May 04, 2016

Why liberals are in denial about anti-Semitism — and everything else

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

Modern liberals like to pretend that The Privilege Game is a new and terrifying invention, cooked up by a bunch of Regressive Leftists who DO NOT SPEAK FOR THEM in the name of perverting liberalism for their own selfish ends.

These modern liberals (who, I maintain, are in the process of becoming conservatives -- they just don't know it yet) cling to this twaddle because they have come very, very late to the party. They were born in liberalism, raised in liberalism, and came of age in liberalism. They do not know what they do not know.

So when reality imposes itself -- as it tends to do -- and everything they know is revealed to be a giant crock, it's going to precipitate a rather large crisis. And as we've already established, the first thing liberals do when confronted with crisis is deny, deny, deny.

In the United Kingdom recently, there has been a particularly bad spell of liberal denial as the nominally progressive Labour Party is caught up in yet another embarrassing family squabble over Israel. Anti-Semitic images were tweeted, insincere apologies were made, Hitler was know, the usual for lefties caught up in their own contradictions.

And all throughout, as usual, the denials and deflections keep on coming. The left is not anti-Semitic. These views are not typical of the Labour Party. Anti-Israel views are not anti-Semitic views. Let's not forget about conservative racism. Etc.

Why are the liberals deflecting and denying? Because they cannot face up to the reality that liberalism has failed, and will continue to fail, to cure what ails humanity.

Consider Israel itself, a country originally conceived of as -- I'm almost ashamed to write these words -- a safe space for Jews in response to anti-Semitism. A perfect socialist utopia in the middle of the desert.

Unfortunately for the liberals, the Israel experiment turned out rather different than expected. The socialist yoke could not keep religion and capitalism and class divisions from reappearing. We see this as a triumph, but an entire school of Jewish liberalism dedicated to kvetching about this Edenic fall from grace still survives.

Now consider the Jews themselves. Perhaps no other group of people has given as much of themselves to what can be called liberalism. And what did they get in return? All that work and sacrifice in the service of bettering humanity only to be compared to Nazis?

And finally, consider the liberals themselves. If the Jews can't be counted on to remain loyal leftists, even in the face of being compared to Nazis......well, who can you count on?

Sunny-ways liberal ideology offers its adherents no other way to deal with its own weaknesses other than to pretend they are not happening or that they are somehow the fault of conservatives. So when the playbook exhausts itself- as it often does when it comes to Israel- the left starts turning on itself.

This is why liberals are so quick to sweep the excesses of their SJW progeny under the rug.

It's also why they become so enraged when confronted with minorities who have realized that they can only climb so high on the privilege ladder before they start getting treated like a race traitor by the same liberals they once made common cause with.

And finally, it's why different groups of liberals end up getting into such glorious bouts of mutual triggering when the interests of one group conflicts with the interests of another. This is the delightful rabbit hole known as "intersectionality".

The intelligent conservative knows these liberal fault lines well and maintains awareness of how to exploit them in order to divide and conquer.


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commented 2016-05-04 22:36:56 -0400
Can someone tell me what percentage of Canadians are anti-Semitic?
You make is sounds like 88% of people are anti-Semitic.
commented 2016-05-04 15:30:47 -0400
Liberals are anti-Semitic for one reason: they’re yellow – they hope against hope that by siding with the violent muzzie-wugs they might gain a bit of favour.
commented 2016-05-04 14:30:05 -0400
Lefty speak is always the opposite of what they say. They smear conservatives with the exact thing they are going to do, that conservatives would never do.
commented 2016-05-04 14:15:08 -0400
It’s ironic that lefties kvetch about greedy capitalists… yet, leftism is all about greed. For example, unions from time to time kick up a fuss… and the only way to get rid of the problem is to pay them more.. and climate change.. pipelines will be adamantly opposed unless a carbon ‘tax’ is imposed and billions are paid to lefty owned ‘green’ corporations and banana republics…. And, if they lefties cannot talk you out of your money, they try to simply steal it.. for example, Soros betting on societal failure and then financing lefties who are hell-bent on destroying society (black lives matter, etc…). Their causes have no requirement to be true or real… the only requirement is that they be believed by enough people to make it profitable.
So, Israel and Arabs… it’s big money for NGO’s and free ‘aid’ money. Per capita, there are more billionaires in Gaza than there is in Israel. It’s big bucks….. and, guess what happens to Arabs who threaten the endless supply of aid money or try to make life better? Please see:
commented 2016-05-04 14:09:51 -0400
Dale Warren – “Canadian Idol PM” – that’s the perfect name for our selfie leader.
commented 2016-05-04 11:53:00 -0400
Bill says . . . "A liberal does not have to become a so-called “conservative partisan” when they wake up to the deception and treachery of the Marxist political cabals operating in liberal name only – they can reject this totalist statism and re-embrace classic Liberal democratic ideals. " ?

Classical liberalism is a political ideology that values the freedom of individuals — including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets — as well as limited government. It developed in 18th-century Europe and drew on the economic writings of Adam Smith and the growing notion of social progress. Liberalism was also influenced by the writings of Thomas Hobbes, who argued that governments exist to protect individuals from each other. In 19th- and 20th-century America, the values of classical liberalism became dominant in both major political parties. The term is sometimes used broadly to refer to all forms of liberalism prior to the 20th century. Conservatives and libertarians often invoke classical liberalism to mean a fundamental belief in minimal government.

Classical Liberalism is NOT a political party Bill . . . it is safe to say that the Liberal Party of Canada has NEVER been a party of Classical Liberalism . . . and today they have much more in common with despots, diktators and incompetence, led by our Canadian Idol PM !
commented 2016-05-04 10:56:55 -0400
It is typical of Progressivist-Sodomites to defend anti-semitism.

Jews everywhere should be very, very concerned about the pandering that JT does to his Islamist allies. Surely, another Holocaust is waiting.
commented 2016-05-04 10:44:01 -0400
You have a salient point when you differentiate political Liberals from avearge people who identify as “Liberal”. The former being cloaked authoritarian-marxists (like our PM) and the latter being underinformed well meaning dupes of the deception the political Liberals.

A liberal does not have to become a so-called “conservative partisan” when they wake up to the deception and treachery of the Marxist political cabals operating in liberal name only – they can reject this totalist statism and re-embrace classic Liberal democratic ideals. A reformed Liberal party would do the cause of democratic choice good rather than enhance the polarization within the conservative political orgs.