May 18, 2017

Why feminists are losing the culture war

Rebel Staff

This might come as a surprise to many people but public opinion on feminism is winding down

According to polling data, only 18 per cent of Americans identify as feminists and 85 per cent of Americans believe in "Equality for Women."

That means people are starting to see the difference between gender equality and feminism. 

Today’s feminists and social justice warriors have officially lost the culture war. They’ve lost their appeal to the wider society, because who would want to live in the type of world they’re promoting?

Third wave feminists believe in privileging women and minorities over other people just because they happen to be white males. That’s the textbook definition of racism and sexism.

That’s why I can take a camera, walk out in the streets of liberal Toronto and get these kinds of results when I ask regular people: “Are you a feminist?”

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commented 2017-05-21 18:31:45 -0400
Yes Jay, “public oppinion on feminism is winding down”….actually I heard that before you were born….hasn’t unwound yet…..and that I attribute to two things… being the complete takeover of public institutions…and the other being the Liberal Party….exemplified by Justin Trudeau….

And it seems to be all because of the ADHD of boys….no matter how much ritalin you give them it just keeps slipping their minds and they need a booster shot…which Justin or Michael Ignatieff clutching that damned “Pink Book”….or Sheila Copps …or that damned divorce lawyer witch (one of many) Anne MacLellan coming within a hair’s bredth of becomming prime minister…or that former professor of my alma mater Mary Clancy and her “women and the law”.

Jay Fayza…you weren’t around for second wave feminism… was worse than third wave feminism….the male bashing was even more rampant and main stream.

What is left today has not nearly the clout that it once did. But Justin will work hard at resuccitating it…so if you want tommorrow to be different…or at least no more ground to be lost….be like me and Mr Gerula and stand your ground….you are in for a long hard fight.
commented 2017-05-18 19:25:49 -0400
William Gerula,

Hence why Baby Doc claims to be a feminist :)
commented 2017-05-18 17:05:03 -0400
Not many people with a brain would support a hate movement.
commented 2017-05-18 15:34:46 -0400
Regular people see today’s feminists for what they are, and disagree with the hypocritical ideology they are pushing on society at large. It’s manufactured outrage and sexist. They have abandoned the women who are living in subjugation and aligned themselves with Islamists who are seeking Sharia Law in the West. They wont’ admit to this, but, it’s the truth.
commented 2017-05-18 13:17:36 -0400
Jay, I was around when women had to tie their hair in a topknot pony tail, get down on all fours, stick their heads in a mop bucket, and await further orders.

Then one day…all of a sudden….all of the ones with their hair cut short enough to fullfill their pre-feminist role as toilet brushes…staged a mutiny and went to law school. Next thing you knew more and more men were willing to stay home and breast feed the children while their potential domestic rape survivor went out to persue a career as a divorce lawyer….and ANYONE who has stepped through the looking glass and into THAT Wonderland believes in women-seek-wallet-ee…………..:-)