April 19, 2015

Why don't Canadian hockey teams win the Stanley Cup anymore?

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

NHL playoffs are well underway with five out of seven Canadians teams fighting for hockey’s holy grail.

The last time a Canadian team brought home the top prize was over 20 years ago.

We hit the streets to ask you why Canadian teams don’t win the Stanley Cup anymore.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments!


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commented 2015-04-20 19:11:36 -0400
Because a winning Canadian team isn’t good for Buttman’s US market.
commented 2015-04-20 15:28:43 -0400
Hah, the Oilers are going to win it in a few years!
commented 2015-04-20 11:28:12 -0400
Because they are badly managed.
commented 2015-04-19 19:11:33 -0400
“why Canadian teams don’t win the Stanley Cup anymore”
Good question – why not ask Bettman? I mean he’s the league rainmaker from the NBA who promised us a national US network NHL hockey night in America as big as the NFL Mondays- maybe still working on that one me thinks – maybe 10 more US teams from banjo states will attract an ABC weekly broadcast, d’ya think Gary?
commented 2015-04-19 14:47:31 -0400
So 1993 is the last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup. And 1993 is when the NHL hired Gary Bettman to be the Comissioner. Early in his tenure, Canada saw two Canadian franchises in financial difficulty moved to the states (Quebec Nordiques to Denver as the Colorado Avalanche and the Winnipeg Jets to Pheonix as the Pheonix Coyotes). Since then any attempt to relocate any financially strapped teams to Canada were fought with vigour and when necessary, legal action (re:attmpt to buy and move failing Pheonix franchise to Hamilton, ON.). It has only been in the last three years we got to see the NHL’s third failed attempt to have an Atlanta franchise, be allowed to return to Winnipeg (ironically the first failed attempt in Atlanta came to Calgary, but that was before Mr. Bettman was hired). Quebec City has a built a new arena to NHL standards in hopes of being elligible to get a team back in its city, only to see the league want to try another questionable grand experiment (first one being the “hockey in the desert” Pheonix/Arizona Coyotes continuing fledgling grasp at sustainability) with possibly moving the Florida Panthers to Las Vegas. I cannot say that Mr. Bettman’s tenure has been bad for the overall finacial viability of the entire league, buts its impact on its Canadian teams can surely not been looked on as being favourable. So I personally believe it is not mere coincidence that the year that Gary Bettman started his tenure as Comissioner just happens to be the last year a Canadian team lifted Lord Stanley. This who idea is wonderfully satarized in the Canadian film “Bon Cop, Bad Cop”.
commented 2015-04-19 13:15:06 -0400
And if you are a fan of a Canadian team from a smaller city ( think Ottawa), you are truly wasting your time and money because the League will never let it happen. For those of you not in the Ottawa area, note that the vast majority of hockey fans just across the river, even making their living in Ottawa, will be Montreal fans.
commented 2015-04-19 13:14:09 -0400
Easy answer : They do not play to win, they play to make money.
As long as people show up and support “their team” the Franchise makes money. If you are really bad, you get first draft picks that you can sell at a profit after a couple years. It is just a business to many owners and winning is only important if they lose attendance.
commented 2015-04-19 13:12:42 -0400
Probabilities, six teams have to make the playoffs, than six teams need not play each other in the first round, and at least 2 in the next round, just ask a team like Buffalo or a quite a few others that have never won the cup or even got to the final. It is the same in any sport, you need a lot of things to come together at the right time.
commented 2015-04-19 12:22:14 -0400
Depends on what you mean by “Canadian team”. If you mean “teams comprised of mostly Canadian players”, then “Canadian Teams” win the Stanley Cup all the time.
If, however, you mean “teams sponsored by corporations whose head offices are located in Canada”, well, the answer is the same as the answer to the question: Why don’t Canadian films win more Oscars? Because north American markets are dominated by firms serving the largest and most prosperous market – the USA. Or, as Warren put it succinctly – money.
commented 2015-04-19 11:03:17 -0400
Hilarious. Money is the correct answer. Money is made in Canada whether they win or not. In the U.S. however they must take turns winning the cup in order to increase fanbase and therefor earnings…Money. Canadians fans are apathetic as are majority of Canadians, whereas the American fans demand results for their investment of money and allegiance.
Canadians need no investment or reward to maintain and grow the NHL revenue, so why reward them. Smart investment is buying low and reaping the reward as it grows.
Money forces corruption on all things including sports.
commented 2015-04-19 11:01:06 -0400
Who cares about hockey? I don’t give a rat’s ass. It’s not even Canada’s national sport.
commented 2015-04-19 11:00:26 -0400
Who wants to play hockey in Canada? Criticism at every turn. Higher taxes. Higher cost of living that in the US. The US will dominate hockey within the next 10 years and once again, Canada will lose. But Canada is good at one thing – criticizing the US and MOAR socialism (wait, that’s two).
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