chiclets if he did not immediately apologize, and/or leave.
And the police would have sided WITH said Gentleman.
But thanks to shyster lawyers and judges with no common sense, boys are never taught what it takes to be a “Man” and women have to walk around just that little bit more scared.
commented 2015-05-17 10:02:44 -0400
One of the things I admire most about Ezra and the Rebel is their remarkably efficient approach to the generation of content. The recipe seems to be:
- find a story that’s being seriously covered elsewhere by real media;
- boil it down to a single word or phrase;
- juxtapose it in a headline with one of Ezra’s pet hates (Muslims, feminism, Ontario, environmentalists, Obama, natives, Calgary cops, etc.)
- let the audience go nuts.
It’s a wonderfully cost-effective approach, and eliminates the need for actual research, investigation, insight, analysis, balance, and any of those tedious considerations that make other media so tedious (and expensive!)
I foresee a time when the Rebel will consist of nothing but headlines (“Trudeau Suzuki!” "Gays Tar Sands!`) and a comments section wherein everyone can comfortably rage in response to their favourite trigger word. Heck, it`s not much of a stretch – the site is pretty much there already.
commented 2015-05-17 09:43:52 -0400
SJW’s have determined that it’s cool to hate Jews. Er, I mean oppose Zionism, they love Jews. /sarcasm
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