December 16, 2017

Why journalists turn a blind eye to anti-Semitism

David MenziesMission Specialist

On Friday’s show, Ezra Levant, joined me to discuss media self-censorship in stories of anti-Semitic incidents following President Donald Trump’s announcement of his intention to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. 

Whether the incidents took place in Sweden, or Canada, the mainstream media just couldn’t bring themselves to cover these shocking stories, and Ezra explains why.

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commented 2017-12-18 08:54:05 -0500
Brian Smith, next time read your talking points when someone hands them to you.
commented 2017-12-18 08:50:28 -0500
Brian Smith, how so?
Are you saying these anti-Semitic incidents in Sweden and Canada didn’t happen!
commented 2017-12-18 08:31:09 -0500
This is just another case of Ezra the buffoon spreading hate where he doesn’t check his sources and goes off half-cocked. Not much wonder Sun News went under with this idiot on staff.
commented 2017-12-17 04:30:54 -0500
It depends who is being anti semitic. Muslims or infidels?
commented 2017-12-16 20:55:08 -0500
After all, how many Christians have been brutally murdered (most at the hands of Muslims) and the media is silent.

You would never know thousands upon thousands of Christians in recent year have been murdered because they are Christians if you listen only to the main stream media.
commented 2017-12-16 20:49:26 -0500
“Why journalists turn a blind eye to anti-Semitism”

That’s an easy one … because most journalists are anti-Semitic, and the ones that are not, are forced into silence to keep their jobs. This also applies to those journalists anti-Christian.
commented 2017-12-16 19:58:19 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,504 Attacks, 224,245 Killed, 303,668 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-12-16 19:11:37 -0500
Liberal Voters are Muslims.
commented 2017-12-16 16:44:11 -0500
No question the Fake News Media cannot be trusted. Unless of course you are a Lieberal Voter!