April 19, 2016

Why libertarians are even more divided than usual, thanks to Trump

James CampbellRebel Columnist

It has been said that libertarians could argue for hours about the best way to draw a straight line. Well, when it comes to Donald Trump they could argue forever.

Here at the Rebel, young Libertarians like Lauren Southern and I support Donald Trump without much hesitation and there are many good reasons for this:

* He wants to lower and streamline taxation

* He is generally non-interventionist about foreign policy

* He is calling out the mainstream media lies and PC culture

* He has a chance of beating Hillary, unlike Libertarian Party candidates

* He is pro-privatization of land and soft on guns as a means of protecting property

Yet some libertarians, like John Stossel and Thomas Sowell, for instance, would rather support creepy-Cruz despite all of the vote stealing and other dirty tactics. Julie Borowski -- see her video, below -- doesn't support Cruz or Trump, but has said she would support Cruz if given that choice.

Bizarrely, some anti-corporate libertarians even think that the best choice is Bernie Sanders, despite his Putin-like desire to create the most powerful asset-seizing corporation of them all.

Ron Paul, a man I admire immensely, accused Trump of arrogantly knowing all of the answers and says "there is no difference between Hillary and Trump." 

This is absurd. Trump is an entrepreneur who runs a malleable and diverse $9 billion company with a huge team of advisors. He must adapt and change constantly to avoid failure.

Where is the hard evidence that he is a man who thinks he knows all of the answers? On the other hand, Ron Paul has stuck to the same libertarian ideology for over 50 years. Maybe it is he who thinks he has all the answers?

Some take the "I don’t agree with everything Trump says but I still support him" approach.

Austrian School economist, Walter E. Block, created the group “Libertarians for Trump.” 

Writer and independent broadcaster, Christopher Cantwell, has talked at length about why Libertarians should support Trump.

Alex Jones is now, after an honest U-turn, aggressively backing Trump.

Philosopher Stefan Molyneux, who has a large Libertarian following, has dozens of YouTube videos devoted solely to defending Trump against various untruths.  

These men are accused of not being "consistent," i.e. not real libertarians. For example, look at this image posted by libertarian activist Adam Kokesh:

Surely all men are flawed and the choice is always the lesser of evils? Rand Paul is far more libertarian than Trump, but even he wasn't good enough for them. A vote for libertarian activist and possible 2020 presidential candidate Adam Kokesh would also be a vote for the lesser evil.

People driven by ideology, left and right, cannot comprehend a man that is not driven by ideology. The more attached they are to their ideology, the stronger their reaction is. Libertarians have shown themselves to be no exception to this rule. The world is too complex for "one ideology fits all." Trump understands this better than anyone.

Trump has changed the entire narrative of US politics, from Democrat vs. Republican toward Government vs. the People. Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Adam Kokesh, Julie Borowski, John Stossel and other libertarians are missing a great opportunity. They could have been helping lay the track for the Trump train, but choose instead to derail it.

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commented 2016-08-05 13:03:42 -0400
we need a trump in canada slowly but surely the liberals are plucking away each of our rights that are forfathers fought to defend and young people were not taught to fight for there rights they were taught only to defend liberal views
commented 2016-04-22 20:45:58 -0400
I dislike Trump the least. He is the only one I would cast a vote for. Cruz is a traitor to this country. He places the well-being of a foreign country (one that has attacked us no less!) above ours and that is unacceptable.
commented 2016-04-20 17:43:46 -0400
Cruz is hardly creepy. He is consistent and Trump makes it up as her goes along. How can a man from New York not be part of the east coast establishment? This is not Arizona’s Barry Goldwater.
commented 2016-04-19 15:32:41 -0400
As if Levant and crew would ever support Jones who is his own man and is a 9/11 truther. The world needs more skeptics to challenge the mainstream of all Western nations. Gone should be the days when people just go with the flow. It is true that 9/11 led to all the wars that followed and these warmongers in Canada and the United States dare to say that we have been too passive for 14 years. These people are hardcore warmongers and very much anti-third world. It is demonstrated by how much they hate the average Muslim person. It also explains why new terms had to be created in the 2000’s to support more war. After all, this is the system created by the party structure, and I do support the need for more minor parties and independents to give real debate and real choice a chance.
commented 2016-04-19 15:29:54 -0400
What are you talking about Kelvin free trade is about globalism and opening up markets to the whole world and TPP is the biggest sellout of all time. Which is why I call the three big parties three heads of the same globalist body. They are all united on NAFTA, foreign wars, environmentalism, free trade and NATO.
commented 2016-04-19 13:59:43 -0400
Trump all the way, just like Kelvin stated….. If the weak minded and the people that want to take your freedom away, can’t stand Trump. Then it is pretty obvious you need to vote for Trump. He stands against the so called large government that wants to take your freedom and livelihood.
commented 2016-04-19 12:48:06 -0400
Trump, Trump, Trump. The only choice if you want to save western civilization.
commented 2016-04-19 12:42:58 -0400
It is time to take the "label machine " and smash it into a thousand pieces. It’s time to vote for common sense and freedom. It’s time to oust the globalists elite, to resist tyranny at all levels. Trump needs a titatanium bubble for protection as every dictator and tyrant and globalist and sjw and environut wants him dead…….that in itself is why I for one wants to see him as president of the USA.