January 20, 2017

Why does Catherine McKenna talk like a Kardashian?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Every January, the World Economic Forum gets together at the luxury ski village in Switzerland called Davos, the elites spend tens of thousands of dollars to hobnob with each other.

It’s where Justin Trudeau went for his international debut last year. This time he sent his Catherine McKenna, one of his affirmative action cabinet picks.

I’ll show you what she said at a Davos panel.

But as I said on last night's show, the other weird part is how she said it...

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commented 2017-01-21 02:08:03 -0500
Deborah i loved that as well.
commented 2017-01-20 18:51:52 -0500
Ezra, you cracked me up when you were mimicking that pathetic excuse for a government representative. It must be that new car we bought her. She thinks she’s all high and mighty now. One day the house of cards will fall.
commented 2017-01-20 14:01:48 -0500
McKenna talks like a cardashedin cause she’s dazed , she’s been in a priusly green wreck , she was texting her boyfriend DAVOS when she lost control

Are they all vacouse including the astronaut
commented 2017-01-20 13:05:16 -0500
Who cares who she wants to mimic, who she wants to dress or sound like.
We must focus our attention’s on the removal of these incompetent’s from positions of authority which they have not the credentials to function
commented 2017-01-20 12:59:04 -0500
“Why does Catherine McKenna talk like a Kardashian?”

Because she is as stupid and egotistical as a Kardashian?
commented 2017-01-20 12:58:34 -0500
RON VOSS commented 8 hours ago
CALAMITY MARCY, “I agree that Brad Trost is good…He’ll have to pull up his socks with regard to ISIS,
The military, veterans and firearms…”
With respect to firearms Brad Trost pushing for a reversal of C-68 in full, and for a sensible firearms policy that treats law-abiding, responsible gun owners with the respect they deserve. an article about his position that appeared in Calibre Magazine which has a series introducing all of the candidates:
As far as immigration and ISIS, this from a recent post at his Facebook page:
But the greatest threat to these commitments and Canadians’ way of life is terrorism motivated by Islamic extremism.
That is why as Leader of the Opposition I will push, and as Prime Minister I will introduce legislation, to shut down immigration to Canada from countries that support, encourage or harbour terrorists or Islamic extremism.
Let me be clear: No immigrants from countries that support, encourage or permit Islamic extremism.
But . . . genuine refugees (which presumably would include Christians undergoing genocide) from countries that support, encourage or harbour terrorists or Islamic extremism will be welcome!